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Registrar domain Network Solutions, LLC
Domain reg 2018-12-27
Domain exp
Nameservers ns4.wixdns.net
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RSP is the Realestate Sales Platform Using block chain and Useres register the registered information by associating it with the same media. Thus, the problem of registering as separate data can be solved. This is the biggest difference between the database structure used by existing services. The advantage of this method is that if different users register information for the same medium.

Bounty Calculations are made according to Price on CREX24.The circulating supply of RSP will be limited to 200 million(except bounty) out of a total of 800 million until listing on the additional exchange. If the number of circulating supply exceeds 200 million, we will carry out buyback ourselves. 100,000,000 RSP tokens will be allocated to be distributed amongst the eligible bounty Participants in proportion to the stakes they have earned. This is an obligatory conditions plus all Bounty Participants must join three telegram groups (MAIN and BOUNTYotherwise such user will not receive our token.
The bounties will be paid after the end of the each week.

General Rules
It is necessary to join Telegram main chat: https://t.me/RSPCOIN – bounty chat: https://t.me/RSPBounty
Write or ask something about project in Main Telegram Group.
For each campaign, post your reports separately under this topic within the week limits below.
If you don't share report for 3 weeks consecutively, you're banned from that campaign.
Speaking offensive and disrespectful is the cause of disqualification from the bounty campaign.
Do not ask bounty questions to main admins on main telegram channel. If you have any questions please ask us directly in the thread or bounty group.
Spamming and multi-accounts are not allowed. These are the reasons for banned.

*Please read all the rules carefully. No reward will be given if the rules are not followed.

We accept just articles or videos about HUBRISONE

Rejected: 0 RSP
Video 300,000 RSP
Excellent 100,000 RSP
Very good 70,000 RSP
Good 30,000 RSP

Reposting on another (relevant) site will earn an extra 50% of Rewards (one repost per article allowed)

2.You must write your report weekly in this thread before the week is over

Share in the following format
Content Link(s):

Your articles or videos must give detailed information about RSP
Article posts must have at least 250 words
Only English, Russian, German, French, Turkish, Arabic and Korean articles/videos are accepted
Videos have to be meaningful and related to RSP
Videos/articles with fake views will be disqualified
All contents must contain links to RSP's website, the Telegram group and the ANN/Bounty threads
Only original content will be accepted
Automatic (google or similar) will not accept. If you articles not original don't waste your time

For 100-749 Followers 1 like+retweet = 20,000 RSP
For 750-1499 Followers 1 l
ike+retweet = 40,000 RSP
For 1500-9999 Followers 1 like+retweet = 60,000 RSP
For 10.000+ Followers 1 like+retweet = 80,000 RSP

1. Follow these pages: https://twitter.com/CoinRsp
2. Register with this form: TWITTER FORM
3. You must write your report weekly in this thread before the week is over

Share in the following format
Twitter Account Link:
Tweets/Retweets Link(s):

Participants must both retweet and like RSP�s posts
Shares have to be spaced at least 15 minutes.
You must have minimum 100 followers
Every retweets must include this hashtags : #RSP

Post x Members = 100-749 : 40,000 RSP
Post x Members = 750-2499 : 60,000 RSP
Post x Members = 2500+ : 80,000 RSP

1. Register with this form: TWITTER FORM
2. You must write your report weekly in this thread before the week is over

Share in the following format

###Telegram & Whats App & Discord & KakaoTalk Promotion###
Your Messenger & Messenger Account:
Proof Link(s) on Telegram RSP Bounty Group:

Posts with less than 30 characters will not be counted. The posts don't have to be related to RSP but they have to be meaningful.
For your report, if you choose screenshot; take a full screenshot with your post, group name and number of members.

Event Date: ~ January 31

 – Rewards will be paid differently depending on the amount
       Quantity  – Prize
     100 million – 1 BTC
      50 million – 0.5 BTC
      20 million – 3 ETH
      10 million – 1.5 ETH
       5 million – 1 ETH

  How to pay:
– After the event, Google Form will be announced.
– Payment within 1 week after the end of the event.
– All participants must hold RSP tokens during the event.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CoinRsp

Telegram https://t.me/RSPCOIN

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