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Get ready for the BitcoinBOSS 1st BOUNTIE CHALLENGE! Stay tuned to the announcement on 20.6.20 when we will announce the free distribution of
1/50.000 BITCOIN BOSS-The whole premine
2/the full BOSS TOKEN supply
stay tuned on bitcointalk-discord-twitter



BOSS standing for Blockchain Operative System Series is a new Linux distribution written in scratch based on ubuntu core with important changes, highly improved security and the default incorporation of blockchain services and support for cryptocurrencies.We have modified the original standards to transform it into a very useful tool for the entire bitcoin community consisting of an interesting combination of security, manageability, speed and performance. It can be used on any x64 X86 machine simply after installation. BOSS enabled programs have been manually compiled to optimize results VS app installations.
Another of our advantages is the portability and the minimum weight of the files. BOSS achieves a high degree of privacy in your internet sessions while granting you the highest degree of control over your computer. Windows users are tired of the surprises that this operating system, a multitude of viruses, and NOT expected upgrades and it's consecuences. Manageability is brilliant at BOSS. Everything is prepared so that you have a pleasant experience and without surprises. The installation of packages is done in a simple and automatic way, with Debian package installer. Of course BOSS has the latest utilities and programs that MAC or Windows have installed. With BOSS you can listen to music, watch videos, surf the Internet, open and manage files, etc.  BOSS takes up very little space and can be downloaded via torrent or direct download through our mirrors. BOSS has concentrated a large operating system in a super small space of less than 1 GB, which puts us at the forefront among the lightest and safest distributions as leaders in relation to gb-installed applications. Our goal is , Without haste but without pause and without neglecting our principles,to achieve recognition as an essential Linux distribution pioneer in te incorporation of blockchain systems to default aplications


It has been more than a decade since the physical birth of cryptocurrencies, although the idea is over 50 years old. The future will undoubtedly be governed by blockchain systems and governments, banks and corporations are already taking positions in this regard. BOSS is not far behind, we believe that a bitcoin wallet, for example, is a necessary tool installed by default on any system, as well as accessibility to other products should be easy and fast. BOSS has installed by default a Bitcoin wallet ady to use even in its Live version.Another of our advances is the incorporation of Atomic wallet, for the storage and trading of more than 300 coins. Coin storage in BOSS as a cold wallet takes up even less space than other hardware devices and has even more advantages. Access to conventional coin storage devices is threatened by their use in environments already manipulated by hackers. With BOSS persistent you will never have that issue.Now you can start mining several different assets to the same wallets installed on your pc. We have prepared an interesting variety of CPU-GPU miners for all tastes and hashes. Now it is possible to mine even if it has not been done previously. For even more in-depth development of the blockchain applications included in BOSS operating systems, you have your own version of bitcoin PoW PoS mining: BitcoinBOSS. Our own blockchain that is enhanced with BOSS token erc20


There are many ways that a hacker can approach you, random attacks but on occasions, possible bitcoin holders are located that focus the attention of these attackers. Surely you would have noticed the multitude of ads related to bitcoin, investments, that you find on youtube, you did not ask for it but it is there.  So at the time of the attacks some succeed due to poor configurations and complete neglect of security. Many simply believe that a great antivirus can solve the problem but it is a serious error, which criminals take advantage of.BOSS incorporates a complex active-passive security system that is in charge of controlling various parameters to find hidden processes or intrusions in your system. Another weak point of easy access for hacker attacks, such as automatic updates, has been modified so that the user can carry out his updates when he deems necessary and under monitoring. The elevated privileges allow you not only to modify the system, they also allow you to quickly act on files that are prohibited from accessing other operating systems.


MAC address Spoofing privacy + from BOSS. Every time you log in to your BOSS computer, you are doing so with a different MAC address. Privacy thus reaches its highest degrees by making MAC-TRACK impossible. The elevated privileges are once again the joker that increases your privacy by allowing you to delete the GEO-IP id data on your computer. Privacy is guaranteed with the activation of TOR in the private browser windows of the Brave browser.


BOSS has achieved maximum performance in a really small space. BOSS takes up very little space and can be downloaded via torrent or direct download through our mirrors. BOSS has concentrated a large operating system in a super small space of less than 1 GB, which puts us at the forefront among the lightest and safest distributions as leaders in relation to gb-installed applications.  If you miss an application or simply want to add more apps to your BOSS, it is ready to install a large number of applications that you can find in the snapstore. Installing debian .deb files and packages is so fast with gdebi that it opens these packages just like a windows executable file .exe.


BOSS installation is simple and guided using the ubiquity installer and depending on the performance of your system it can take between 15-30 minutes in normal circumstances. Download BOSS now and enjoy a high level of performance, security and privacy in an enviable small space. BOSS can be tested after installation, fully or partially installed on your system, together with windows or your favorite operating system. BOSS is installed on a bootable USB that boots it in a few minutes on other computers without having to delete the current installation. BOSS can be used without even installing it through our LIVE edition. BlockStation has been designed and produced without any profit motive and is and always will be free. With a little help from the community we can achieve more goals and create the operating system that cannot be missing in any home, office or business.


