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Although free PAQs are reserved for YouTubers maintaining channels, I'm making exceptions at the nascent stage so to garner tentative support from YouTubers in embracing YuT�.Co.in.

Below the fold is an email for yous to blast to YouTubers via their email address often found on their channel's About page. The only course of actions by the YouTubers is to either ignore it or follow through by visiting http://yutu.co.in/lynspinz-signup/.

You will earn PAQs according to the following schedule found on the White Paper – http://yutu.co.in/wp-content/uploads/White-Paper.pdf – as YouTubers join the platform:

Per the White Paper, Lynspinz will be issued a number of PAQs based on their channel subscriber count at the time of verification, at the following rates:

0 � 99 Subscribers: 2 PAQs
100 � 499 Subscribers: 3 PAQs
500 � 1,999 Subscribers: 4 PAQs
2,000 � 4,999 Subscribers: 5 PAQs
5,000 � 9,999 Subscribers: 6 PAQs
10,000 � 24,999 Subscribers: 7 PAQs
25,000 � 49,999 Subscribers: 8 PAQs
50,000 � 99,999 Subscribers: 9 PAQs
Over 100,000 Subscribers: 10 PAQs

In case you missed it, each PAQ is fully capable of [virtually] mining 1 share exactly every 2 minutes, with each share worth no less than $0.01 (1 cent; 1 US penny) when trading on our exchange, YTC-Sox.

That equates to no less than $7.20 per day per PAQ over the course of slightly less than 3 years.

Doing the math, for each YouTuber who has over 100K subscribers and joins YuT�.Co.in using your referral code, you'll earn no less than $72 per day. Some of them yAltcoins could easily trade north of $1.00 per share. I let you do the math from there on out.

The following is the email that you'll send to YouTubers:

<Subject Line>

ZERO Fees for YouTubers on NEW Patreon Alternative

<Body of Text>

Introducing YuT�bopolis, Inc.'s YuT�.Co.in: Empowering and Re-monetizing YouTubers via Crypto-commoditization. A crypto ecosystem for YouTubers and their fans.

If a zero-fee Patreon-like blockchain platform for YouTubers doesn't appeal to you, then simply delete this email.

But if we piqued your interest, kindly peruse our non-technical White Paper – http://yutu.co.in/wp-content/uploads/White-Paper.pdf – and accompanied website's Home Page (http://yutu.co.in).

After reading and still interested in augmenting your coffer, head on over to http://yutu.co.in/lynspinz-signup/ and fill out the simple form using the referral code PLACE YOUR CODE HERE in showing your non-committal support.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.


YuT�bopolis, Inc. (a Wyoming corporation)

PS: Please use the referral code PLACE YOUR CODE HERE when filling out the form: http://yutu.co.in/lynspinz-signup/.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you include your referral code IN BOLD twice, depicted as PLACE YOUR CODE HERE; the second and last usage of YuT�bopolis, Inc. is also in bold (as depicted); and the term non-committal is in italics (as depicted).

Please PM me if wishing to participate in this lucrative referral program, whereupon I'll give you an email address so to send me the email outlined above in making sure that you're sending as designed. I'll also will ask for your referral code of choice or I will provide you with one.

Participants will list on this thread the names (not email addresses) of YouTube channels you've personally contacted so to eliminate double-sends as much as possible. No harm if a few overlaps occur, but I'll document alphabetically all YouTubers who've been sent emails to deter double-sends as much as possible.

Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns.



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