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Website kanga.exchange
Registrar domain OVH SAS
Domain reg 2018-01-24
Domain exp 2020-01-24
Nameservers kara.ns.cloudflare.com
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Bounty Duration: 10 Feb. 2019 – 10 Mar. 2019

Kanga Exchange Announcement Thread
[VIDEO] Kanga Exchange – More Than An Exchange | Interview

Bounty Campaign Specifics

The Bounty
The Kanga Exchange bounty will be hosted in three separate phases.
Detailed information about activities in this phase of the bounty is listed below.
Participating in this bounty phase does not disqualify you from joining future bounty campaigns.

For this bounty phase, Kanga is allocating 500,000 KNG of the total Kanga Exchange tokens for the following bounty activities.
Because the total number of bounty campaign participants is ever-changing, the distribution of tokens will be based on a preordained amount allocated to each group listed below.

Bounty Rules:

  • We are looking for active and informed posters. Posters must have read the 'Investment Teaser' document to participate, and comments must be informed by the 'Investment Teaser' document and/or ANN post.
  • Only constructive posts will be counted towards this campaign. We are not looking for fluff comments, e.g. �This project looks promising.� or �This is big for sports� or �Wow, good luck to the dev team.� Instead, we are looking for substantive comments – comments that move the needle either positively or constructively/critically  – it�s up to you.
  • Negative trust (Trust from DT2 or above) members are not allowed to join this campaign.
  • 1 account per user. Any user found to have alternate accounts in the campaign will be kicked and denied payment. IP checking is in effect.
  • We don't pay for posts less than 80 characters in length.
  • Users found to spam will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied. Entries that are poorly crafted, deemed templated or fluff will not count.
  • It is on the user to check if their links work. Any user with improper links will be disqualified and not paid out.
  • If we get fewer than 500 participants in the Telegram campaign/fewer than 20 participants in the signature campaign/fewer than 50 participants in any other campaign until the end of the crowdsale, we'll reduce funds by half for the respective campaign. Except for Translation campaign.


Facebook and Twitter Campaign �  200,000 KNG tokens
Signature Campaign �   150,000 KNG tokens
Telegram Campaign �  50,000 KNG tokens
Translation Campaign �  100,000 KNG tokens WARNING: Will only run for one month!

If you have questions about this bounty campaign, we kindly invite you to reply to this thread or join our bounty chat on Telegram.

To be able to receive bounty rewards, you will need Join Kanga Exchange's Telegram at https://t.me/KangaExchangeChat.

Telegram Campaign

Never miss any of our updates!

Participants who sign up with their Kanga Exchange ETH wallet address will be eligible for a 5% bonus on their bounty reward. Note that this applies to the Telegram and Social Media campaigns ONLY

Warning: Discussion of bounty and airdrop activities is not permitted in the main Kanga Exchange group. Reply to this thread if you have any questions of would like to discuss the bounty campaign. Violation of this rule might lead to your disqualification.

Join here through telegram bot: Coming soon

How to Join
How to join the Airdrop and earn by inviting other members of the Telegram group:

1. Start with https://t.me/<>airdropbot – coming soon
2. Send the bot �/help� to see its instructions.
3. Press the �/address� button to provide the bot with your ETH address. ERC20 compatible addresses only, please.

4. Press the �/group� button if you�d like to get the link to join the group yourself.
5. Press the �/link� button to get your unique referral URL. THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE TO SHARE IF YOU WANT TO EARN BY INVITING!
6. Copy the link and send to any friends you would like to invite.

You can Review your progress by pressing the �/stats� button.

Airdrop Rules:

  • 1 account per user. Any user found to have alternate accounts in the campaign will be kicked and denied payment. IP checking is in effect.
  • Users found to spam will be banned from the campaign and payment will be denied.
  • In order to be eligible for rewards, you must remain in the group until the end of the campaign.
  • If you are found to be inviting fake accounts in the group you will be disqualified.
  • Posting a thoughtful and unique message in the group at least one is required.
  • If you fail to undergo email verification and add an ETH address while the airdrop is still ongoing, you will be disqualified.
  • Admins will never PM you first.

