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This bounty is powered by Crowdholding. The Crypto co-creation platform that has over 34k sign ups and 90 projects. To see more bounties, airdrops and tasks click here – https://www.crowdholding.com

For those who may have missed our previous tasks: Jarvis is a customizable financial hub, which is combining all blockchains, as well as off-chain financial solutions. To make this a reality, we are forming strategic partnerships with centralized and decentralized services, products and solutions.

For example, we�re teaming up with Celsius to bring our users a way to �HODL with benefits�. Celsius gives individuals the opportunity to earn high weekly interest rates on their crypto assets while maintaining the ability to withdraw at any time! When paired with Jarvis, this enables amazing features: imagine Bob is a trader, he can store all his assets with Celsius directly through his Jarvis wallet and every time he needs to take a trade, he can withdraw a small amount and continue to earn interest on the rest. Bob can also put all his profits in his Celsius account and earn additional revenue on that!

We are also currently partnering with Bancor, Daneel, and Blackmoon, to create a variety of use cases within Jarvis. Yet, in the blockchain and FinTech industry, there are thousands of projects, dApps, apps, and services – can you help us find the perfect matches for Jarvis?

What you need to do:

Give us the name of the app/ Dapp/ project/ service (web-site URL)

Give us a brief description

Tell us why do you think they could work well with Jarvis?

Looking for inspiration? We asked you for your crazy use cases ideas for Jarvis a while ago and perhaps these might help you. Think about the services you use every day, your favourite wallet, the Dapp you have used the most etc.

To participate :-

1. Sign into Crowdholding by clicking here – http://bit.ly/2BHPKWN

2. Respond to the questions above in the comment section of Crowdholding

3. Once the task has expired, tokens will be added to your Crowdholding profile. No need for spreadsheets!


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