[BOUNTY] Htccash (RAB) 5,000 Token for Share . Limited participate

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Bounty Will be open tomorrow

Huobi Token (HT) is the basic asset on the Huobi Ecological Chain (HECO). With the continuous development of the HECO ecosystem, a digital asset that anchors the issuance of HT will inevitably be needed to meet the growing demand for transactions.

▶ Wallet Guideline◀

You need a HECO wallet address to participate in Htccash Bounty, find the HECO address in Huobi Walletor or TokenPocket or Metamask (Also supports other HECO wallets) check tutorial How to Create HECO address in Tokenpocket

Note: you  Must have to use  Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) address, Any other addresses will not receive Bounty tokens.

▶Campaign Rules◀

1. All participants must join the Htccash Telegram Group and Bounty Telegram Group
2. Talking about the bounty program in the project chat group will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign and an instant ban from the company chat group. Please ask your bounty related questions in the Bounty group.
3. Using multiple accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. You will be Banned from the bounty Campaign immediately and all of your accounts will be banned permanently.
4. KYC is not required for the bounty campaign. However, the project team has the rights to require KYC for suspicious cases.
5. The bounty manager and the project team reserve the right to make changes to the conditions at any time.
6. DT Trust Account Not Accepted For Bounty Campaign  
7. All participants must post a proof of Authentication to join this bounty.


Bounty Campaign starts from January 12th, 2021 and will Run Estimated 4 weeks

Week 1: 12.01/21-18.01.21
Week 2: 19.01/21-25.01.21
Week 3: 26.01/21-01.02.21
Week 4: 03.02/21-09.02.21

Total bounty reward 5,000 RAB
Twitter – 40%
Telegram – 15%
Youtube – 20%
Article – 25%

▶Campaign Rules◀
1. Every participant must follow the Htccash official Twitter
2. Twitter account must have 1000+ followers and must be original (85% in Twitter audit).
3. User must Retweet 3 tweets from the Htccash  Twitter
4. Create at least 3 unique tweets about the HtcCash project per week, using these hashtags #HTCCASH #HTC #DEFI #HECO #HuobiEcochain
5. Submit weekly report in bounty thread Every week. Report should be submitted during current week. must make new post every week. do not edit old one.
6. Total number of participates: 200 max.


1000+ followers: 2 stake/week
3000+ followers: 3 stakes/week
5000+ followers: 6 stakes/week
10,000+ followers: 12 stakes/week

▶Campaign  Rules◀
1. You must join  theHtccash Telegram Group and stay till the campaign ends.
2. If you ask any bounty related question on the main chat you will be banned from the campaign.
3. Join the Bounty group to ask bounty related questions.
4. Don't spam ask only constructive questions and help others.
5. Add Add Avatar  and add your Telegram name|https://www.htc.cash/
6. make 3 post on Htccash Official Group about (RAB Token, Token Future ) And make 3 post on another crypto related group
7. Total number of participates: 200 max.


1. 5 Stake for joining Campaign
2. 10 Stake for Add Avatar & Name
3. 1 Stake For Every constructive post

◀Campaign  Rules▶
1. Articles should be original and unique with a minimum of 500 words.
2. Don't copy website about us section, details and whitepaper and other official staffs. Create your own words.
3. Article founds plagarize
d will get 0 stakes.
4. Max 2 article per person. You can use your own blog website or medium, steemit, and other blogging platform.
5. Article topic must be about the HTCcash (RAB) Project.
6. Article must contain 3 images related the project, link to the Website, telegram group.
7. You must put your Bitcointalk Username on the bottom of the article.
8.Write about the Htccash and HuobiEcochain, and then add tags   #HTCCASH #HTC #DEFI #HECO #HuobiEcochain


Extra High Quality : 70 Stakes
High Quality: 50 stakes
Medium Quality: 30 stakes
Low Quality 10 ststakes

▶Campaign  Rules◀
1. Video must be original and made by you.
2. Your video must be 2 min long and must be uploaded to Youtube.
3. Your video must have 100 views minimum. Or it will be disqualified.
4. Max 2 video per person is allowed.
5. Video description must have the website link, telegram group link.
6. You must put your Bitcointalk Username on the video description.
7.HECO and HTCCASH must be mentioned in the video. Heco as the ecological chain of Huobi. include HECOchain official website and HTCCASH official website are also shown in the video. HTCCASH is the first algorithmic stable coin anchored to HT, which has a great future.    #HTCCASH #HTC #DEFI #HECO #HuobiEcochain

Extra High Quality : 70 Stakes
High Quality: 50 stakes
Medium Quality: 30 stakes
Low Quality 10 stakes

Disclaimer : I�m campaign manager and not a part of the project�s team. My responsibility is to manage all of the campaigns, check the quality of submissions/posts that made by the participants, evaluate the results and report it to the project�s team. I�m not responsible for any promotional things that made by the project�s team beside the all campaigns I�m managing. You could contact the team directly if you have any technical question regarding the projects.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HtcCashofficial

Telegram https://t.me/HTC_CASH

Github: https://github.com/HT-ANCHOR-CASH

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