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BitKansa is a decentralized Social Network with Democracy, Marketplace and Banking. So we are calling it as an online nation.  BitKansa is going to have the central bank to release the currency of the nation called BitKansa Coin (BKC).

Each and every citizen in the country will start at a 5 reputation point called as Social Status, For each and every activity they are performing they can raise their Social Status.  For the 1st year of the nation, the central bank is going to release 3000 new BKC for every one minute. The 3000 BKC will be distributed to all the citizens over the country according to their social status.

The central bank has the ability to give permissions to start your own bank inside the country (Functions of the central bank will be explained in later sections).  All the private banks will allow every citizen to deposit their earnings as usually, as the real world banks are doing now. Lend money to the citizens of the nation by having their social status or other crypto assets as a guarantee. Until the bank gets the loan closed the citizen can't earn for his social status (There is much more to explain with the white paper release).

Once a real geographic countries BitKansa citizens were raised to 5000. We conduct an election for a local leader who will be elected by your countries BitKansa citizens. The leaders should have a social status of more than 70% of citizens of your local area. He/She will be getting a regular salary for the site and also some % from his citizen's earnings let's say 0.05% for now. He needs to support his citizens for their success in BitKansa, he will become the point of contact for his citizens and he will be having the power to raise his citizen's problems to any team of the site accordingly. The elections will be conducted for every 2 years. And also his higher level leader will be going to have a survey for every 6 months with the help of citizens.  Every citizen will be having a feature to chat with your local leader, facility to mail the next levels in a timely manner if the issue is not solved. 

Finally, The marketplace. Producing currency is not making One Country's economy strong. i.e. we introducing marketplace. In the marketplace, every citizen can sell their goods and services to other citizens in return of BKC's. Selling goods and services will get more social status from which citizens can earn more and more BKC's. Selling goods and services can make a profit for once when you have sold them, but here in Bitkansa if you sell one item to another it will receive your profits even while you sleeping. So selling more get more every day.

There are more things to announce and more ideas to take from all of you.
Keep visiting us for more updates.
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Airdrop Start from 25th Feb
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