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【Bounty Program】Injective Protocol – Decentralized Trading Exchange Protocol


INJECTIVE PROTOCOL team is holding a 6-week Official Bounty Program to reward its supporters with ETH tokens between June 20, 2020 and July 31, 2020(CST). 30,000 USDT worth ETH will be allocated to the bounty program. (We may temporarily halt the bounty program in the event we discover any issues that may comprise member benefits. Such issues include, without limitation, scam or hacked registrations. The restart notice will be announced in the Telegram Group and Review Spreadsheet. Each working phase will remain at two working weeks per phase. Therefore, the entire bounty schedule may be extended accordingly.)


 – INJECTIVE PROTOCOL is holding a 6-week Official Bounty Program from 6/20/2020 to 7/31/2020.
 – To participate in any bounty campaigns you must join the Official Injective Protocol Telegram group.
 – To join the bounty program, please visit our Krypital Bounty Telegram Group. Make sure you register in the google forms before you start to work.
 – To participate in the bounty program, you must be at least 18 years old.
 – Rewards for each campaign have a max individual cap, no extra rewards will be processed beyonds the cap.
 – We will check, review, and filter all registered information daily before each weekly review. Only one account will be allowed for each social media link, and any duplicates will be removed. For invalid links, we will make daily markups to the public Bounty Release Form.  Please correct invalid link information and register again.
 – You can request a review to check your weekly stake if you think it is wrong within 7 days after each week release. We will not make any adjustments after deadline.
 – If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards.
 – The bounty team reserves the rights to make any changes to the rules or terms of conditions, if deemed necessary.
 – For technical support during the bounty campaign, please contact Krypital Bounty Telegram Group.
 – The bounty rewards will be basically calculated every 2 weeks. Thus, there will be 3 periods of the bounty program in 6 weeks.
 – The distribution week will be the week after group review (After the Check-response process is done). For the distribution date details, please see the detailed rules of each campaign.
 – We estimate a 10,000 bonus for each period (every 2 weeks) initially.
 – In each period(every 2 weeks), if we get 200 new registrations we will award 20% of the period pool; if we get 400 registrations, we will award 50% of the period pool; if we get 1,000 registrations, we will award 100% of the period pool; if we get 2,000 registrations, we will award 100% of the period pool.
 – All the rewards left in the last period will be put back for the next periods.
 – The distribution speed and gas fee are based on the market situation.
 – In order to reduce the impact of market changes on price, the final reward will be in ETH based on the market price on the distribution day..

           *If the total number of stakes earned during campaign exceeds the cap, we will adjust your stakes based on the following formula:
              Your final USDT worth of ETH =  
            . (Bounty campaign pool / Total number of stakes everyone earned during the campaign) * Number of stakes you earned  

            *If not, 1 stake = 1 USDT worth ETH.

            The tokens will be distributed in 9 campaigns below:

 – 1 stake per 1 comment

– Look for articles and videos on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, in active blogs for key queries:#inj #investing #altcoins #exchange #money #cryptocurrency #trading #investment #Global #decentralized #non-custodial #transparent #nodereward #validator #rebate #maker #taker
– Examples how to find the post: https://imgur.com/QaXSDou
– Examples how to write the comments: https://imgur.com/WeMFu0o
– Make mindful comments, mentioning the INJECTIVE PROTOCOL project.
– Continue the comment of the previous person, with the mention of the INJECTIVE PROTOCOL project.
– Your comment should flow into the dialogue and continue the person�s thought
– It is forbidden to make meaningless and unconscious comments, spam.
– Maximum 5 comments per day!

How to join
Submit the registration form with the button below:


[Signature Campaign]

– Jr.Member: 10 stake per week
– Member/Copper Member: 20 stakes per week
– Full Member: 40 stakes per week
– Sr Member: 80 stakes per week
– Hero/Legendary: 120 stakes per week

– Avatar: 20 extra stakes

– Each participant should make at least 7 posts per week during their participation in the campaign.
– Posts should be useful, informative and relevant to the topic.
– Posts must be at least 100 characters long.
– Comply with the terms to avoid problems with the distribution of stakes.
– Focus on next threads: Bitcoin, Economy, Alternate cryptocurrencies.

