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Nameservers ns091.auroradns.eu

Hybrix is a multi-blockchain platform that leverages the strengths of every individual blockchain; Creating Freedom of Transaction by letting value flow freely across all diferent ledgers with the first cross-ledger token.

General Rules

Before getting started, make sure that you are eligible to participate by doing the following:

Must follow the official Telegram channel and join the discussion group. Please stay there until the end of the campaign.
This campaign will run for 3 weeks
Red Trust user will NOT allowed to enroll.
Only Junior Member+ Rank allowed to join.
Reports for the week are on Tuesday 23:59;
Deleted Submissions won�t be counted.
Strictly NO CHANGING OF AN ADDRESS. Don�t provide an Exchange address. The address you will submit will be your address for the entire duration of the campaign. Please be responsible enough to secure your own address.
Payments will be sent directly to your HYBRIX WALLET on a weekly basis. Please make one.
Do not mention the bounty campaign on your post, or your submission will not be counted.
For any questions regarding the bounty campaign please use bounty group.
You may not ask about bounty issues in official telegram community group or you will be disqualified.

By signing up for the bounty, you accept these terms:
-HYBRIX reserves the right to refuse any members without clear explanation;
-HYBRIX reserves the right to change or add rules any time during the campaign;
-You might be disqualified from this campaign if you commit any offensive or inappropriate behavior toward HYBRIX, staff, on our communications channel, or in pursuit of bounty rewards.

The usage of multiple accounts, cheating, spamming, unethical behaviour (as defined by HYBRIX), or relying on someone else to do the work will disqualify you from all bounties.

Content Creation (*Limited)

Fill this form: HERE!

In order to qualify for the Hybrix bounty program, certain quality standards must be met. Please see below for the quality standards for each type of applicable media. Standards will be managed by campaign manager.

Any created content will be judged based on the quality and location of the work. The quality of your submission will determine the level of reward you receive.

→All post must have Anchor text/hyper link that point to HYBRIX site [No Anchor = No Rewards]
→Submission on the TLD.[Top Level Domain – .com .io . net and etc] is preferred.
→The content must be be posted on a publically available cryptocurrency-specific website that is at least 1 month old. While it need not be entirely about Hybrix, all content must contain an explanation of our technology.
→The content must be well written (to a fluent level) and be a minimum of 500 words long. We will accept a MAXIMUM of two submissions per person, where each submission is unique and posted on separate platforms. You must also provide links to our website, twitter, Discord, github and telegram. Links to our website (Hybrix) should have an anchor text using one of the following keywords:
→Please don't mention bounty on your post, or your submission will not be count.
→When writing articles, you must include one link with anchor text from the keywords.
→Your articles should be beautifully decorated. Divided into paragraphs and headings. It is advisable to draw a conclusion at the end of the article.

YouTube: Make a positive video about HYBRIX/ Hybrix wallet
Blog/Article Posts: Post a positive article about HYBRIX/ Hybrix wallet
Suggested locations to post: Medium, Steemit, TLD domain sites.

*Super recommended topics:
– Make a review about Hybrix listed on Biki (preferred topic)
– Make a review about the Hybrix Wallet (http://wallet.hybrix.io)
– Make a review about Hybrix Partnership and Hybrix achievements so far.

*Reference link:

*Important: When creating content, please include the following important elements
– Hybrix listed on Biki – (https://www.biki.cc/en_US/trade/HY_USDT)
– Hybrix multi-chain transaction history/ Block explorer – (https://explorer.hybrix.io/)
– Hybrix wallet
– Hybrix node
– Please mention on your content that Hybrix are assisted, endorsed and supported by household names in the industry like Lisk and Internet archive.
– Articles must have links for Hybrix website and community channel platforms e.g Twitter, Telegram, Discord

*Rewards for this bounty will be based on the quality of your Content*
→ Top Quality: 35 Hy
→ Good Q
uality: 20 Hy
→ Okay Quality: 10 Hy
→ Poor Quality: 0

→ Super Top Quality: 45 Hy (5 Slots only!)

