Bounty campaign for Lillup, a new vision of Cognitive Era

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New Ways of Learning powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

What is the solution in terms of technology and business model? What problem does it tackle?
4th Industrial Revolution is shaking up the N.B.I.C technological landscape, and introduces profound societal mutations affecting disruption in the field of employment, way of working and learning.
(N) Nanotechnology (B) Biotechnology (I) Information Technology (C) Cognitive Science
LILLUP designed the first Ecosystem of the Knowledge Society, an unique solution combining artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.
Focusing on values of openness, heterogeneity and connectivity, this digital workplace allows the company to Manage they Human Capital and Individuals their employability.

Timeline since 2014
White Paper https://[Suspicious link removed]/2GE1mxi

Fiduciary to manage funds raised.
Presentation of LILLUP at A.M.F (French Financial Market Authority) on 15th January. As we target the french ICO Passport (legal framework ongoing since 2018 and postponed for implementation) who only could be delivered in June/July 2019, Private sale End is postponed till end of August 2019.

Social Media Disclaimer
We ask that you�re respectful in your comments. We reserve the right to remove anything we deem :
Abusive or personal attacks
Material that is unlawful, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, slanderous, hateful or embarrassing to any other entity
Third party advertising
Chain letters or �spam�
We also reserve the right to terminate involvement by users who post such content.

We start the bounty campaign with Twitter, after Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Medium.


Help us spread the world about LILLUP and we will reward your contributions to this mission.  In this LILLUP Twitter Bounty Program, hunters are awarded Token for tweeting and retweeting about LILLUP  (tweets must be recent tweets) Lillup twitter account: @LillupWorkplace
1 Lillup Token = 0.01� at ITO price
Twitter Reward for Tweets:
●   More than >250 Followers – 10 Tokens per retweet + like
●   More than >750 Followers – 40 Tokens per retweet + like
●   More than >1500 Followers – 80 Tokens per retweet + like
●   More than>2000 Followers – 160 Tokens per retweet + like
●   More than >10,000 Followers – 320 Tokens per retweet + like
All participants must follow our official Twitter account.
All participants must use hashtag : #NewWaysOfLearning #LifeLongLearning #HumanCapital #Lillup #Ampersand #ArtificialIntelligence  #Blockchain #DigitalTransformation #futureofwork

●   Accounts with fake followers will be disqualified (we audit using Twitter audit must be equal to or better than 90% (
●   Maximum 10 submissions for the first round (until end of march).
●   Hunters must retweet AND like the original tweet (tweets must not be older than 2019).
●   It is mandatory to use our hashtags (#Lillup) on the corresponding tweets that you do.
●   MUST use the handle �@LillupWorkplace�,  the link �� or the link of our White Paper https://[Suspicious link removed]/2GE1mxi
●   Hunters must continue to like Lillup and keep their tweets and retweets up until the end of the campaign.
●   Tweets should be spread across the whole week (do not do everything in 1 day).
●   Tweets should be constructive and not simply spam. Spam is 100% prohibited and spammers will be disqualified. We want high quality ambassadors.
●   You have to like our tweets from your account. We will check every participant to make sure their Twitter account is genuine.
●   Your Twitter account must be mainly about Token utility, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Technology, Edtech, Lifelong Learning, Human Capital, Future of Work, digital transformation…
●   Each The Twitter account should be at least 5 months old.
●   Only 1 account is allowed per person
●   Must be following Lillup's Twitter page
●    Create 5 unique tweets with relevant hashtags (#Lillup  #ArtificialIntelligence #ampersand #blockchain etc) per week  
●   Retweet Lillup tweets at least 5x per week
●   Hunters may not refer to Lillup as an investment opportunity (SEC Compliance) since it is a utility token, not a security.
●   Hunters may not use terminology such as: "return on investment" or "Increase of __X" and Coin (it�s an Initial Token Offering so no coin)
●   Hunters should not talk about exchanges or price speculation.
●   Regarding to the E.U law, you must be of age to participate (18 years old min.)
●   Must be your real name on twitter, NO ALIAS
●   Token payment will be billed
●   Will not reward to suspended Twitter accounts.
Submission Instructions
●   Connect your Twitter account.
●   Start tweeting, tweets are tracked automatically.
●   IMPORTANT: *ONLY* tweets that include @LillupWorkplace AND #Lillup in them will be tracked.


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