stole us $ 600,000 for more information read this report with proof

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Worked by public relations team at TOURISTOKEN.COM
Download full report :
At first, we ask to reply to this report and provide proof that it is incorrect if
they can, and ignore reply is to confirm the authenticity of what was published in it.

Anyone who has been stolen from this exchange and wants to send his evidence to add it
to evidence provided in indictment file, send it to email: [email protected]

– Like any new project in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Wants to list his project at
CoinMarketCap to prove his credibility, we went to CoinMarketCap to find out the
conditions for listing, The first condition for doing so was to list project on at least two (2)
CoinMarketCap-supported exchanges,

We thought these exchanges were listed after confirming their company data, and its
legitimacy and security of deposits and there are no complaints from the traders,
We contacted with many exchanges and decided to choose this platform, Advanced rank,
high trading volume, simple listing fee, we did not know it was a trap for new projects and
for novice traders.

The fees were agreed upon and paid after they were reduced, and our token ( TOU ) was
listed on 12 Nov 2018.

We have deposited (500k TOU), In the Company's account ([email protected])
which has been fully verified

Transaction: 0xb7edfa8f40759b3819742fcfea49fc8b3befe33ce182198965ba52007feba8ac
& Transaction: 0x17648e5e30add11da5dfb070a1cdc0fd46b0daed0c35dd4cd44132cfc9dadd52

Things were going normally, until the alleged incident (01/01/2019)

The company's account has been closed and all data removed from it, After
communicating with them, they asked us to create a new account with same old account
data, It was verified on the same day ([email protected]),

This time small amounts were deposited for trading follow-up,
(20 TOU ) Transaction: 0xa9f5c8c4cba8d949636cb7e7f2ddcc01f7290508037f8bc45f231d7f4fce7dc2
(0.024 ETH) Transaction: 0x47ee36873fe20e4cffc958f6b32dab8d0f4c12aedfeffb2b45e9e22660874af0
(0.07421548 BTC) Transaction: 22a1a31f64f4ed3f6163b07fcf81fb7a639a9fc5c2c8f4163a17baa5480df442
We have not withdrawn any money since then only (1.02794 DASH=$70).

At that time they set up a Coin Redistribution Roadmap
We have sent above deposit statements, and they told us to wait until the end of the time
set for their retrieval, we had no choice but to wait.

At this time and its follow-up trading other currencies on exchange, we noticed price
difference between pairs (LTC/USD & LTC/CNY), which we can benefit from,
We traded amount available in our account, in following order:
(BTC => CNY => LTC => USD => BTC)

Sell BTC in (BTC/CNY pair) price (26998.31)
Buy LTC in (LTC/CNY pair) price (228.70)
Sell LTC in (LTC/USD pair) price (34.590)
Buy BTC in (BTC/USD pair) price (3989.00)
We did this for five days from (10/1/2019 – 15/1/2019), with more hours and greater effort,
amount after each cycle increases from ($3 to $12), higher amount higher profit,
especially as the price moves up, until amount arrived in our account to (4.9 BTC),
On 15/1/2019 something strange happened, when we sell (4.9 BTC) in CNY pair, the price
was at this time (1 BTC = 27000 CNY),
The order was completed but at a price of only (2700 CNY), and was recorded in orders
history, we do not know how this system calculates like this unless it is specifically
designed to steal traders.

We sent this problem to support In order to solve problem, at first they had insistence that
this was a mistake in orders tab, and we did not have that amount:

We tried repeatedly to explain it to them but without responding or trying to review the
trading history, so we recorded this video:
After sending video they admitted that problem had already occurred, they promised to
dissolve it and actually deposited the lost money in our account (130k CNY),

We followed trading until we got ( 5.3243029 BTC ) in our account, after that we applied
for a withdrawal of our money,

Pending withdrawal requests continued for a week, we have sent their support to find out
reason for delay, the answer was to blocked account permanently, the reason is our
violation of their terms:

We were not alone in what happened,
These are their terms: , and we do not know what violation we
have made.

As is clear from the previous picture the balances already exist but the account is blocked
Our sales team has reported to the company's legal department, a warning was sent to
them to return money and open account, the response was that they would only be able to
return the money by decision of a Singapore court:

Then all balances were cleared from account and all details were erased, as happened in
their alleged accident (1/1/2019).

And our TOU token were supposed to be returned during the period from 5-10 business
days as they were announced: , at the time of writing this
report, we have not received anything, Although in their last communication with them
they said they would send these token to our external wallet.

The actions we have taken so far:
1- We left exchange and announced it in all our communication.
2- We have written this report to remove our responsibility for all stolen TOU token on
this exchange, we prohibit its sale or distribution without our written permission.
3- We have provided copies of this report to all of the following :
 Embassy of the republic of Singapore
 MR sugumaran devaraja regional director (international enterprise of Singapore
 Ms Michelle Tan Assistant Director (Promotion and Communications) Singapore
International Commercial Court
 Julie Sim (Quality Service Manager) Supreme Court
 Singapore police force
4- The senior lawyers in Singapore have been contacted by our legal department
We have begun preparing the final draft for submission to the judiciary.
5- The charge presented is fraud and theft, And asking them to refund the following
 (500020 TOU ) * $1.20 = $ 600024
 (5.3243029 BTC) *$ 3600 = $19167
 (5 ETH)*$120 = $600
Total $619791, add to them the fees of lawyers, expenses and compensation
6- We demand strict prison for those responsible for this exchange, Mr. steven perkins


Finally, we'd like to ask a few questions:
 Where are the regulators of these exchanges?
 When such exchanges are listed with on CoinMarketCap&coingecko, are the
data and licenses provided by these companies? If this is the case, we ask
these specialized sites to advertise these companies' data for all, and not
only publish the warnings without taking any decision such as delisted.
 This exchange is not registered in Singapore records (ACRA) and does not
have a UEN CODE we do not know how it was recorded in CoinMarketCap.
 Twitter: Do you notice all of these complaints and thefts provided in the
account of this exchange? Why is this account still open?
 If the theft and fraud in this market is permissible to this degree, let us all
leave this market for thieves.


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