BOSS is an excellent file recovery tool. The combination of B

OSS tools and its elevated privileges allow you to access areas hidden or inaccessible. Simply use BOSS live to freely rescue files from the laptop where the BOSS USB is inserted. Recover Bitcoin pharaphrases or .DAT files easyer and faster than other recovery programs simply by acceding to the filesystem where BOSS usb is inserted.


BOSS V01-LTS Available now for download at sourceforge.




Using BOSS as removable OS is recommended if you do not want to install the system. For this our team recommends the use of persistent USB where your session is recorded and ready for the next login, find everything as you left it. BOSS makes available to its users the delivery of these persistent USB devices worldwide via regular mail or messaging. The flat rate of our installation on the USB and shipping to the user is USD 20 to which we must add the shipping costs in the options selected by the user. Please check with our team to process your shipment while this process is automated on our website.
Order now your BOSS or a even more customized BOSS with your company requirements, logo etc. We deliver in CD, USB or SD card in your selected size from  minimal 4GB, however 16GB and above are recommended. BOSS ''official'' LIVE OS will surely provide you with a safer computing vision overall.


is the 100 x 100 alternative proposal of the Block-chain Operating System Series BOSS to return the illusion of mining a coin with prospects to all users from our operating system or any other. We have created a new coin by cloning scrypt pow-pos algo. The transactions are fast and secure and the rewards to the staking period are quite interesting. There are few details that we can give now about the future of BOSS, we are now facing a release and we are going to set a period of 1-3 months to launch a definitive road-map, the development of BitcoinBOSS runs proportionally to that of our operating system and both are in very early stages of development. Premine will be 100 x 100 used to pay development bounties as for free-rolls we have our ERC20 token  Wink Without a doubt we hope to reach the desks of many users and be mined in different parts of the planet, we have installed miners so that you can mine from the first moment. BitcoinBOSS is our first foray into the development of clones of the bitcoin base code We hope to be doing periodic code reviews and mandatory updates, please stay tuned to the information channels to avoid mining in forked chains. Bitcoin BOSS is also an open door for developers wanting to join our team and its different sections, both in the development of the currency, and in the applications, although our main project is the development of secure, useful operating systems that guarantee privacy. of the user. We focus our main development and basically on the blockchain environment and its different variants and our own token seemed like a great idea. Due to the circumstances of the markets today our team has prepared the distribution of a free token swap for BitcoinBOSS holders, with this we intend to expand the number of exchanges where you can buy and sell BitcoinBOSS and at the same time reduce the amount of coins in circulation BitcoinBoss holders will receive free BOSS tokens in a 100:1 ratio during the PoW-PoS transition.


BOSS is, and always will be, free download software. The maintenance not only of domains, servers are expenses that have to run from our pockets. BitconBOSS development is also directly related to the number of donations, we all want a great exchange, but they charge amounts sometimes out of reach in a normal pocket. Undoubtedly, it is not money that motivates us to develop free software, obviously, but a donation in recognition of the work done and its value helps and motivates BOSS developers. We seriously need coffee.
BTC: bc1qkf4h82trgnnu28kwpx2szh5wyhh7p50p829rvf
BCH: qrefyg50gfztr83ej53jfyf00p7cdvmp9gs4r86s0e
BSV: 19R7q5WxivorpbGn4ykasumgEVkHjWFtBK
DAI: 0x62333FeA4Bf1cf681F5413d607c1c7B0E2C7C7B2
DASH: XdNBKz3rzULbxPQqtvbd6zahhE31sSjNdA
ETH: 0x62333FeA4Bf1cf681F5413d607c1c7B0E2C7C7B2
LTC: Lff8qhi7HHVkTMZeU3hfiMoN41wkEnEJky
USDT: 0x62333FeA4Bf1cf681F5413d607c1c7B0E2C7C7B2
XRP: rG5hhPrLW6NqUJCjj6kd3uTto6C7iyAp1S
DOGE: DR6pGhexTXpn7Hv4AVWpgtcTX1kD2bbJp6
BOSS  Bnr2DMYwatpaT6ZMN2AY3KexhUNGd3FXtj


Mine BitcoinBoss at SALTPOOL
Australian Mining Pool
Payouts are made automatically every 1 hour for all balances above 0.01 every day.
Stratum settings:
-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.saltpool.net:3441 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> -p c=BOSS

pool  BitcoinBOSS  https://smithpool.net
conf for miners (-a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.smithpool.net:3337 -u yourwalletaddress -p c=BOSS)
example -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum.smithpool.net:3337 -u yourwalletaddress -p c=BOSS,d=65000  or whatever you want
block explorer http://smithpool.net/explorer/BOSS


Twitter: https://twitter.com/systems_boss

Github: https://github.com/bossgit1/bitcoinboss
Discord: https://discord.gg/2VkWBbY

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