Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) has come a long way!

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Members of the public would do well to download a free BCR wallet at https://bankcoinreserve.io and enjoy the 10% compound interest per annum this cryptocurrency creates.

Our website is:   https://bankcoinreserve.io

Our Blockchain is:   https://explorer.bankcoinreserve.io/

Our Whitepaper is:    https://bankcoinreserve.io/whitepaper/

Our Patents are:    https://bankcoinreserve.io/patents/

Listening to your computer chime every time interest (an incoming transaction) "chimes in" an alert is quite fun and fascinating.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Visit https://irs.gov to make sure you download the correct forms when you pay your cryptocurrency taxes. Being tax compliant is important!

There are many features of this coin that make it healthy, trustworthy and great for business. It is attached to very serious patents and has attracted the attention of banks and financial firms in numerous countries such as The UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, KENYA, FRANCE, THE BAHAMAS, GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM, HONG KONG, CHINA, INDIA, the UNITED STATES, ISRAEL, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, MEXICO, GREECE, PERU to name but a few countries.

The Rev. Dr. Shaun Marler of Brisbane, Australia and Orthodox Rabbi Nathan Segal of Staten Island, NY, USA. When two devout men of totally different faiths both endorse a Blockchain and cryptocurrency, there must be a serious reason.

A musician that endorses BCR is John McEuen. He is one of the original founders of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and a 3 time Grammy Winner. John is best known for MR. BOJANGLES and WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN https://www.johnmceuen.com/

Even an online game by Karaogame Interactive Studios accepts BCR http://karaogame.com/

Colonel David Brenner (Ret.) US Army endorses BCR https://commons.erau.edu/space-congress-bios-2019/22/

Colonel Brenner (Ret.) attended the Space Congress at the Kennedy Space Center representing BCR and the article was written about it by cryptocurrency guru Andrey Sergeenkov.  The article is titled NASA and Bankcoin Reserve Exploring Blockchain Opportunities A wonderful piece was written about BCR's visit to the Kennedy Space Center.


Dr. Al Koller , (formerly with NASA 30 years) currently President of the e3Company of Florida, LLC. It is an Aeronautics and Space Consultancy https://www.e3company.com

And many of the people that work with BankcoinReserve.io can be found at Wyith.edu  which is our Hong Kong site where Bankcoin Reserve was forked (modified) to create Bankcoin Reserve at Wyith ([email protected]) where students merely pay their incidentals and we use cryptocurrencies to pay for their tuitions.

And these are just a few businesses we are familiar with, there is also banking in Dubai and Kenya and day-to-day wholesale and retail businesses that accept BCR that we don't know about yet…

Here are a few…

Our customer list grows daily�

Dr. Marsilio, chiropractor accepts BCR in Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES https://www.snn.bz/fitness/dr-marsilio-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Jill Egizii, former Mayor of Leland Grove, Illinois now dedicates her time to WILD CANINE RESCUE a national 501(C)3 based in Illinois. UNITED STATES.  

Sebow Custom Golf Putters designed for your grip, your height, your swing� accepts BCR INTERNATIONAL

Naowell Abt � Fine Art Photography from Abstract to Nature accepts BCR, lives in FRANCE

Exciting Online game KARAOGAME now accepts BCR and BCG � Game is INTERNATIONAL

Michael Byriel, Residential Realtor AUSTRALIA accepts commissions in BCR: https://www.snn.bz/real-estate/michael-byriel-realtor-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Col. David Brenner (Ret.) Commercial Realtor, Winter Park, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts commissions in BCR:  https://cbrenner.com

Pastor Jim Kibler Melbourne, Florida, UNITED STATES accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/life-style/pastor-jim-kibler-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-for-donations/

The World Harvest Ministries accepts BCR and BCG INTERNATIONAL: https://www.snn.bz/life-style/world-harvest-ministries-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

The BIBLE website ThyWord.Global (INTERNATIONAL) accepts BCR and BCG: https://www.snn.bz/life-style/thy-word-global-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Wyith.EDU online Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees HONG KONG accept BCR, BCG and [email protected]:  http://wyith.edu

QuitaSSo is a Picasso Art Lover and Enthusiast. This artist currently lives in MEXICO and accepts 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  

Space Coast Business Consultancy accepts BCR UNITED STATES https://e3company.com

Stewart and Dena Stewart Artists, Miami Beach, Florida, UNITED STATES accept 50% cash 50% BCR for artwork:  http://stewartstewart.us/category/artist/  and  http://denastewart.us/category/denas-artwork/

Automotive Consultants Car Dealership in AUSTRALIA accept down payments in BCR and BCG:  https://www.snn.bz/business/automotive-consultants

Kerry�s Creative Cuts Hair Salon AUSTRALIA https://www.snn.bz/business/creative-cuts-hair-salons-accepting-bankcoin-reserve/

Signature Hair Stylists SINGAPORE accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/fashion/signature-hairstylists-accept-bankcoin-global-and-bankcoin-reserve/

Ian Jacobs 3 time world champion, personal trainer INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC SPEAKER: https://www.snn.bz/news/former-world-kickboxing-champion-ian-jacobs-accepts-both-bankcoinreserve-and-bankcoinglobal/

The plumber BMP AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/bmp-plumbing-accepts-bankcoin/

The butcher From Paddock to Plate:  AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/paddock-2-plate-butchers-accepting-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Platinum Produce AUSTRALIA accepts BCR & BCG: https://www.snn.bz/food/platinum-produce-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

The delicatessen AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/village-deli-bongaree-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Black Garlic Grower AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/black-garlic-world-accepting-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Barries Galore Store accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/berries-galore-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

Fruit Barn AUSTRALIA accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/ninji-fruit-barn-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global/

SjW Mushroom Grower & Distributor AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/mushrooms-to-bankcoin/

Pizzerias AUSTRALIA accept BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/business/pizza-capers-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Rollin� in Dough Bakery accepts BCR & BCG: https://www.snn.bz/food/rollin-in-dough-bakery-now-rollin-in-bankcoin/

Aggregate business AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/business/coastal-landscape-supplies-accepts-bankcoin-reserve/

Dr. Marler the evangelist AUSTRALIA, INDIA, THAILAND accepts BCR:  https://www.snn.bz/life-style/dr-shaun-marler-accepts-bankcoin-reserve-and-bankcoin-global-for-world-harvest-ministries/

Daniel Street fruit and vegetables AUSTRALIA accepts BCR: https://www.snn.bz/food/daniel-street-fruit-and-vegetables/

Whitepaper: https://bankcoinreserve.io/whitepaper/

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