BOUNTY by ★ Signature Campaign ★ Member Onwards

Bounty Manager: AOL –
Jr. Member
Registrar domain Gandi SAS
Domain reg 2020-02-01
Domain exp

Campaign Start Date: June 06, 2020

Campaign End Date: June 30, 2020

Payment Chart :-

Member: 3 CPD per post

Full Member: 4 CPD per post

Sr. Member: 5 CPD per post

Hero Member: 6 CPD per post

Legendary: 7 CPD per post

Allocation will be made directly to your Development and Marketing Balance in by July 2, 2020, which will be sent automatically to your registered Ethereum address on CPD Token Genesis Distribution day, i.e. January 3, 2021.

Campaign Rules :-

1. Only Member, Full Member, Sr. Member, Hero Member & Legendary users are allowed to participate.

2. Minimum number of posts to be made within campaign period is 10.

3. Maximum number of posts to be made within campaign period is 1000.

4. Users with Trust Flag are NOT allowed to participate.

5. If you get banned, get flagged, remove signature or violate any rule, you may be disqualified.

Those, who will be paid, will be in our List of Participants in the following post in this thread.

How to Participate :-

1. Create an account for free at (Please use proper Ethereum address that you are going to use. You will not be able to change it later.)

2. Post the following details here…
a. User ID of
b. User Name
c. Total Post Count
d. Forum Rank
e. Ethereum Address that you have used to sign up at

3. Wear the following signature code…

Member / Full Member – Spot Open (Max: 10)

Sr. Member / Hero Member / Legendary – Spot Open (Max: 10)

Disclaimer: After creating this campaign, I approached on Telegram to run a Signature Campaign on BitcoinTalk. But, as they have no presence over here, they gave me the responsibility to create one. Hence, I have created this campaign.


Created by Neekel

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