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Seseral offers worldwide investment solutions for all the investors and newcomers in crypto-world by its own crypto-asset named SSL which can be decentralized finance (DeFI). We know nowadays there are a lot of DeFi projects but SSL can be the solution for all the crypto-investment-problems of the trader community by making the trading easier with fast transactions and less fee because of its TRC-20 algorithm. SSL can be traded decentralized in any kind of Popular DEX/Swap platform like Uniswap and JustSwap.

General Rules:

1. Must join our Telegram group and Telegram Channel.
2. Join the Bounty support Group.
3. Please note that any offensive or inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign.
4. Using multiple accounts, Cheating, etc are not allowed.
5. Team reserve the right to make changes to the conditions at any time.
6. Asking bounty-related questions on the main group will be banned from this campaign.
7. 200 SSL allocated for this bounty.
8. No KYC.

Seseral Bounty Campaign Only For 4 Weeks.
week 1 [14/11/2020-20/11/2020]week 2 [21/11/2020-27/11/2020]week 3 [28/11/2020-04/12/2020]week 4 [05/12/2020-11/12/2020]

Make proof of authentication post:

Weekly Report Format:


1. Wearing other projects' logo and name can't participate in this campaign.
2. Don't use any hashtags and links in constructive messages.
3. Message must be positive.
4. Per day only 1 message will be counted and a maximum of 6 messages will be counted per week.
5. Must need a minimum of 5 Positive messages weekly on the Seseral Telegram group.
6. Report your telegram message links weekly. Please obey the report dates and format.
7. Max participant: 50
8. Don't use seseral logo as your telegram avatar.


1. 1 Stake Per Positive Message.
2. Add " Seseral Ambassador " on your name to get an additional 2 stakes weekly.

Joining Form

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seseral_finance

Telegram https://t.me/seseral

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seseralfinance

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