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TRONscratch is a decentralized PvP Gambling platform.
TRONscratch Dapp is a browser based decentralized game that�ll be launching with the popular �TIC TAC TOE� and �ROCK PAPER SCISSORS� games playable from mobile.
TRONscratch aim is to keep adding other simple and fun games such as Dart, Checkers and Goofspiel amongst others to the platform.
Visit TRONscratch website:

Bounty campaign will start on July 27, 2019
Bounty campaign will end when August 23, 2019.
Bounty distribution will be done within 4 (four) weeks after the bounty campaign ends.

What are stakes?
Example: If the total amount of TAC Tokens that will be distributed at the end of the campaign is 4 million TAC Tokens. This amount will be distributed proportional to the number of stakes the person has gained over the course of the campaign. For instance, if the total number of stakes gained for the signature campaign is 32000 and the user has gained 13 stakes. Then he will receive [4,000,000 * 0.20 *  (13/32000)] = 325 TAC Tokens

Bounty Campaign Pool: 100,000 TAC TOKENS
(10,000,000 TRX mines 100,000 TAC Tokens)

Bounty Pool Allocations

Bounty Pool Escrow: julerz12
Escrow Address: TBFhB9f1F1AQCEEz67aryfZMbzJNJQMtyH


  • All the Bounty Stakes, rules, qualifications, tasks are made at TRONscratch & Bounty Manager's discretion.
  • TRONscratch & The Bounty Manager reserves all right for changing the rules, qualifications, and tasks on any campaign category.
  • Any spamming, fake/multiple accounts, google or any automated translations, automated likes or shares, etc is found;
    TRONscratch Team and the Campaign Manager is authorized to disqualify the participant and will not be eligible for any rewards.
  • NO KYC.
  • Weekly reports must be submitted by posting on this bounty thread every week using the format for each campaign category.
  • Bounty pool allocated to any campaign category will be 50% less if we have less than 100 valid participants on each respective campaign category.
  • All participants must complete the required tasks, comply with the rules and qualifications in order to be eligible weekly stakes.
  • Stakes will be added to the spreadsheets after the weekly deadline: Sunday, 23:59 Midnight UTC.
  • All bounty participants are required to join TRONscratch Telegram Groups:

Rules & Qualifications:

  • Join TRONscratch Telegram Groups:
  • Must be Jr. Member or higher and at least 1 month old prior to posting this bounty thread.
  • Authentic translations only. No automatic translations like google translator, etc.
  • Single Post Dead Ann Thread will get 50% less stakes. Ann thread needs at least 3 (three) posts/updates per week.
  • Increasing the moderation post count by spam posts, posting false posts or paying others to ask questions in your thread is not allowed.
  • Translation w/out approval from the Bounty Manager will receive no s
  • Available languages for reservation (ANN thread/Bounty Thread/Whitepaper/Website translations) are:
    Filipino | Indonesian | Italian | Korean | Vietnamese | Japanese | Spanish | Russian | Chinese | Polish | French
    Malaysian | Portuguese | German | Romanian | Hindi | Dutch | Ukranian | Turkish | Arabic




NOTE: Participants who are accepted will be pm'ed by the bounty manager for confirmation.
To Participate, Post the details below on this bounty thread:

Rules & Qualifications:

  • Join TRONscratch Telegram Groups:
  • Must be Newbie or higher and at least 1 month old prior to posting this bounty thread.
  • Articles/Blog posts should be original, have a minimum of 500 words.
  • Articles/Blog posts must contain graphic material (images) and a link to TRONscratch website and it's whitepaper.
  • Articles/Blog posts must have unique content (copying on announcement thread/news websites will not be allowed).
  • Articles/Blog posts must be published on some popular platform like steemit, medium, etc. and must be accessible publicly.
  • Blog Accounts must be 3 months old and have a decent amount of readers.
  • Video Reviews must be relevant to the topic, meaningful, competently created and must highlight its features and the ICO.
  • Video Reviews should be at least 2 minutes long and have good visual and audio quality.
  • Video Reviews must include link to the official TRONscratch website ( in the video description.
  • Youtube Channel should have at least 300 subscribers.
  • All major languages are accepted. But, we would appreciate if the Entries will be in English.
  • Published Blogs, Video Reviews & Articles must contain Bitcointalk username, Bitcointalk profile link and TRON wallet address written for verification of authorship.
  • Duplicate contents posted across many other media outlets will only count as one.
  • Max. 5 entries per participant will be accepted.
  • Plagiarism not be accepted and will result in disqualification.
  • Entries submitted will be graded depending on the audience reached, authenticity, and relevance to TRONscratch.


