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Website reitereum.io
Registrar domain NameCheap, Inc
Domain reg 2019-03-03
Domain exp 2020-03-03
Nameservers tess.ns.cloudflare.com
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Reitereum Bounty Program
Get rewarded for making REITEREUM more GLOBAL!

REITEREUM has started bounty campaign to reward community through social media for their support. To promote REITEREUM in the community some rules are set and must be followed

There will be total 3 Million REIT is available for community distribution through bounty campaign. Below is the list of all bounty campaign rewards and rules with proper explanations.

There are lots of cool programs for everyone to make the contribution, so get rewarded and change this world for better.


�   Campaign 1: Twitter Bounty � 15%
�   Campaign 2: Facebook Bounty – 15%
�   Campaign 3: YouTube Video Bounty� 20%
�   Campaign 4: Blog posts, Articles Bounty � 10%
�   Campaign 5: Bitcointalk Signature Bounty � 25%
�   Campaign 6: Telegram Bounty – 15%


Twitter Campaign

Requirements for REITEREUM bounty on Twitter:

�   Follow the REITEREUM Official Twitter Profile. https://twitter.com/reitereum

�   Retweet at least 5 of the latest REITEREUM Tweets or create 5 original Tweets per week.

�   Retweets are more important but if REITEREUM only tweeted 4 different tweets in that week, for example, you can post one original tweet to make up for it.

�   Participants that share all the tweets on the same day will be disqualified, tweets should be shared over several days.

�   Tweets are not "averaged", tweeting no posts at the start of the campaign and more at the end of the campaign does not count towards a valid entry.

�   Original tweets must be constructive and helpful for the project.

�   Accounts that are found to be using bots, are spamming or simply constitute fake profiles will be disqualified and banned from any campaign whatsoever.

�   The week for the REITEREUM Twitter Campaign starts on Friday and ends on Thursday. So token allocated per week slot as you see below.

�   With the exception of main languages such as Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese, all original tweets should be made in English.

�   Registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeoP6biWVYC4Lqrm0mr8bsvbZnNp91JJ30K0dm_Vx2tLJEUtQ/viewform

Reward for FOLLOWERS
>2000  =  100+ Reitereum Tokens
>1000  =  75+ Reitereum Tokens
>500  =  50+ Reitereum Tokens
>300  =  30+ Reitereum Tokens
>250  =  10+ Reitereum Tokens
Youtube Campaign

Requirements for REITEREUM bounty on Youtube

�   The Reitereum bounty program will apply to up to 3 videos, Per Youtube Channel.

�   The channel must be created at least 2 months ago.

�   The video must be at least 2:00 minutes or longer.

�   The video description must clearly show the link to https://reitereum.io.

�   Videos without the voiceover only get 50% of tokens.

�   The preferred topics: https://reitereum.io (I�m Looking to Invest) Reitereum Description (Breakdown) Reitereum ICO (How it Works/Tutorial)

�   Registration Form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeC1xtBZDy6aC3_6WUY91zKTiHc0mnmtKA5MkVFSLoYHzqNMg/viewform

>1.000.000Subscribers= 1000 Reitereum Tokens
>500.000Subscribers = 750Reitereum Tokens
>100.000 Subscribers = 500Reitereum Tokens
>50.000 Subscribers= 400Reitereum Tokens
>25.000 Subscribers = 300Reitereum Tokens
>10.000 Subscribers = 200Reitereum Tokens
>5.000 Subscribers = 100Reitereum Tokens
>1.000 Subscribers = 50Reitereum Tokens
>100 Subscribers= 10Reitereum Tokens
Blog & News Articles

Blog Bounty Rules:

�   Blog should be at-least 300,600 or 900 words, Maximum 3 Post allowed.

�   Your article must positively explain the REITEREUMor Crowdsale in detail with graphics.

�   Add at-least 2 link back to REITEREUMslack/telegram community &REITEREUMwebsite.

�   Blog should be publicly accessible. Private or password protected posts are not allowed.

�   Article must have at-least 100 minimum views.

�   Article must be published only on cryptocurrency blogs. In some cases.

�   Quora blogs are excluded from this campaign. You can write on it, but it will not be considered for a reward.

�   Registration form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeqctjrbwDyxKu29RhCTj0

Blog Bounty Rewards
300 words : 30-100 Reitereum Tokens
600 words : 70-150 Reitereum Tokens
900 words : 100-300 Reitereum Tokens
Signature & Avatar Campaign

There are following rules for signature campaign in Bitcointalk forums.

�   We will consider only regular active members.

�   Negative trust members in the forums are not allowed to join this campaign.

�   Your any posts in the off-topic, archive, social media bounty campaign, other signature campaign or non-cryptocurrency forums will not be considered.

�   If we find out any person spamming forums, will be banned from campaign and all payments will be cancelled for him/her.

�   Multiple signatures are strictly prohibited.

�   You are not allowed to use avatar of another campaign or site.

�   We will not pay for any posts that are less than 80 characters in total length.

�   Users are not allowed to change their signatures in a middle of campaign, failing to follow this rule, will be banned from campaign.

�   To be eligible for a reward, user must post at least 20 new posts with the signatures by the time the ICO ends.

�   Registration form : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccmXgG4EfAELg2g3JF_xhArzFWEDhkYc8b_ZRp0A7pfWoe3A/viewform

Signature & Avatar Campaign Rewards
Hero/Legendary =  300Reitereum Tokens
Sr. Member  =  200Reitereum Tokens
Full Member  =  150Reitereum Tokens
Member  =  100Reitereum Tokens
Jr. Member  =  50Reitereum Tokens

Telegram Promoter

Requirement for participating in the Reitereum Telegram Bounty:

�   Our Telegram Group : https://t.me/reitereum_community_english

�   Dropping and re-joining will result in disqualification of bounty points.

�   Sending Telegram link does NOT qualify as an invite.

�   In order to secure points you must �add member� and this can only be done through existing contacts inside Telegram.

�   Total amount of Reitereum tokens distributed for this category is 225000000REITEREUM.

�   Registration Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLWda9C8kJeLr8PGnAAD9X8SLJXJC5mdd4rk7ovh3BB8Kl8Q/viewform

Conditions to earn points in this category
Join Telegram = 5 Reitereum Tokens
5 Successful Invites  =  10 Reitereum Tokens
10 Successful Invites  =  20 Reitereum Tokens
20 Successful Invites  =  30 Reitereum Tokens

Twitter: https://twitter.com/reitereum

Telegram https://t.me/reitereum_community_english

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