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SuperBid founders challenge marketing standards οΏ½ $20,000 community award

The SuperBid team would like to invite you to participate in a 10 Ethereum + 1 Ethereum ($20,000 at the time of this writing) community oriented competition. The original idea for this initiative was proposed by our founders, Wojciech Sobczuk and Patrick Gajda. They strongly believe the potential of cryptocurrency as a whole οΏ½ Bitcoin was invented in part to give power back to the people. Instead of funding our marketing campaign solely through centralized marketing firms, we would like to spread the word about SuperBid through you, our community and investors. We are flipping the script. We wonοΏ½t allow our community, investors, or team members to be taken advantage of by entities which claim to have the key to making our project succeed. No, we know now that this is up to us, and all of you. Welcome to our biggest competition yet.


Tell or show us what you like about SuperBid! First, write or post a video about us on any social media channel (Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, TikTok, etc.). Next, share with your friends and network to spread the word!


Whoever manages to get the highest number of impressions (likes, views, comments, shares, etc.) on their post will win 10 Ethereum.

The person that referred the winner and also participated in the challenge will receive a 1 Ethereum bonus.

🌄 Stake – 430% APY 🌄

Stake your SUPERBID offchain without LOCKING and FEE.
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