[BOUNTY] Deposit and Trade using Tokens from Incognito Wallet

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🔥🔥🔥Voting Token 🔥🔥🔥
Incognito being a privacy chain is immensely suitable as a voting token in place of actual as voting is sacred and anonymous voting ensures that it is fair
For those who are not sure please refer to the video

1. Members need to post their Incognito wallet or if they have not had it, install from at

2. Members will be given 100K either VOTEYes or VOTENo.

3. Deposit by clicking on PDEX -> Deposit.

4. Trade VOTEYes to VOTENo and vice versa.

5. Take a screenshot of the change,and post at the telegram group above with the wallet number,another 100K will be given to members.

We believe we are the first to implement voting in privacy tokens. A trading pair Voteyes/Voteno is specially created for this.

This is not just in theory. Members with company or any real voting can allow us to test for real.


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