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Industry Problems

With the strengthening of the blockchain market regulations and the bursting of the bubble in 2018, the era of the ICO has basically come to an end. As ICO�s  shortcoming is high risk, it makes investors with careless fall into a scam, which causing investors great damage,and most investors are deceived.

Different From Other Exchanges
CoinDiv will establish a brand new digital asset trading platform, and release all projects that have undergone securities-level review and comprehensive supervision of the projects that are applied for online.

All projects on the CoinDiv platform not only have actual technical development teams and business projects already in operation, but also regularly announce the progress of project development and operation, financial statements and etc., which will create a safe and reliable investment environment for investors.

General Rules

  • Join Telegram Group to know learn more about Bounty related  Topic In official Group.
  • Bounty campaign starts on June 13,2019 END ON 13 Sep. 2019
  • One account per person, anybody caught farming the campaign, spamming, botting or cheating the campaign in any way will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject any applicant for any reason.
    • The bounty managers reserve the right to edit rules, token allocation, structure, and bounty allocation if necessary.

    Total circulation: 1,000,000,000
    Allocation: Divided into 2 rounds

                  Quantity      Share      Purpose
    round 1          10,000,000     1%      Airdrop
        round 2          690,000,000    69%      Trade Mining
        round 3          300,000,000    30%      Development/Maintenance/Operating Expenses

    Round 1
    Registration Campaign

    Issued 10,000,000 COD, reference price 0.01USDT = 1COD, registered as CoinDiv users will receive 1,000 COD. The total period of registration rewards is 12 weeks, and registration rewards drop by 50 COD weekly, so the sooner you register, the more rewards you get. The campaign can be ended prematurely if all tokens have been sent out.

    As follow:

                      Period                   Registration Reward
    Week 1          2019/06/13 – 2019/06/18                1000 COD
    Week 2          2019/06/19 – 2019/06/25                950 COD
    Week 3          2019/06/26 – 2019/07/02                900 COD
    Week 4          2019/07/03 – 2019/07/09                850 COD
    Week 5          2019/07/10 – 2019/07/16                800 COD
    Week 6          2019/07/17 – 2019/07/23                750 COD
    Week 7          2019/07/24 – 2019/07/30                700 COD
    Week 8          2019/07/31 – 2019/08/06                650 COD
    Week 9           2019/08/07 – 2019/08/13                600 COD
    Week 10          2019/08/14 – 2019/08/20                550 COD
    Week 11         2019/08/21 – 2019/08/27                 500 COD
    Week 12         2019/08/28 – 2019/09/03                 450 COD

    Twitter Campagin

    Users will receive additional 500COD after FOLLOWING CoinDiv official Twitter (Website And users need reply to their Twitter username and CoinDiv UID in the forum, one person can receive once only.

    Superuser Campagin

    Recruit 101 Superusers from around the world, and the Superuser needs a certain amount of traffic from their own media, such as Twitter, Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, WeChat, or QQ group. We request the number of Superuser�s FANS >500. The applicant needs to provide a social account for review, and if you do , then you will become a Superuser.
    Note: The Superuser will receive a commission for the transaction fee. Up to three layers of rebate.

    Level           Ratio
         1            30%
         2            15%
         3            5%

    Telegram:   @Xavan
    Wechat:  coindiv_cs
    Email: [email protected]

    Invitation Campagin

    The user will return 30% of the transaction fee after the one you invited a friend register and complete a transaction.

    Round 2

    1. COD/USDT Online transaction

    2. Users can use the COD for transaction fee deduction

    3. Trade mining, 690 million COD will be generated through trade mining.

    Rules :
    We will calculate 100% of our transaction fee income into COD against the real-time rate and give them away to all traders proportionately to their trading volume.
    1)The transaction using COD deducting fee does not participate in trading mining;
    2)Difficulty: To balance daily COD yield, CoinDiv will readjust "mining difficulty" at every day based on earnings and difficulty of the last day.
    3)Allocation: Your daily dividend will be sent to your account at the next day.
    4)CoinDiv reserves the rights of final explanation of readjusting rules of Trade Mining.
    4. As the official value-added token, COD represents exclusive services and privileges on CoinDiv. CoinDiv will allocate 50% of our daily transaction fee income to ALL COD holders proportionately.
    Addition: Positions with holding COD over 2000 can be rewarded for this project.




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