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Hello dear crypto community. Here is little introduction before Bounty part.


With Ethereum extreme fees gas crisis that was initiated by Decentralized exchanges, we should find new ways to move forward. On Uniswap average transaction right now about $10 000 (with gas fee $40), so we move all our liquidity with GREEN Tokent to QuickSwap exchange (that has same interface, that can be accesed by MetaMask), that works on Matic Network (second layer of Ethereum), where exchange gas fee is about ($0.00009).

Bounty Part

We made
–> Telegram Wallet for GREEN Tokens <–
with multi-level referral rewards
(and send option between Telegram Users).
one-time Signup Bonus 50 GREEN Tokens

After setup Get your personal link inside your wallet, to invite Telegram users.

–> for each referred user you will get 50 GREEN Tokens

Multi-level rewards
level 1) for each referral invited by your referral you will get additional 10 GREEN Tokens
Once we reached 100+ users in our Telegram Referral Wallet Bot we will open new level reward
level 2) for each referral invited by users from first level you will get 5 GREEN Tokens
Once we reached 1000+ users in our Telegram Referral Wallet Bot we will open new level rewards
level 3) for each referral invited by users from second level you will get 1 GREEN Token

Withdrawal option to blockchain available in manual mode from 500 GREEN Tokens to Matic Network by request.

How to use Matic Network and its exchange for ERC-20 Tokens you may find here.

Green Token contract addresses:
Ethereum – 0x5e68801a5dda8671051006eb2920ffe9cd553544
Matic – 0x8a4001fd666be272605c56bb956d11a46200db81

Trading stats here.

For first 10 users, that will leave their wallet ID in this topic (you may find inside Telegram Wallet Bot, balance button, should contain only digits),
we will send additional 100 GREEN Tokens.
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