[Bounty]Micro task offer 0.0006$ Btc.per Task

Bounty Manager: DonaldSmith35 –

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Website bit.do
Registrar domain Registrar NIC .DO (midominio.do)
Domain reg 2011-12-04
Domain exp 2019-12-04
Nameservers mail.inmailing.com.br
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Campaing ending time 25-06-2019

Campaing Types:–
*Phone number verification.
and sing up if needs.

Traffic accept::—
Only Germany people allowed.
but if You have german traffic you can work it..

Work Rules:—
Don't allowed poxy work prof.

work prof:—
Send Screenshot Number Message.
and account information with sing upp.
send Email all work prof.
send your payment address.bitcoin wallet address or payooner account.

Email:- [email protected]
when end campaing then payment send your bitcoin wallet or payooner account.

work link:–
1 http://bit.do/eTNgP
2 http://bit.do/eTNg9
3 http://bit.do/eTNhe
4 http://bit.do/eTNhp
5 http://bit.do/eTNhG
6 http://bit.do/eTNhT
7 http://bit.do/eTNh4
8 http://bit.do/eTNid


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