How to join
1. Wear signature and avatar according to your rank position.
2. Submit the registration form with the button below.









[Referral Campaign]

– 5 stakes / Referral
– 5 Extra stakes for Sr Member / Referral
– 15 Extra stakes for Hero/Legendary / Referral

– Participants that invite Bitcointalk users to join this bounty program will receive the extra stakes reward above on the condition that the referred individuals also contribute and earn stakes.
– Both participants must earn stakes which proves that both participants work effectively.
– Referees must provide invitee's Bitcointalk username correctly in the register form when applying. Wrong name, typo, and delay will not be accepted.

How to join
1. Submit the participant who refers you when you register.
2. We will only take the first registration as the valid record.


[Blog Campaign]
– Original  article/review/blog <1000 words/blog: 5-25 stakes.
– Original  article/review/blog 1000-2000 words/blog: 5-50 stakes.
– Original  ar
ticle/review/blog >2000 words/blog: 10-80 stake.
– High resolution on english articles, with likes and views will get extra stakes.

[Video Campaign]
– High resolution short video (<5 min): 10-30 stakes.
– High resolution long video (>5 min): 10-80 stakes.
– High resolution on english videos,  with likes and views will get extra stakes.

[Creative Arts Campaign]
– High resolution stickers: 5-50 stakes.
– High resolution gif: 5-50 stakes.
– High resolution meme: 5-50 stakes.
– Any other creative arts: contact admin

– PLEASE, focus on this topics:
Week 1: General Introduction, Technology and Infrastructure, Bounty Program
Week 2: Token Economics, Bounty Program
Week 3: Business Model, Bounty Program
Week 4: Battle with Bitmex, FTX, Binance Futures, Bounty Program
Week 5: Derivatives on Injective (virtually anything can be launched and traded)
Week 6: Trading as a Public Utility (conceptual)

– Blog must have at least 200 subscribers. YouTube channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.
– The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
– Content must be unique and will be checked for plagiarism or copyright infringement.
– Review in your local language is allowed. You must be a native speaker. Google translator is prohibited.  
– All posts and articles must be published online and accessible by everyone.
– The audience for the posted article/vlog must be crypto/business related.
– Websites must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted
– Article/review/blog must contain a link to the website and giveaway program link.
– Maximum 1 article and/or 1 video each week. We can ask you to make more, on request!
– Only the excellent blog / video can get stakes.
– Share your blog/video to the @joininjective telegram group.
– All blogs and videos containing any wallet address will be forbidden.

How to join
1. Subscribe the Injective Medium account.
2. Write a good article, make a good video about the project and post that on your website, blog, YouTube channel.
3. Submit the registration form with the button below:


[Twitter Campaign]

– 200 – 1000 followers: 20 stakes/week
– 1001 – 5000 followers: 30 stakes/week
– 5000 – 10000 followers: 40 stakes/week
– 10001+ followers: 50 stakes/week

– comments: 1 stakes / comment (maximun 7 per week)

– You must have at least 200 followers and follow the official Twitter
– Make at least 7 meaningful retweets, 7 meaningful tweets.
– Make maximum 7 meaningful comments under the injective posts per week and submit the weekly report. (You will only need to submit the comments, no need on the tweets and retweets.)
– In retweets and tweets you must include URL: https://injectiveprotocol.com and the hashtags: "#Injective Protocol #investing #exchange #futures #cryptocurrency #global #makertakerrebate".
– The number of friends/subscribers is indicated at registration and does not change throughout the campaign.
– In the reports write weeks in the following format: Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, Week5, Week6 (as indicated in the spreadsheet). Participants that submit incorrect week will not receive the bounty for that week.

How to join
1. Follow the official Twitter page:  https://twitter.com/@InjectiveLabs.
2. Submit the registration with the button below:
3. Submit your daily activity in this thread using the format below:


[Tele – Moderator Campaign]

– 1 comment = 1 stake. Maximum 50 comments per week. Ask questions in injective telegram group about the project, development, communicate with other users! Don't spam 5 comments in a row! [Require a google form register at the beginning]
– Invite friends for additional stakes. 1 invitation = 1 stake (maximum 50 stakes/week)[require to submit the weekly invitation report through google form].

