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BOUNTY POOL: 250,000 BBD ★ NO KYC ★ BBD Token is listed on Coindeal ★ Index Riders GAME is LIVE now !!!

Simple. Intuitive. A Bitcoin Price Prediction Game.

Get you free tokens now and anticipate huge change in token price once the GAME IS LIVE!

. ABOUT Index Riders .

Index Riders is a game where one player, for their own profit, rewards another for their good deeds.

All the player needs to do is simply guess the right price of Bitcoin for a particular day and time. The reward for correct prediction is  up to 400% of his stake.

So what has our game Index Riders got to do with saving the planet? Together with our game, we created Mother Earth Guardians (MEG) οΏ½ a community of like-minded people, passionate about serving the planet.

By using Percentino Fruits bought on the MARKET from MEG, you are automatically rewarding them for their environmental services for Mother Earth, and maximizing your winnings up to 400%!

BBD Token is listed on Coindeal. A user deposit Bitcoin and BBD token is purchased via API (on Coindeal) to start playing the game.  BBD token on Etherscan can be checked here

The utility of BBD comes from the fact that a user stakes BBD to predict Bitcoin price as well as stakes BBD to grow Percentino Fruits. The project that can be comparable is HXRO – check the price potential here:


  • Total Bounty Pool: 250,000 BBD —>>>BBD/BTC: BBD Token is listed on Coindeal
  • Campaign period: March 31, 2021 – April 30, 2021 at 23:59 UTC
  • Tokens distribution: Within 7 working days after the end of the campaign to your Index Riders account
  • BBD token Max. Supply very low. There is only 200mln tokens with market capitalisation of $0.8mln. Current market capitalisation of HXRO is $50mln with 180mln tokens
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You need to fulfil steps from the two groups:
1. Join the Bounty Program
2. Join our Twitter campaign

Check below how to fulfil these steps.


1. Join our Telegram group: and say something nice to our community Smiley You must remain in the group for the entire duration of the Bounty Program to qualify for rewards.
2. Register your account on to receive your rewards (no KYC, 45 seconds)
3. Whenever you are ready submit your Application Post (which is a Proof of Authentication) by replying to this thread, using the format below:
4. Then fill the registration form: CLICK HERE.



Limit: 500 participants only


1. Between <2,500-5,000) followers: 200 BBD
2. Between <5,000-10,000) followers: 300 BBD
3. Have more than 10,000 followers: 500 BBD

*You will need to play at least 5 games during a 30 day period, or your reward will get canceled.

BBD Token is listed on Coindeal. Click here to go the BBD/BTC market

.How to participate in Twitter campaign.

1. Follow our Twitter account: Index Riders at least until the campaign finishes.
2. Retweet  with a comment at least 4 different PINNED tweets from Index Riders with hashtags: #IndexRiders #CryptoGame #Bitcoin
3. Post Report in this thread by the time the campaign finishes.

1. Your Account's Twitter Audit score must be greater than 85%. If you have less than 80% real followers you can not participate.
2. In order to participate in the campaign, your Twitter account must have a minimum of 2500 followers at the moment of sending the registration form .
3. Your reward will be calculated according to the number of followers at the moment of sending the registration form.

Report format:


1. Participants must have and provide email address. Use this email to register at Index Riders. You reward will be credited to your account at Index Riders once the campaign finishes.
2. Reporting of Retweet should be done using the format provided above. The report must be submitted before the campaign finishes.
3. All reports needs to be published as a new post to this bounty thread
4. Using multiple accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. You will be disqualified from the bounty program immediately and all of your accounts will be banned permanently. Please note that any offensive or inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign.
5. Whenever you are asked to provide your Number Of Application Post on this Forum, please check out how to find it here.
5. Index Riders reserves the right to cancel or amend the Bounty Program rules at our sole discretion and disqualify a user from any of the bounties if you use several accounts, play unfair, cheat or spam.


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