  • Medium: 100 Stakes
  • Good: 300 Stakes
  • Best: 500 Stakes


Rules & Qualifications:

  • Join TRONscratch Telegram Groups:
  • Must be Newbie or higher and at least 1 month old prior to posting this bounty thread.
  • Follow Official TRONscratch Twitter account:
  • Twitter account must be at least 4 (four) months old and have at least 500 Real Followers. verified via:
  • Only 1 (one) Twitter account per participant. Enrolling multiple accounts will result on disqualification.
  • Retweet and Like only tweets made by the TRONscratch official Twitter Account.
  • Minimum of 5 Retweets per week to qualify for weekly stakes.
  • Maximum of 2 retweets per day
  • Cheating by submitting/using past weeks retweets or duplicate links on reports will result to disqualification.


  • 7 Retweets per week
    500-1000 Real followers: 10 stakes/week
    1001-3000 Real followers: 50 stakes/week
    3001-5000 Real followers: 75 stakes/week
    5001-7000 Real followers: 100 stakes/week
    7001-10000 Real followers: 150 stakes/week
    10001-15000 Real followers: 300 stakes/week
    15001-20000 Real followers: 450 stakes/week
    20001-30000 Real followers: 600 stakes/week
    30001-40000 Real followers: 800 stakes/week
    40001-50000+ Real followers: 1000 stakes/week
  • To update your Twitter Real followers, Inform the Bounty Manager through Telegram


Post Twitter weekly reports on this bounty thread using the format below:

Rules & Qualifications:

  • Join TRONscratch Telegram Groups:
  • Must be Newbie or higher and at least 1 month old prior to posting this bounty thread.
  • Only 1 (one) Telegram account per participant.
  • Participants must join & stay on TRONscratch's Telegram Group and Bount
    y Group until the ICO ends.
  • Participants must actively participate in discussions on TRONscratch's Telegram Group and Bounty Group until the ICO ends.
  • Inactive telegram accounts will be removed and disqualified and will receive no rewards.
  • Submit proof of authentication and weekly reports on this bounty thread using the format below.
  • Failure to submit proof of authentications means you're using a bot/fake account and will be disqualified.


  • Join TRONscratch's Telegram Group & TRONscratch's Telegram Bounty Group
  • Actively participate in the discussion on telegram group and channel until the ICO ends.
  • Post a message about TRONscratch ICO on the TRONscratch's Telegram Group or on other ICO/Cryptocurrency related groups. (Optional)


  • Join on TRONscratch's Telegram Group: 50 stakes/week
  • Post message about TRONscratch ICO on the TRONscratch's Official Telegram Group or on other ICO/Cryptocurrency related groups: 10 stake per message (max 10 per week)
    (Posts on TRONscratch's Bounty Group is not counted)


Post Telegram weekly reports on this bounty thread using the format below:

Rules & Qualifications:

  • Must be Copper/Member or higher
  • Newbies who has Copper Rank upgrade is accepted and will be given Member rank stakes, provided they wear member rank signature codes & personal text.
  • All participants must wear TRONscratch's avatar (except for member/copper ranks) & Personal Text
  • Must make 15 constructive posts with at least 75 characters (Symbols like [email protected]#$%^&*()_+~}][|\":?.,/-~ etc. does not count) per week
  • Spam posts, posts that we're deleted by mods and Posts in the sections/boards below will NOT be counted.
    Signature & Bounty Campaign thread | Games & Rounds | Off topic | Lending | Auctions | Politics & Society
    Beginners and help | Archival | Investor based games | Micro earnings | Serious Discussion
  • Only 1 (one) Bitcointalk account per participant.
  • Negative trust rated accounts can be accepted depending on the intensity of their trust issues.
  • Flagged accounts will not be accepted.
  • All participants is NOT allowed to advertise any other company/websites/campaigns in their signatures other than TRONscratch.


  • Member/Copper = 20 Stakes/week
  • Full Member = 40 Stakes/week
  • Senior Member = 60 Stakes/week
  • Hero/Legendary = 80 Stakes/week



Question: When will the bounty campaign end?
Answer: August 23, 2019.

Question: When will the bounty be distributed?
Answer: Within 4 (four) weeks after the bounty campaign has ended.

Question: KYC required?
Answer: NO

Question: Where to get TRON (TRX) Wallet Address?
Answer: (Click Sign in to create a wallet) or Download TRON Wallet on Google Play

Question: Where can we submit our inquiries or concerns regarding this bounty campaign?
Answer: Post it in this Telegram Group: or DM @julerz12

Question: I sent the wrong TRON Address on the participation forms, what should I do?
Answer: Request a change of Address by sending a PM to the Bounty Manager: HERE

Disclaimer: I am only the Bounty Campaign Manager for this project. I am paid only to manage this bounty campaign.
I will not be held responsible should the developers/project's team fail to reach their stated goals/obligations to the bounty participants, investors and everyone else.
Join (on this bounty campaign) or Invest (on their ICO) at your own risk.



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