– Don't write obvious and low quality comments like: this is the best project to invest in, good investment, etc. Comments like: "Hi, hello, cool project" and so on will not be counted. We will only reward the excellent comments.
– The friends you invited in must stay in the group and active (earn stakes in this moderator campaign) until the bounty distribution ends.
– Only submit your invitation/add record. Use this service for making screenshots https://prntscr.com/ or other service.
– Please organize your submission in the format of pdf which includes all photos in that week together.
– In the �invitation/adding� reports, write w
eeks in the following format: Week1, Week2, Week3, Week4, Week5, Week6 (as indicated in the spreadsheet). Users that submit the incorrect format will not receive the bounty rewards.
– The screenshot you submitted needs to include the date at least.
– Please be aware, your messages in the telegram group will be recorded by the bot. Only the supporters will get the bonus rewards.

[Tele-Groups Campaign]

– Group size 50 – 300:            1pin = 10 stakes / week
– Group size 301 – 1,000:       1pin = 20 stakes / week
– Group size 1,001 – 2,000:    1pin = 40 stakes / week
– Group size 2,001 – 5,000:    1pin = 60 stakes / week
– Group size 5,000+:             1pin = 80 stakes / week

– Active group bonus:          10 – 80 stakes / week [Active is the basic request]– Avatar group bonus:          10 – 80 stakes / week [Extra bonus]

– Channel size 301 – 1,000:          1pin = 10 stakes / week
– Channel size 1,001 – 2,000:       1pin = 20 stakes / week
– Channel size 2,001 – 5,000:       1pin = 40 stakes / week
– Channel size 5,000+:                1pin = 60 stakes / week

– Don't write obvious and low quality comments like: this is the best project to invest in, good investment, etc. Comments like: "Hi, hello, cool project" and so on will not count.
– We will not accept the silent groups.
– If you manage many groups, you will need to register once for each group.
– The screenshot you submitted needs to include the date at least.

How to join
1. Follow the official Telegram group: https://t.me/joininjective.
2. Submit the weekly report with the button below for each invitation record:
3. Submit your weekly invitations with the google form –> Telegram Moderator – Invitation


– 100 – 500 stakes

– 20+ hours / week
– Finding bugs, helping on review tasks, supporting the team, suggesting ideas, etc. Once your applications / ideas / tasks / proposals are accepted, you will get rewards.


– 200 stakes reward for the translator of INJECTIVE PROTOCOL Whitepaper or Bounty Instruction.
– 50 stakes for proofreading of INJECTIVE PROTOCOL Whitepaper or Bounty Instruction each.
– 100 stakes reward for the translator of INJECTIVE PROTOCOL's ANN Thread.
– 25 stakes for proofreading of INJECTIVE PROTOCOL's ANN Thread.

– The translated work should be submitted to [email protected] within 3 days after the task starts confirmation.
– People who fail to hand in their work 3 days after confirmed will miss the opportunity to translate and the task will be moved to the next participant. Participants with relevant work experience or certificates are preferred.
– Participants using Google translate and other translators are not allowed and will be instantly disqualified.
– Only start your translation work after confirmation.

How to join
1. Submit the registration with the button below:
2. Check the Token Distribution Review below to see if the admin assigned you to start.
3. Check your email. Our admin will also email you to assign your work.
4. The translation reward will be assigned after proofread.


– Bonus range: 100 – 500 stakes

– KOLs / YouTubers / Other Channel Hosts / KG Bounty Partners
– Followers: 5,000+

How to join
If you are KOLs, if you can create marketing proposals, if you are holding a crypto currency related platform, if you are a Youtuber or AMA host, please contact us. We are very glad to cooperate with your team.


Retain part as compensation for unexpected incidents.

Bounty Publish: @KrypitalBounty, Poster Design: @joininjective & @samidbangkit from community

Twitter: https://twitter.com/InjectiveLabs

Telegram https://t.me/joininjective

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/injective/

Medium: https://medium.com/@injectiveprotocol

Github: https://github.com/InjectiveLabs

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