Things that must be in your submission – If the criteria below are not in your article or video, your submission will automatically be rejected.

1. You must place at least 3 Anchor text keywords that point to Hybrix site – https://hybrix.io/
2. How to Create a Hybrix Web Wallet
3. Write at least 600 words about how do you think the Hybrix is. Your opinion must be relevant to the topic and also related to Hybrix.

Keyword List:
– Hybrix
– BIki exchange
– Blockchain
– Exchanges
– Hybrix Wallet
– Open Sources Blockchain Platform
– Multi-chain Transaction
– Cross-ledger Transaction

How to Join – Every Participant Will Have to Apply Both on this Thread and in Form


-Videos must have at least 991 views during bounty.
-The quality check will be based on youtube statistics and socialblade.
-You don't have to fake subscribers and views!
-Minimum number of real views (during of bounty): 150 and in average 800-1000 views per video for the last 10 videos
-YouTube accounts must have at least 350 subscribers, the video must be at least 3 minutes long, and must be good quality. The video description must be a minimum of 50 words long.
-Synthetic voices, automatically generated content and low-quality slideshows will be denied.
-Other languages may be accepted for reward based on quality, viewership and originality.
– Better yet, get top crypto influencers/traders to feature the platform
-All posts must contain campaign hashtags (see below)
#Crypto #BIki #Hybrix #blockchain or #wallet #BIki #Hybrix #blockchain or #Hybrix #BIki #blockchain #Multichain (choose 4 of them)

Only 1 video per participant will be rewarded; participants with large followings (10,000+ subscribers) may apply to increase this limit.

Gif/Meme (*Limited 35 Participants)

In the Hybrix GIF/MEME Campaign, Participants will receive tokens for making these about Hybrix.
We suggest making GIF/MEME on these topics::
– Hybrix
– Hybrix listed on Biki (preferred topic)
– Blockchain
– Comparative
– Multi-chain Transaction

How to participate:
Fill this form: CLOSED!
Must follow: https://twitter.com/hybrix_io
Share your GIF/MEME to your twitter with hashtag #Crypto #BIki #Hybrix #blockchain or #wallet #BIki #Hybrix #blockchain or #Hybrix #BIki #blockchain #Multichain (choose 4 of them)

How to Join – Every Participant Will Have to Apply Both on this Thread and in Form

quality grade scale.
Low/poor: Won�t be rewarded
3000 followers: 7 Hy/Week
7000 followers: 13 Hy

(Meme must = professionally made with high resolution, clear and precise topics, zero technical errors, Creative topic, and design.)

*Post your Gif/Meme on twitter (not link, so people can see your gif/meme). one tweets for one meme.

1. Twitter account must have a minimum of 3000 followers. Your audit score must be more than 90%.
2. The GIF/MEME must be focused on a relevant topic, which could be: what is Hybrix Multi-chain Transaction, Hybrix Listing, Competitive comparison, BE CREATIVE we love that.
3. You need to make 3 Memes every week. with hashtag #Crypto #BIki #Hybrix #blockchain or #wallet #BIki #Hybrix #blockchain or #Hybrix #BIki #blockchain #Multichain (choose 4 of them) (maximum 1 meme per day).
4. All the materials will be checked for plagiarism and copyright infringement. It is not allowed to
directly copy content from the whitepaper, the website, or any of Hybrix's original articles.
5. When complete, fill out the spreadsheet with your info under the campaign, and remember to add
link to your content.

Reports: (Reports for the week are on Tuesday 23:59)

BiKi.com Lists Hybrix, First Multi-Ledger Token to Create Freedom of Transactions – https://www.biki.cc/en_US/trade/HY_USDT

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hybrix_io

Telegram https://t.me/hybrix_io

Github: https://github.com/hybrix-io

Discord: https://discord.gg/WbDfAWb

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