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�The last 10 years has been a social experiment
that justified the relevance and necessity of blockchains
� Now it�s time for industry-ready blockchain solutions�

– Silur, Co-Founder, Head of Crypto Development at QAN blockchain platform

Connecting business and blockchain technology requires a blockchain platform of a new generation.
We at QANplatform are building a quantum-resistant,
energy efficient and fast platform that relies on a new consensus protocol: Proof-of-Randomness (PoR).


As seen in:
Forbes.com, Bitcoin.com, Yahoo Finance!, The Street, and many more


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Did you know it?
We uploaded our listing proposal on Binance DEX
We will launch an IEO on Q4 2019, at BitBay.net – the number 1 exchange in Europe!

Meet us in person:
Next roadshow station: Malta Al & Blockchain Summit (2019. NOV. 7-8)

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Every bit helps! Use your Binance account to vote for QAN at Binance DEX. Help us, and get some tokens along the way!

14. Binance DEX Commenter: reward 1.25 QARK
Comment on our listing proposal on Binance DEX. In addition to these extra tokens, the best comment will receive a hefty bonus!

15. Challenge Winner: reward 2 QARK
When you play, you play to win! You completed all of the available QAN Token Challenge achievements.

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