BiBi : "A Mobile Wallet of SEER" & "A Sample Prediction Dapp Developed on SEER"

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BiBi : "A Mobile Wallet of SEER" & "A Sample Prediction Dapp Developed on SEER"

BiBi Bounty Campaign

1.Download BiBi and register it,receive 10 SEER for free.(Open the link with your mobile phone :

2.Reply the post with your suggestions to BiBi to receive 100 to 1,000 SEER randomly for free. (replying form are as followings)

  My SEER wallet address:
  My Telegram username:
  My Community in SEER: English Community/Arabic Community /Indonesia Community /Vietnam Community /Other Community
  My suggestions to BiBi:(suggestions can be any language)

3.Join the final match prediction of Japan VS Qatar,14:00 GMT Feb.1st,Asia Cup 2019 in BiBi.No matter the prediction is right or wrong,participants will get rewards.After predicting it in BiBi,please make a screenshot of it and send it to telegram admin @cherryyang1996

  prediction amount  ≥ 100  SEER,     10 SEER as rewards;
  prediction amount  ≥ 500  SEER,     50 SEER as rewards;
  prediction amount  ≥ 1000 SEER,     100 SEER as rewards;
  prediction amount  ≥ 5,000 SEER,    500 SEER as rewards;
  prediction ammount ≥ 10,000 SEER,   1,000 SEER as rewards.


1. What is BiBi?

BiBi is one of the mobile wallets of SEER, as well as playing the role of a sample to show how the prediction Dapps work on SEER.BiBi is an open-source Dapp,which makes it quite easy for developers to develop Dapps on SEER, and the developing fees is only 10% of those on the other public blockchains.

2. What is SEER?

SEER is a public blockchain serving sports industry.It has 2 key functions:prediction and sport events crowdfunding.Nayun sports, one of the biggest investors of SEER, has more than 5 million sport fans in China and around the world.SEER has been listed on 12 exchanges including Bitfinex. Most important of all,SEER is supported by Government of Hainan Province, China!

3.As the mobile wallet of SEER

As a mobile wallet of SEER, BiBi makes it convenient and secure for users to keep and transfer the assets on SEER.Users can backup private key and mnemonics, and have direct access and control of their own crypto assets.3300 tps and 1.5 seconds confirmation time will bring users fantastic using experience.

4.Predictions on BiBi

The predictions on BiBi are decentralized.It has 3 main prediction categories: sport events,crypto themes and hot topics.Enjoy fair and fun prediction experience on BiBi!


More information about SEER:

Official Website:
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Forum:
Official Wallet Site:

Official Annoucement from Bitfinex:

The Linghang Blockchain Research Center in Hainan Province is the first and only blockchain technology research center that approved by the government in China! Wu Gang, leader of SEER investment representative team, is the director of the center!

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