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Website www.ridenode.io
Registrar domain GoDaddy.com, LLC
Domain reg 2019-08-27
Domain exp 2020-08-27
Nameservers ns59.domaincontrol.com
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Welcome to RideNode's BOUNTY program – we have over $50 MILLION worth of RIDE tokens to give away!!!

Reddit � https://www.reddit.com/user/RideNode
Get RIDE tokens for unique posts on Reddit. Payouts are the following:
(1)   25 RIDEs for subscribing us
(2)   Up to 5000 RIDEs for creating quality posts (> 250 characters) � should contain the links for RideNode website and whitepaper

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ridenode.tokens
Get RIDE tokens for sharing our Facebook posts. You should have 500+ followers. Payouts are the following:
(1)   25 RIDEs for sharing our Facebook posts
(2)   Up to 5000 RIDEs for creating posts with #RideNode

Get RIDE tokens for creating quality videos. Payouts are the following:
(1)   10000 RIDEs for > 25k subscribers
(2)   25000 RIDEs for > 50k subscribers
(3)   50000 RIDEs for > 100k subscribers

Get RIDE tokens for creating articles. Payouts are the following:
(1)   Up to 10000 RIDEs for publishing articles > 400 words � should contain reference to RideNode website and whitepaper.
(2)   Bonus RIDEs for articles placed in top-tier publications (like Forbes, CoinDesk, etc)

Twitter – https://twitter.com/RideNode
Get RIDE tokens for retweeting our tweets. Payouts are the following:
(1)   25 RIDEs for retweeting our RideNode tweets
(2)   Extra 50 RIDEs for retweeting with #anti-Uber and #anti-Lyft

Telegram – @RideNode
Get RIDE tokens for posting messages about RideNodes. Payouts are the following:
(1)   50 RIDEs for joining our Telegram group
(2)   5000 RIDEs for posting at least one message a day in the group

Bitcointalk- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5193530.0
Post messages with a signature containing links to our website and whitepaper. Payouts are the following
(1)   Signatures � 5000 RIDEs per post � post at least 1 post a day
(2)   Rewards will vary according to you rank � bonus pay for higher ranks

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ridenode_tokens
Get RIDE tokens for posting pictures about RideNode � must have at least 500+ followers. The payouts are the following
(1)   500 RIDEs for each clip of Uber and/or Lyft strikes

Referral program
Get 10% of tokens for each referral to buy our RIDE tokens. For example, a referral of your purchases 100000 RIDEs, then get 10000 RIDEs for you.

Rules and Guidelines

(1)   To receive the referral bonus, your referred affiliate must send an email formatted as shown in (2) before making purchase.
(2)   No Auto Referral permitted, in which the referring party and their referral are the same person.
(3)   Each individual newly referred affiliate can only be referred once.
(4)   No spamming of any sort is allowed. Please do not spam your referral link.
(5)   Any attempts to cheat the system or not following the rules and guidelines could result in immediate account ban and lose funds.

How to join to be a Referrer:
(1)   To participate in the referral bonus program:
(a)   Like and follow the RideNode Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram page (This is important to ensure each person is a unique individual. No bots allowed)
(b)   Send an email to [email protected] in the following format
The email must contain the following to the format specified below

  • (a)   Your first name
    (b)   Your last name
    (c)   Your email address (Please make sure this is a working, valid email for receiving correspondence)
    (d)   You Facebook URL
    (e)   You ETH public address

All payouts will be done within 2 weeks (depending on the numbers) after the end of the Bounty campaign which ends October 29th, 2019.

For information regarding our generous Airdrop Reward program, please contact us directly at [email protected].


Twitter: https://twitter.com/RideNode

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ridenode.tokens

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/RideNode

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ridenode_tokens

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