Blockdegree Implemented Payment And Auto-burn of XDC, XDCE

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Blockdegree, a certification & validation platform based on XinFin network, now accepts XinFin�s native Crypto XDC & its ERC20 version XDCe. As per our commitment to the previous Announcement, blockdegree has come forward with the solution of burning tokens automatically on XinFin.Network for each course enrollment.

What is Burning?
Coin burning is the process of permanently removing coins from circulation, reducing the total supply. Burning tokens not only helps to keep the token regulation in check but also helps to increase the token value.

How is Blockdegree Burning Tokens?
Upon receiving payments in the form of XDC / XDCe tokens, Blockdegree is burning tokens by sending a part of the payment to a predefined inaccessible account thus making the token forever inaccessible, effectively removing them from circulation.

Why is Blockdegree Burning Tokens?
For each payment received via XDC or XDCe Blockdegree will burn 20% of the respective tokens automatically on enrollment in any course. With this initiative, Blockdegree continues to show their support & commitment to XinFin network & add value to the XinFin ecosystem by providing its first Ed Tech solution on the network and also bringing intangible assets on the XinFin Network.
Blockdegree aims to provide simple & secure access to tamper-proof documents by leveraging the power of XinFin�s Network.

How to purchase a course on Blockdegree by using XDC & XDCe?
1.In order to make a payment by XDC or XDCe, you need to have compatible browser wallet extension installed in the browser
For XDCe Metamask is preferred & for XDC XinPay
Note: currently XinPay only support Chrome browser
2.Once you have installed the wallet complete the basic setup of your account, ensure you have sufficient funds for the purchase
Note: For payment by XDCe, please add XDCe token to your wallet
3.Now click on the �ENROLL� button in the navigation bar

Then enroll in the course of your interest.

On clicking �enroll� for a particular course, select your preferred payment method

Then complete your payment

You will be notified about the mining & confirmation of your transaction. You can also keep a track of your payments via your �PROFILE� tab in the navbar.

You can always talk to our team in case you need any help by joining telegram at or contacting [email protected]
About Blockdegree:
Blockdegree offers multiple useful courses for the students as well as professionals. The following courses are currently garnering the most numbers:
Course 101– Blockchain Basics Course for Engineers.
Course 102– Blockchain Advanced Course for Engineers.
Course 103– Blockchain Professional Course for Engineers.
Currently, Blockdegree gives free Training material for the study purpose, and one has to pay an initial fee of 9.99USD for availing the certificate on the blockchain public network. Although the certification will be issued to only the ones who score more than 60% marks in the exams. If the person fails, then they can reappear for the exam free of cost for another 2 times.

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