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Magic Balancer


5,000 MGB(15,000$) to be divided according to the stakes accumulated among selected participants.
Calculation: Your stakes/Total stakes of the campaign * Token allotted to the campaign
Bounty tokens send two weeks after bounty finished

  • 1. Twitter Campaign: 25% of total bounty
    2. Telegram Campaign: 15% of total bounty
    3. Youtube Campaign: 15% of total bounty
    4. Translation Campaign : 10% of total bounty
    5. Medium Campaign : 15% of total bounty
    6. Content Campaign: 20% of total bounty

The Bounty program starts on the 22th MARCH  2021.  

Week 1 (22/03 – 28/03)
Week 2 (29/03 – 04/04)
Week 3 (05/04 – 11/04)
Week 4 (12/04 – 18/04)
Week 5 (19/04 – 25/04)

  • *   If a participant is found to be used ill-practice for any campaign. A participant will be disqualified.
    *   Participants using foul language/funds will be disqualified.
    *   If rules set out in these campaigns are not followed, the participants will not be rewarded accordingly and no negotiation will be entertained.
    *   Disqualified members will lose the entire coins earned and this is irrevocable.
    *   The disqualified member will not be informed. To review your status, please check the Status sheet.
    *   The coins will be distributed at the end of the bounty program.
    *   Submission of work must be provided via post in this thread , every week you should post your work.
    *   Submit the proof of authentication in the thread whatever campaign you are participating. It is a mandatory option.
    *   We will update the stakes [weekly].

    All rights reserved by Magic Balancer team, Magic Balancer team can make any changes to rules or terms of condition, if applicable.
    For technical support during the bounty campaign, please contact Support on Email. ( [email protected] )
    All reward tokens will be allocated to your BEP-20 wallet within 3 weeks of Magic Balancer presale end.

    By signing up for the bounty, you accept these terms

For joining first you need to report like this format

You must spread out your work every day. Don't make all the post at the same time on the same day. We won't accept that. You can post your works below this post to keep track your post. ? ? ?

Our team has commissioned a people. We will single-handedly check every post of every participant. If we think you even had a single low effort post, you will be given 0 stakes that week. Posts should be spread through weeks. We don't accept posts that are made in a single day.


Bounty Rewards:

  • 1. Have more than 200 followers: 10 stakes/weeks
  • 2. Have more than 501 followers: 30 stakes/weeks
  • 3. Have more than 1001 followers: 50 stakes/weeks
  • 4. Have more than 2001 followers: 70 stakes/weeks
  • 5. Have more than 5,001 followers: 200 stakes/weeks
  • 6. Have more than 10,001 followers: 400 stakes/weeks
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  • 1: Twitter account must have over 200 Followers
  • 2. Your audit score must be more than 80%
  • 3. Twitter  accounts must be orignal. Fake, dead, inactive and bot account will not be accepted.
  • 4. Must follow, like daily and RETWEETS at least 5 tweets at in a week with hashtag #MGB #MagicBalancer #crypto #blockchain. If you just comment on the tweet which you retweet, you will not be counted

How to join:

1. To sign up follow the link:

2. Spreadsheet:

Please submit your weekly reports using the following template:

Bounty Rewards:
  • Stakes will be paid depending on join on telegram
  • 1 week on group: 1 stake



  • 1.Magic BalancerProject must in the Pinned message or posted in your Group.
  • 2.Your community has to be crypto related with minimum 200 REAL members. Groups with fake/ or forced members will be disqualified.
  • 3.After creating post in telegram please email [email protected]

How to join:

1. To sign up follow the link:

2. Spreadsheet:

Bounty Rewards:

  • 1. Normal quality: 100 stakes
  • 2. Medium quality: 500 stakes
  • 3. High quality: 2500 stakes
  • 4. TOP quality: 5000 stakes


  • 20-49 views : 100 stakes
  • 50-499 views : 300 stakes
  • 500-999 views : 500 stakes
  • 1000 or more views : 1000 stakes

