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To participate you need a BSC wallet

Telegram � 10%
Twitter � 25%
Reddit � 15%
Blog � 20%
Youtube � 20%
Translation � 10%


* If a participant is found to be used ill-practice for any campaign. A participant will be disqualified.
* Participants using foul language/funds will be disqualified.
* If rules set out in these campaigns are not followed, the participants will not be rewarded accordingly and no negotiation will be entertained.
* Disqualified members will lose the entire coins earned and this is irrevocable.
* The disqualified member will not be informed. To review your status, please check the Status sheet.
* The coins will be distributed at the end of the bounty program.
* Submission of work must be provided via the submission form. It is mandatory and the only way for the work results in acceptance. Only submitted work in the submission form will be counted for stakes.
* You can keep your work post in this thread (optional) to ensure the bounty claims later along with all other details asked in the submission form (as proof of stakes).
* Submit the proof of authentication in the thread whatever campaign you are participating. It is a mandatory option.
* We will update the stakes [weekly].

Stakes will be paid depending on psts (at the start of the campaign).
5 posts per week: 1 stake
10 posts per week: 2 stake
15 posts per week: 3 stake
20 posts per week: 4 stake
25+ posts per week: 5 stake
1. You must join the telegram chat:
2. You should not just write messages, but conduct a dialogue with the participants of the project telegram chat.
3. You are not allowed to write a message about the bounty campaign in the chat
4. You should not have the name of another project in the profile name
5. Participants are prohibited from using any hashtags in the telegram chat!
6. Words of greeting "hi, hello, etc." and words of goodbye "bye, goodbye" are not counted
7. Once a week, you must send a report in the form


Stakes will be paid depending on friends/followers (at the start of the campaign).
100-300 Followers/Friends: 1 stake per week
301-1000 Followers/Friends: 2 stakes per week
1001-4000 Followers/Friends: 4 stakes per week
4001-10000 Followers/Friends: 5 stakes per week
10001+ Followers/Friends: 6 stakes per week


1. Join Telegram group here :
2. Each Participant should join the official
3. Minimum of 100 Follower only can join the Campaign
4. Report should be 5 minimum Retweet and 1 Tweet with the #JUMBLECASH #JUM #VR #CRYPTO
5. Tweet must be at least 50 characters summarizing the project
6. All report must be on time or else you will get 0
7. If you have no new postsfrom our official Twitter account, kindly make a short post about Jumble Cash and use all of our official hashtag.
8. Your privacy settings must be set to public so that we can check your work.

Stakes will be paid depending on karma (at the start of the campaign).
30-60 post karma/ comment karma : 1 stake per week
61-100 post karma/ comment karma : 2 stake per week
101-300 post karma/ comment karma : 3 stake per week
301+ post karma/ comment karma : 4 stake per week

1. We reserve the right to not consider your Reddit account eligible if you are extremely low quality/bot etc.
2. Your account must be at least 2 months old and have at least 50 posts or comment karma.
3. External posts should link to either the Jumble Cash website
4. Posts with negative karma will obviously not be accepted. Any kind of spam will not be rewarded either.
5. Your post must be made in one of the following subreddit: r/cryptomoonshots.
6. We will award tokens based on the quality of the post. This will be based on the quality of the content, a number of upvotes, karma and how many comments it generates etc. We may take other criteria into account.
7. Post must be at least 50 characters summarizing the project
8. You can complete a total of 4 posts per week. A maximum of 1 posts per day.
9. Low-quality contents will be denied without pay.
10. Join Telegram group

We divide all kinds of content, including articles, blog posts into 3 categories:

Excellent : 36 stakes
Very good : 24 stakes
Good : 12 stakes


1. You can use our official images, logos, graphics on our website.
2. Articles should contain at least 500 characters.
3. The article or description of the video should contain at least 1 link to our website. At least 1 link to your BTT profile should be indicated in the article or description of the video to prove your authorship.
4. Only 5 posts from one user are accepted on the blogging platforms, like "Medium", "Steemit", etc.
5. Articles must be interesting and aim to build this project.
6. Join telegram group:

Best Video: 72 stakes
Good Video: 48 stakes
Medium Video: 24 stakes
1. Join Telegram group
2. Video must be 2 minutes long.
3. Videos must include link to the official website in the description.
4. Must have your BitcoinTalk username in the description.
5. Video mustbe published on a crypto related YouTube channel with minimum 150 subscribers
6. Plagiarism or use of other's material will be considered as an invalid submission
7. We would accept any positive video about  Jumble Cash, not only about the ICO, but about the idea itself, use cases, benefits, ICO etc.
8. No more than two videos from one person

We offer a reward for translating the Website.

50 stakes for Website translation, this reservation is valid for 3 days.
50 stakes for Whitepaper, this reservation is valid for 7 days.

We offer to implement one or more of the following activities in any of the 24 languages listed below:

List of languages for translation:

Spanish, Italian, French, German, Korean, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese


1. Apply only if you are able to provide a high-quality translation in the requested language. Bad quality translations or Google Translate copy-paste will get you disqualified.
2.One person can reserve only one language.
3.You have 7 days to finish your translation from the moment we approve you. You will get disqualified if you don't respect the deadline.
4.A single post dead thread will get you disqualified and you may have a 50% penalty for very rare updates.
5.Any translation activity must include the following disclaimer in the English and in the language of the translation: This document is a translation of Jumble Cash original English language Bitcointalk thread. In the course of the translation, some of the information contained in the original document may have been lost, corrupted, or misrepresented. The accuracy of the translation cannot be guaranteed. In the event of any conflicts or inconsistencies between this translation and the official English Bitcointalk, the provisions of the English language original shall prevail.
6.You may reserve all four or just some of the activities in your language.
7.Priority consideration will be given to persons who:
already participated in the other bounty programs;
reserve all three activities;
8.Wait for your approval in green to begin the work.
9.Once you have registered to this campaign, please wait till we contact you. DO NOT start translation before you get our instructions!

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