Signature Campaign

1. Jr Member: 0.5 Stake/ Week
2. Member: 1 Stake/ Week
3. Full Member: 1.5 Stakes/ Week
4. Sr. Member: 1.75 Stakes/ Week
5. Hero Member: 2 Stakes/ Week
6. Legendary: 2.5 Stakes/ Week

+ 0.25 stakes per week, if you wear our Avatar

� Must make 15 posts per week.
� Posts must be constructive and on the topic.
� The post must be 75 characters minimum.
� Users not posting a min of 15 posts per week for 2 consecutive weeks will be removed.
� 1 bitcointalk account per person (If you are found to be enrolling alts you and your alt are kicked out with no pay).
� No negative trust accounts may enroll.
� If you receive negative trust while enrolled you receive no pay and will be removed.
� You may not advertise any other sites in your signatures.
� Posts in any signature campaign or bounty threads will not count.
� Users may not change payment addresses. You will use the same address the whole campaign.
� Posts in Bounty threads, Off topic, will not count.
� 5 posts will be counted per week in local board.
� Wearing the avatar is OPTIONAL for signature campaign participants.

If you want to join this bounty, first wear the signature based on your rank and then fill out the form. (Signatures CODES are in the second post).

Facebook and Twitter Campaign

Please join our Twitter, Facebook & other bounties at the bounty portal.

An important rule to take care: Please do not make a reply in Slack/ telegram after joining them like "Hello", "I'm in". Make it more clean and better for related people. Otherwise, we have a very strict rule for these members. (Post "Hello", get yourself "Banned")

Social media bounties include

  • Facebook [Like, sharing, comments, and posting]
  • Twitter [Like, Retweeting, comments, and Tweeting]

Participants who sign up with their Kanga Exchange ETH wallet address will be eligible for a 5% bonus on their bounty reward. Note that this applies to the Telegram and Social Media campaigns ONLY.




– Like our Facebook page: Kanga Exchange Facebook page
– You must have at least 50 real Friends to be accepted in Facebook campaign
– For Comments, minimum of 75 characters or more are required OR they won't be counted. **Any user found out copy/pasting comments will be banned.
– Make a post with #KangaExchange hashtags plus add a link in the post: https://kanga.exchange/

– The limit for different campaigns per day is
Likes: 3
Share: 2
Comment: 1
Post: 2

Likes: 0.5 Stakes
Share: 1 Stake
Comment: 2 Stakes
Post: 1.5 Stakes



– Follow Kanga Exchange Twitter page
– Your Twitter account needs to have at least 100 real followers.

Like Per Day: 3
Shares Per Day: 2
Comments Per Day: 1
Post Per Day: 2


Stakes (100_499): 0.25 Stakes
Stakes (500_999): 0.50 Stakes
Stakes (1000_1499): 0.75 Stakes
Stakes (1500_1999): 1.00 Stakes
Stakes (2000_2499): 1.25 Stakes
Stakes (>2500): 1.5 Stakes

Translation Campaign

Note: The translation campaign will only last one month!

Translation Terms and Conditions
If our Bitcointalk OP has not yet been translated into your language, you may contribute with your own translation and get a stake in return. Please file your application
1: The use of google translator is not allowed. Participants using google translator will be instantly disqualified.
2: There will be only ONE translation per person. Applications for multiple translations/ languages will not be accepted

– For translating the ANN you will get 100 stakes, and for moderating you'll get 5 stakes. [Rules: Thread moderation is mandatory and if it's not, your stakes will be lowered to half. You can get the data from the official blogs and social media and make some announcements.]- For white paper translation, you will get 500 stakes.
– Creating and managing telegram channel 300 Stakes. [Rules for telegram management: Min there should be 50 participants, And group should be active till the ends of the project and there should be discussions.]- Post translated thread on other forums and get 30 stakes.

How to apply:

** As the whitepaper is not released yet, translators that reserve a translation should be on alert for its release within the following couple of weeks. If those with a reservation are not responsive on time, their reservation will be canceled and the task will be given to Backup translators.

-> If your language is not mentioned in the above docs, please PM me to work for me on a permanent basis, in this format.

*If you see your name in above sheet, please start working on it immediately.

Please provide us your telegram link, with translated files/ links.


The managers of this campaign and author of this post are not part of the entity that makes up the team behind the project. Bounty managers are providing their services for tracking and evaluating participation in the campaign for the purpose of reporting results to the project's team. The bounty managers are not responsible for the issuance of the tokens and can not, in any event, be held liable for discrepancies caused by the authors of the project. The presence of bounty managers in this thread does not imply endorsement of the project that's utilizing the managers' services.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kangaexchange

Telegram https://t.me/KangaExchangeChat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kanga.exchange/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCUqNVt2jA8

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