  • 1. Describe Magic Balancer $MGB and its features
  • 2. Upload them on YouTube or Video
  • 3. Must have at least 50 subscribers
  • 4. Duration should not be less than 2 minutes of actual content
  • 5. Stakes will be allotted on the basis of the quality and audience of the video. The amount of stakes assigned is non-negotiable.
  • 6. Plagiarism or use of other's material will be considered as an invalid submission
  • 7. In the description of the video, there must be at least one link to the website and whitepaper.
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How to join:

1. To sign up follow the link:

2. Spreadsheet:

Bounty Rewards:
  • 1. Translate ANN Thread: 50 stakes
  • 2. Translate Whitepaper: 300 stakes
  • 3. Moderation thread: 5 stakes/posts


  • 1. The translation must be original and done by the user only. Using Google Translate and/or other translation tools are strictly prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
  • 2. Only constructive posts are counted. Spam and unnecessary posts won't be counted. Spammers will be disqualified.
  • 3. Only ONE translation will be accepted per person. Applications for multiple translations/languages will not be accepted.
  • 4. For each language of translations, only the best one will be awarded.
  • 5. Participants need to register first and then submit your finished translation to our report form within 21 days of registration and your submission should not be later than November 15th. Late submission will not be accepted.
  • 6. If you have any questions related to the translation bounty, please contact our support : [email protected]  

How to join:

1. To sign up follow the link:

2. Spreadsheet:


Whitepaper file (.pdf): [CLICK HERE]


Bounty Rewards:

  • Good Quality: 200 Stakes
  • Better Quality: 250 Stakes
  • Best Quality: 600 Stakes


  • 20-199 views : 100 stakes
  • 200-799 views : 500 stakes
  • 800 or more views : 1000 stakes


    1. Follow us on Medium:
    2. All content must be original. Plagiarizing, copying, or translating existing content, including content published by Magic Balancer team, is prohibited and will lead to disqualification.
    3. You can, however, use our official images, logos, graphics, and other branding materials from our website.
    4. Articles must be longer than 700 words. The SAME or VERY SIMILAR article posted to different platforms will not generate full amount of stakes of its quality, only the 1st one would generate full amount of stakes and the 2nd and 3rd ones would only generate HALF of the stakes of its quality.
    5. The article must contain one link to our website and one link to the White-paper.
    6. The article or description must also contain a link to your Bitcointalk profile in order to prove your authorship.
    7. Blogging platforms like Medium, Steemit, etc. are allowed but only maximum three posts per person to be counted on these platforms.
    8. The maximum number of blog posts can be accepted is 3 per week.
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How to join:

1. To sign up follow the link:

2. Spreadsheet:

Referral Program

Introducing Magic Balancer: a referral program with 10% commission rate!

We invite everyone to participate in Magic Balancer Presale referral program. We provide you with custom links that you can use to post online. Other people will use your link to come to Magic Balancer and make a contribution. A referral will count if a successful contribution is made, and you will receive 10% ETH or BNB of purchade made commission on each unique referral! Referral reward distributed instantly via presale contract.
To join click REFERRAL button on website presale section and copy your referral link(Required to connect with wallet)

How it Works:

Insert your ETH address into the links below and share those links:

or Click REFERRAL button on Presale section and copy your referral link(Required to connect with wallet)

People who participate in our Presale using your links will be counted as your referrals, and you will get 10% ETH or BNB commission on the amount each of your referrals buys in MGB!

Magic Balancer Referral Program Conditions:

Each referral will earn you 10% ETH or BNB of the referred contribution. Not tokens real money!
All earned ETH and BNB from the Magic Balancer Presale program will be distributed instantly via presale contract.
The latest custom URL a contributor clicked on before contributing will count.
Self-referrals will not be counted.

How You Can Promote:

There are a lot of things that you can do to promote MGB using your custom links. Here are a few ideas:
Write about our project on your website, blog or steemit for example
Make a video about Magic Balancer
Share your custom link on social media
Share your custom link on related chat groups online

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