“Job Responsibilities 1、Familiar with social media operations. Including the operation, maintenance and promotion of WeChat groups, telegram, Youtube/Facebook/Discord, etc. 2、Operate overseas community (mainly in English-speaking countries), expand the number of groups and potential customers; including group establishment, member invitation, good use of various channels and methods, and selection of accurate group members 3、Explore the needs of community users, study the operating mechanism that meets the needs of community users, and increase the activity and viscosity of the users concerned through continuous operation methods; 4、Maintain smooth communication with community users, summarize and answer questions raised by users in a timely manner, collect opinions and suggestions put forward by users, and make adjustments and improvements; 5、Participate in the planning and implementation of community activities, increase community activity, stimulate participation, and promote high-quality content sharing and precipitation. Job Requirements: 1. Who have active experience in the community are preferred, pay attention to technology news, have a strong interest in the blockchain industry, and have certain insights to add points; 2. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills; 3. Have a certain degree of stress resistance, high work efficiency, self-motivated, good communication skills and teamwork spirit. 4. Familiar with overseas social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Discord, Telegram, etc. 5. Those with experience in blockchain English community operation are preferred. Location: remote, Company: RICHER TECHNOLOGY PTE.LTD.,

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