BiTuBecoin (BitBe): Make money online for youtubers and video producers.

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                                            BiTuBecoin (BitBe): Make money online for youtubers and video producers.

We are building community, developing projects.
This will be a great place for Youtuber, coin developers, video producers and members who like to make money online.
Not only that, Everyone in the world will have a great experience in the youtube world. There you can make money by watching videos, like, comment, or subscribe to other members' youtube channels.
Come with us to build a strong community together.

BitTube Coin (BitBe), Token is developed on the Waves platform

Token name: BitTuBecoin
Symbol: BitBe
Decimal numbers: 3
Total supply: 500,000,000 BitBe
ID: 8scEmoGrUXA5WuVWU2rmJGyWrYe7gNGrc4Rdz3zUapju

Community development phase.
Come with us, each member will receive 1000 BitBe. You will be invited to the bounty program.
Every successful invitation you will receive 1000 BitBe.
Date, 20-12-2109. We reward all campaigns, there will be one official topic for the project on the Bitcointalk forum, a website to build the foundation for the project and a really strong community. .:muscle:

Logo BitBecoin :
 BiTuBecoin (BitBe) wallet and exchange :
BiTuBecoin (BitBe) is a Waves platform token, you need to download and install the Waves wallet to hold and trade BiTuBecoin (BitBe) with all the other coins that the platform supports.

  * You can use it with Waves online client  . Soon

  * Waves wallet app on Android and IOS:
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