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Website honeypod.org
Registrar domain Google Inc.
Domain reg 2018-10-29
Domain exp 2019-10-29
Nameservers jay.ns.cloudflare.com
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** It's a Bounty of 8 weeks, Start 01/30/2019. GOOD LUCK ALL PARTICIPANTS!
*** Spreadsheets will be posted within 24hours.

You can translate our ANN thread on Bitcointalk forum (or if it doesn't have a section, post it on Bitcoingarden forum with the same username.)

Translation of the ANN thread: 40 shares.
Translation of the Whitepaper: 400 shares.

To get a reward:

  • Any use of translation tools is prohibited.
  • In the case of no moderation of the thread, you will not be eligible to participate.
  • Posts related to spam, flood, off topic will not be counted.
  • Translations posted in the wrong section will not be counted.

 We�ll pay only for high-quality translations!

The form to post on this thread:

Required: Once the job is complete, post the link on the thread.

Link to the reserved translations Spreadsheet:

A). Articles CAMPAIGN:
We will be happy to appraise your creativity and the desire to present the information in text or graphic form, and we give you the opportunity to do this!

You will get 10, 20, 30 or 50 shares for an article Review, depending on the quality, uniqueness and distribution of your content.

To get a reward:

  • The article should contain more than 500 words.
  • The article should have graphic materials (images) and 2-3 links to http://honeypod.org/
  • Unique content (information from ANN is not counted).
  • Articles reviews should be on any website, open to anyone.
  • 3 Articles MAXIMUM per user participant.

*To recognize you as the author, please indicate your username on the bitcointalk forum at the end of the article.

The form to post on this thread:

B). Youtube CAMPAIGN:


  100-300 subscribers – 40 shares
   300-500 subscriners – 50 shares
   500-700 subscribers – 100 shares
   700-1000 subscribers – 200 shares
   1000- xxxxx subscribers – 900 shares.

To get a reward:

  • The Video must be created by you.
  • Your title must include the words "Honeypod" " and "HNY"
  • Only accounts with at least 100 subscribers are allowed
  • You must have at least 20 views before being accepted.
  • The video should talk about the Honeypod project positively.
  • I will attribute the shares to the quality videos, a perfect quality of the sound and the image are required.

The form to post on this thread:

oogle form for the approved articles/Youtube reviews:

100-300 subscribers – 2 shares/week.
300-700 subscribers – 4 shares/week.
700-1200 subscribers – 8 shares/week.
More than 1200 subscribers – 10 shares/week.

To get a reward:

  • Subscribe to the Honeypod Twitter.
  • You must have at least 100 subscribers.
  • You need to make 5 retweets (and 5 likes per week.)
  • No more than 2 retweets each day.
  • Make 3 tweets per week about Honeypod It must link to http://honeypod.org/ (NO OTHER LINK) , contain related hashtag(s).
  • Twitter audit should be more than 85% of real subscribers, most of them have to be people interested in cryptocurrency. https://www.twitteraudit.com/

The membership form to post on this thread:  You can publish the form and then modify it, no manual verification will be done, you have to provide all the links.

Link to the Twitter Campaign Spreadsheet:  

We publish news and updates on our Facebook page and will be grateful for your activity.

100-300 friends – 2 shares/week.
300-700 friends – 4 shares/week.
700-1200 friends – 8 shares/week.
More than 1200 friends – 10 shares/week.

All must be published in public, and friends must be visible if not you will not be rewarded.

Like of each post (text/image/video).
Repost of each post (text/image/video).

To get a reward:

  • To participate, you must like Honeypod Facebook page
  • You must have more than 100 real friends.
  • No more than 2 Shares each day.
  • Share 5 publications per week.  (+likes)
  • Make 3 posts per week about Honeypod (HNY).

The membership form to post on this thread: You can publish the form and then modify it, no manual verification will be done, you have to provide all the links.

    Link to the Facebook Campaign Spreadsheet:  

    10 shares per valid participation.

    To get a reward:

    • Join Honeypod Telegram Group
    • stay active throughout the week. 10 messages Minimum Throughout the week. (Will be counted as 2 maximum per day) DO NOT LIMIT TO 10 MESSAGES/WEEK.
    • Only one telegram account per BitcoinTalk user is allowed

    (To copy the link of your telegram message: right click on your message then click on copy the link)

    The membership form to post on this thread:  You can publish the form and then modify it, no manual verification will be done, you have to provide all the links.

    [/list]Link to the Telegram campaign Spreadsheet:  

    Junior  Member/Member: 25 shares.
    Full Member: 30 shares.
    Senior Member: 40 shares.
    Hero Member: 60 shares.
    Legendary Member: 70 shares.

    Bonus of 10 shares if you put the Honeypod avatar as a profile picture.

    To get a reward:

    • Fill out the mini-form below and post it on this topic.
    • No red trust and do not have a bad reputation.
    • Make at least 20 posts per week.
    • Set a signature according to your rank when you post the request. If not eliminated in advance. (If you do not appear in the spreadsheet 24 hours after requesting it means you are denied.)

    The membership form to post on this thread:

    Signature codes



    Jr. Member


    Full Member

    Senior Member

    Hero / Legendary

    Google form for the Bitcointalk Signature Campaign:  

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gethoneypod

    Telegram https://t.me/honeypod

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gethoneypod

    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/honeypod/

    Medium: https://medium.com/@honeypod

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