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BNS Token – One Token for Everything

BNS brings you the power to spend your cryptocurrency funds for bill payments, shopping, banking, and even international remittances. And that � is just the beginning.

What is BNS?

BNS is an upcoming multi-protocol utility token by Bitbns – India's largest Cryptocurrency Exchange, which aims at enabling general masses to use cryptocurrency just like they use FIAT currency in day-to-day transactions. Beyond founding the basic utility of a cryptocurrency as money, BNS would also be capable of being used in complex operations like Banking, Loan Disbursals, Cryptocurrency Investments, and more.

Why BNS?

Transactions made via BNS would always be instant. Our conversion algorithms are right in place and ensure instant transactions is exactly what you experience.

Offline and Online
Internet is vast, but it may not be everywhere. Apart from its online utility, BNS would be capable of making offline transactions as well via Bitbns PAY debit card.

Pay with BNS, wherever you go. It�s the cheapest and will always be.

Unlike other tokens, BNS is secure. Security is paramount in financial matters and we understand that.

Associated Rewards
Credit cards bring you loyalty points that are difficult to encash. BNS avails you instant discounts, then and there.

Low Fee
There�s no point in creating a token that charges you as much as conventional payment options. That�s why BNS promises least fee per transaction, always.

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