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Aerotoken is starting her bounty campaign to reward users with Aero token. Aero token is currently listed on Catex exchange:
Campaign will last for 2 months, allocation of 30,000 AERO tokens valued at $12,000 based on current market valuation is allocated to the campaign. Rewards payout will be effected 6weeks after the end of the campaign

� Join Aerotoken official social media handles
� Register for any campaign of your choice
� Report your activities weekly
� Avoid abuse of the campaign, abuse of any form will result to restriction

Master Spreadsheet HERE|.

WEEK 1 24/10 – 30/10
WEEK 2 31/10 – 06/11
WEEK 3 07/11 – 13/11
WEEK 4 14/11 – 20/11
FINAL WEEK: 12/12 – 18/12


�   Translation of Whitepaper, ANN+bounty thread
�   Creation and moderation of local telegram groups (Korean, Chinese, Russian, Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh.)

Indicate interest by posting on this thread with the following information:
1. Native language
2. Part of bounty you apply for (ANN/Bounty, Telegram, Website, Whitepaper)
3. Your Translation/moderation experience
4. Bitcointalk username
5. Once approved, fill this form: HERE|

�      After completing the translation tasks, post a link to the translated thread or whitepaper on the thread
�   The local threads and telegram groups must be kept active till end of the campaign, all posts by Aerotoken must be translated and updated in due time.
�   Google translation will be rejected.
�   Inactive thread will be disqualified from the campaign.

for whitepaper, 200 stakes
Ann/Bounty, 100 stakes
Stakes is dependent on thread owner input


Rewards earned will be dependent on the number of followers/friends

250-1000 Followers/Friends:      1 stake per share+like
1000-3000 Followers/Friends:    2 stakes per share+like
3000-9999 Followers/Friends:    4 stakes per share+like
10000+ Followers/Friends:        6 stakes per share+like
Follow and like Aerotoken's Official Twitter page: HERE|
Fill and submit this form: HERE|
Register your shares every week in the forum with this format:

***Twitter WEEK 1***
Twitter profile URL:
<list of shares/posts>

�   To be eligible for this campaign, min friend count is 250.
�    Follow Aerotoken on Twitter
�   Tweet about Aerotoken project or retweet Aerotoken�s official tweet, tweets must have at least 3 of the following tags:  #Aerotoken #crypto #blockchain #inflationary token, any tweet without the tags wont be accepted
�   Minimum of 4 tweets/retweets per week.
�   Maximum of f 14 tweets/retweet per week must be spread across the days of the week, 3 maximum daily.
�   Links to tweets/retweet must be reported every week on the thread.
�   No retweeting of old official posts
�   Twitter audit must pass 85%


This campaign is open to ranks of Jr members and above
Stakes will be awarded based on member rank

Jr. Member:    1 stake/week
Member:      2 stakes/week
Full Member:   3 stakes/week
Sr Member:      5 stakes/week
Hero/Legendary:   7 stakes/week

1. Add signature of your level, avatar and personal text
2. Fill and submit this form: HERE|

�   Add signature of your level, wear signature till end of the campaign.
�   A minimum of 10 meaningful posts weekly must be made during this period, off-topic, bounty, and Ann threads posts won�t be counted. Maximum of 2 posts in Local board is accepted.
�   Short meaningless posts will not be counted as well.
�   Post must have a minimum length of 70 characters
�   Removal of signature or avatar will disqualify one from the campaign.


Write great content about AEROTOKEN Inflationary Project
English is accepted, other languages needs to be appro
ved before you can write. Send a message here before you start

Rejected: 0 stakes.
Low: 10 stake
Medium: 20 stakes
High: 50 stakes
(for each post)

Make a repost of your article on another relevant site with audience engagement, earn an extra 50% of stakes

After your blog post has been published, fill and submit this form:  HERE|

�   Only original contents will be accepted
�   Rewards are based on creativity, audience and quality
�   Contents with plagiarism won�t be accepted
�   Blogs must be focused on relevant topics concerning AEROTOKEN project
�   Blog post should have a minimum of 250 words
�   Blogs in other languages will be accepted only based on audience and pre-approval by team. Language accepted: Korean, Chinese, Russian, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladesh. Apply on this forum your application will be vetted and approved before writing.
�   Official links such as website, whitepaper, Ann thread, Telegram must be contained in the article
�   Only 1 article is accepted for each individual
�   Blogs with fake and low audience will  be rejected
�   Blogspot platform where audience isn't determined is not accepted

�     Subscribe to Aerotoken official youtibe channel
�     Make youtube videos about aerotoken
�     Fill this form: HERE|
�     Languages accepted: Korean, Chinese, Russian, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladesh. Apply on this forum your application will be vetted and approved before video creation.

�     Follow Aerotoken official medium channel
�     clap every Aerotoken posts
�     Fill this form: HERE|
�     Engage Aerotoken medium contents with comments.

This campaign is open to telegram users.
�     To be eligible, wear AEROTOKEN official image as your Telegram DP
�     Use AEROTOKEN as your Telegram extension name
�     Join AEROTOKEN official Telegram group   HERE|[/size=12]
�     Promote Aerotoken in your telegram channels/groups
�     For telegram channel/group owners, apply by indicating interest on this forum with your group/channel link.
�     Fill this form HERE|

Twitter: https://twitter.com/aero_token

Telegram https://t.me/aero_token

Medium: https://medium.com/@aerotoken328

Github: https://github.com/aerotoken

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