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I would like to share 100% reliable information that Azart (AZART) is a scam !!!
Now they decided to fool everyone on Exchange Cryptobridge.
I warn you that, most likely, everyone will soon all be deceived on all the exchanges.

What happened in order:

1. The Azart administration writes that there will be an exchange of coins Azart. This happens quickly, without warning, without preparation, in a short time – 7 days.
– since 09/2019 the market situation has not changed much. and now Azart came over that the X11 algorithm was not profitable. What did the team do for 3-4 months that they had not seen this before?

2. Azart administrator refuses to exchange Azart coins for Exchange Cryptobridge. He sets his own conditions and makes his list for the exchange
– not warning anyone about this snapshot of 2/02/2019, but puts all users before the fact only 05/02/2019
They know very well that Cryptobridge works on the BitShares blockchain (BTS) and everything can be tracked and checked.
knowing that the account balance will show zero if there is a sell order. they only remove their orders, do not warn others, and take a picture.
they transfer balances to the exchange, which also works on the BitShares blockchain (BTS).

3. I noticed an error that the snapshot was not taken with respect to other investors and togovtsy Azart coins.
in in the #russian branch indicated to them about it.
– here I said that the picture was taken incorrectly, because I had coins for the supply and the balance showed zero. support Installous # 9591 answered that everything was done as of 02/02/2019
– I have provided proof that as of 2/02 I had coins on my account. also shows that there were no purchases, transfers and recharges.
– I was asked for support by my ID (they then knew that this data could be checked) and I provided it (I relied that he was not a scammer, but simply did not work properly)
– answered that they will study. Two days passed and there was no answer. then I realized that this is a scam, they are pulling time and I had to sell my coins. In addition, they claimed that they took a picture on 2/02 and that coins acquired after this date will not change!
they followed my account and saz after my sale on 02/13/2019 they threw off the printscreen that I have zero on my balance.
but what's the difference how much and on which balance sheets after 2/02, if they all convinced that the exchange was only as of 2/02/2019 Huh
– I told them that the picture was on 2/02. they realized that they had fallen on their own lies. and were afraid to respond to my messages.
– then I wrote to the main chat, so that everyone would join the discussion and clarify this situation. maybe I did not understand something, but the team could not explain.
– when the team saw post, they immediately deleted it, and I was removed from the group. You can go and check my post is deleted.
– I went in again and asked as the exchange was taking place on the 2/02 snapshot or on the balances after 2/02. Apparently, support cannot answer this simple question and simply ignores it.
when I told them about this, they blocked me completely.

4. in 13/02 a large number of bot accounts have been added, this can be tracked by statistics. usually no more than 10 people came to them per day.
and that day they added more than 100 bots imitating this great interest in their project. also it can be seen from the names of accounts, they all have similar names (name year @). at the moment they manage them to manifest activeness.
although at that date the exchange of coins was not completed and no marketing company was reported. even if the ads went, then why did everyone come to the same account names?

5. The result. It can be seen from the evidence in printskrinakh that they fell for the false and tried to cover this information from the community in order to deceive more people!
 presumably it was like this:
In the mound of all deceived who could. found another way of easy money, decided to buy asik d3 at a low price and get more profit. but income fell on them.
then they decided to make a coin on the X11 algorithm, so that they could get more. miners, the project developed and the complexity grew, and the profit fell again.
Thought it turned out a little namaynili. greed takes over!
We decided to release more coins into the network and accuse Cryptobridge of this.
It turned out "one bullet of three birds with one stone". 1. Got more coins for yourself. 2. took part of the coins of users of Cryptobridge. 3. accused a competitor and transferred the auction to their stock exchange
We spent the exchange for 7 days and hid traces of attack.
The genre of the genre is revealed!

6. Since purchases and sales go further and more people can be deceived, I decided to warn everyone that Azart (AZART) is a scam !!!
– I started looking further, all the listed team on the site is a fake!
– this team includes a group of tricksters and there is evidence!
– this team manages other projects! one of them is, I think now everyone understands why they switched to this exchange

7. next will be:
– describes all their fraudulent projects with evidence, including
– all who are included in the fraudulent group and their location are revealed, their past crimes were also found!
– transfer of all materials to the relevant authorities in their countries, under the article fraud, entry into trust in order to steal money.

While the data are not disclosed in the interests of the investigation, after all everyone will know!

I urge all those who suffered from Azart (AZART) to write, and we will be able to file a collective complaint about fraud, this will increase the chances of putting them in jail!

And also pass the link to the support of their stock exchanges to minimize losses!
Ask them to let them at least temporarily suspend the bidding and sort out the facts themselves, if they don�t mind the writing!

if someone wants to thank me for exposing, as well as help to find other scammers, write in a personal.


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