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Short Introduction

The Hustle App is designed to reward you for participating in fitness and staying healthy. Earn bonus token rewards for helping others to stay fit & healthy through group fitness and exercise. The App includes a built in wallet and token transfer to convert HUSL Tokens to BTC, ETH. or USD.

It�s a TOTALLY FREE app with no memberships or fees of any kind All you need to do is participate.
The App can connect you with like-minded people. Multiple smart watch platforms are available. This inspires motivation through group fitness and support. You also have the option to be connected with professional athletes, professional trainers and healthy food providers to assist you with your training & diet in order to attain your goals.

Bonus Structure for HUSL IEO
Round 1 IEO : 50 million tokens, 50% bonus at 0.06 usd.
Round 2 IEO : 50 million tokens, 30% bonus at 0.08 usd.
Round 3 IEO : 50 million tokens, 10% bonus at 0.10 usd.

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Bounty Details

We have  allocated 45,000,000 HUSL  (~$2700,000 USD) to this bounty campaign!
This bounty campaign has fixed token rewards and will run  ( 7/10/2019 � 15/12/2019 )
All rewards will be distributed shortly after Bounty Ended.

This bounty campaign consists of the following 4 bounties:
– Telegram Bounty 15,000,000 HUSL
– Twitter Bounty 15,000,000 HUSL
– YouTube Bounty 7,500,000 HUSL
– Content Creation Bounty 7,500,000 HUSL

General Rules

1.  All participants must join HUSL Telegram Chanel Group Chat and Bounty Discusion
2. To participate in a bounty, fill out the corresponding Google Form under each bounty to submit proof of the work.
3.  Using fake/multiple accounts, spamming, or plagiarizing content is prohibited and will result in a disqualification.
4. Publish a Proof of Authentication in this Bounty Program thread with the following format:

#Proof of Authentication
Your telegram username: @xxx
Which Campaign You Joined (?)



1.   Stay in the HUSL Telegram Chanel    And HUSL Telegram Group
2.   Actively participate in discussions on telegram group until the end of the campaign.
3.   You need to make at least 5 comments a week. Ask a question about the HUSL, comment on some aspects of the project or talk about other relevant things.
4.   Comments such as "hi", "good project", "very good" and similar will not be counted.
5.   Send your activity report on this thread and fill the Form

Rewads 5 stake/week


1.Follow HUSL on Twitter
2.Like , Retweet with minimum 2x/week and add #HUSL #HustleToken #IEO #Ethereum #Blockchain
3.You need to make your own post at least 3 post/week and add #HUSL #HustleToken #IEO #Ethereum and http://hustletoken.org/
4.Send your activity report on this thread and fill the Form

Rewads Distribution
100 Followers � 350 Followers = 5 Stake
351 Followers � 750 Followers = 10 Stake
751 Followers � 1000 Followers = 15 Stake
More 1000 Followers 20 Stake



1. Videos must have at least 1000 views until the end of  bounty.
2. The quality check will be based on youtube statistics and socialblade.
3. You don't have to fake subscribers and views!
4. YouTube accounts must have at least 500 subscribers, the video must be at least 3 minutes long,
and must be good quality. The video description must be a minimum of 50 words long and link that point to HUSL website and IEO Link .
5. Send your activity report on this thread and fill the Form
Rewads Ditributions
Low Quality = 0 Stake
Medium Quality = 5 Stake
High Quality = 10 Stake



1.Article must have Anchor text/hyper link th
at point to HUSL website and IEO Link
2.Only allow one submission on the free platform [Medium or Steemit] and the other Top Level Domain
3.The content must be a minimum of 500 words long ( 2 submision / person ).
4( English , Russian , Chinnes , Korean And Melayu )
5.Ony Originality more then 65% will get paid
6.Send your activity report on this thread and fill the Form

Rewads Ditributions
Low Quality = 0 Stake
Medium Quality = 5 Stake
High Quality = 10 Stake

Hustle Token

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheHustleToken

Telegram https://t.me/HustleToken

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