“We are a well established 2 years old start-up that serves over 70K users globally. Due to the success of the v1, we are now on the path to scale further and enable more services. Our team is mainly build of Eastern European experts and this is the main timezone in which we work. * Responsibilities * 1. Develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance 2. Test and debug programs 3. Suggest, implement latest back-end technologies to ensure fast and scalable products 4. Implement security and data protection solutions 5. Assess and prioritize feature requests * Experience * 1. Technologies: Python, Flask 2. Previous work with Python framework (like Django, Flask) 3. Collaboration and tasks management tools (scrum, kanban, git) 4. Good problem-solving skills 5. Micro-services architecture and scalability (optional) 6. Infrastructure experience (optional) 7. API implementation (ideal) * Qualities * 1. Hunger for success 2. Excellence in constant & rapid delivery 3. Clean & understandable code. 4. Great attitude 5. Self-motivated, self-managed 6. Good communication skills * Outro * The most suitable candidates would be the ones that wish to work with us long term, get dedicated to the project and as a result be a part of company and have equity/stake in it. Location: Remote, Company: MyCointainer,

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