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Bounty Details

The bounty program has been launched on September 1, 2020, to November 30, 2020
Bounty General Rule

  • Each participant must read and understand Lyra Pitch Deck document
  • All Participants must join Telegram Group and actively ask questions about the project.
  • Do not talk about bounties in the LYRA Official group, you can ask directly to the Bounty group.
  • You need to create LYRA Wallet here
  • Negative trust is not allowed to this campaign

Lyra will launch a telegram campaign with a total allocation of 300.000 LYR which will be divided into 3 rounds. The first round starts from September 1, 2020, to November 30, 2020.

The distribution of rewards is based on how often you actively discuss the telegram group, we will pay you based on the number of posts or chats you have on the telegram group.

The number of participants in the first round is limited to 300 people, the Lyra project has the right to change at another time

  • Visit LYRA Website here https://lyra.live/
  • You must join LYRA Telegram Group
  • Active discussion (ask about project) on telegram group
  • Post as "Good Project", "Interesting Project, "Nice team or any unconstructive word" Will did not count
  • Write at least 5 discussions (ask about the project) on telegram per week.
  • Report your telegram message links weekly.

Limited for 300 Participant

Available slot : 60 participant
How to join:


How To Claim your Reward

  • You Need report your posts/messages link below
  • Team will pay for your work after bounty Ends


  • 5 stake if you join and not leave from LYRA Official Group
  • 2 stake per post

LYRA will launch an airdrop of 100,000 LYR at the current round, make sure you join, the number of participants is limited to only 300 participants.


Limited for 300 Participant

Available slot : 0 participant

How to join:

1.Visit LYRA Website here https://lyra.live
2. Join LYRA official Telegram Group.   
3. You must Follow our LYRA Twitter Account
4. Join Bounty Telegram Group.   
5. Creat your LYRA Wallet here and keep your private key for swap your coin to LYRA Mainnet   
6. Fill the registration form Here   



  • 1. create a post about the Lyra project using hashtags
    #Lyra #DeFi #LoyalShopper #loyaltymanagement #loyaltyrewards #Shopify #blockchain #cryptocurrency #crypto
  • Comment in LYRA twitter posts

50 LYR if you complete task 1 and 2

Running a testnet node (in primary authorizer mode), reporting on bugs, performance and usability issues, and user experience.

How To Join

How to setup Node here
Fill the registration form here

The active testers who run and test the nodes on testnet will get enough LYR to stake the actual primary authorizer node on mainnet once it�s launched (currently a minimum stake is set to 1,000,000 LYR).

Report a bug in a node, a wallet, a block explorer, LoyalShopper apps, or even misspelling or bad wording on the website and receive a bonus.

How to join

Fill registration form here

The amount of the bonus will vary depending on the severity of the discovered issue and starts from 1,000 LYR. No upper limit.

Telegram Weekly Report Here

Week #1 (01.09 – 07.09) <<<
Week #2 (08.09 – 14.09)
Week #3 (15.09 – 21.09)
Week #4 (22.09 – 28.09)
Week #5 (29.09 – 05.10)
Week #6 (06.10 – 12.09)
Week #7 (13.10 – 19.10)
Week #8 (20.10 – 26.10)
Week #9 (27.10 – 02.11)
Week #10 (03.11 – 09.11)
Week #11 (10.11 – 16.11)
Week #12 (17.11 – 23.11)
Week #13 (24.11 – 30.11)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LYRAblockchain

Telegram https://t.me/lyra_live/

Github: https://github.com/LYRA-Block-Lattice/LYRA-Docs/blob/master/LYRA-BLock-Lattice-White-Paper.md

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