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1. What is Blockchain?

Blockchain technology enables distributed public ledgers that hold immutable

data in a secure and encrypted way to ensure that transactions can never be

altered. While Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the most popular examples

of blockchain usage, this �distributed ledger technology� (DLT) is finding a broad

range of uses. Data storage, financial transactions, real estate, asset

management, and many more uses are being explored.


2. Blockchain and Digital Identity � A Good Fit?

Every time you �Login with Facebook� or �Login with Twitter� etc. on a website or

use login credentials issued by your employer or school, you�re using Identity and

Access Management (IAM) technologies in the background. IAM has become

central to our online interactions, but like a lot of infrastructures, it�s largely

invisible to users (at least when it�s well designed and implemented). IAM is

evolving rapidly, the stakes are high, and enterprises face an increasingly complex

and puzzling digital identity landscape. There is also growing concern

that businesses know too much about us, and therefore end users should reclaim

control over their own identities. IAM is a hot topic in the technology world, with

new architectures, business models, and philosophies all the play.


Blockchain technology (sometimes also called distributed ledger technology � DLT)

is also gaining attention. Proponents advocate it for a wide variety of use cases,

including IAM. Blockchain is a broad class of relatively new data security methods,

with certain properties of potential value in IAM.

Many IAM companies have launched identity registration solutions �on the

blockchain,� while others are developing new blockchain-inspired infrastructure for

distributing information about users (called �attributes� and used to inform decisions

about whether to grant access to resources), which is a key element of IAM.


3. The Promise of Cryptocurrency

What makes cryptocurrency so unique � and so promising.

Consider a fiat currency like the US dollar. It�s printed by the US Treasury

Department and distributed by banks like the Federal Reserve. If for some reason

these institutions decided to stop issuing currency, we couldn�t obtain any new

dollars. Cryptocurrency is different. It�s decentralized, meaning it�s not controlled by

governments or banks. That means anyone in the world is free to buy and sell

cryptocurrency like bitcoin.


Also, consider the nation of storing your money in a bank. At some level, you need

to trust that the bank has safeguarded your money and that you can withdraw your

funds at any time. In contrast, cryptocurrency was created so you wouldn�t have to

trust any central institution. To make this possible, cryptocurrency uses blockchain

technology. The bitcoin blockchain, for example, records every bitcoin transaction

ever made. Each trade is publicly displayed for the world to see. Nobody owns the

blockchain, and bitcoin�s software is open source, with a source code that�s publicly

accessible for inspection, modification or enhancement.


Because bitcoin�s existence doesn�t depend on a central authority, it can

theoretically, be moved around the world more easily than fiat currency. But

�theoretically� is key: In the real world of international money transfers, bitcoin has

encountered many challenges that keep it from becoming the universal standard.

4. The Blockchain is Catching On

As it turns out, the blockchain is being embraced enthusiastically by the financial

industry. Many banks are aware that they need to evolve with the changing times �

especially when they�re being assaulted by scrappy start-ups hoping to bring them

down. The blockchain allows banks to upgrade inefficient processes that infuriate

customers today. Transactions are expensive, but the blockchain makes them

cheaper by cutting out intermediary banking costs. Sending money can be slow, but

the blockchain can complete transfers in minutes.

Consumers long for confirmation that their remittances are successful, but the

blockchain can unequivocally confirm delivery each time. Clearly, the blockchain

brings many advantages that will simply be too good to pass up. Financial

institutions are aware of that: According to a recent report from IBM, 15% of banks

will be using the blockchain in 2019. Furthermore, IBM expects about two-thirds of

banks to be implementing the technology within just four years.

5. What�s Next for the Blockchain?

The blockchain wasn�t originally envisioned to play second fiddle to a fiat system. It�s

possible to imagine a far future where this will happen, but this won�t be the case

anytime soon. Instead, blockchain technology will continue to grow slowly and steadily

in the public�s consciousness First, it�ll overhaul the financial industry, as it�s doing

now. It�s improving money transfers in every way, and soon it�ll be indispensable for

nearly every remittance company in the world.

Next, more money transfer providers will offer seamless cryptocurrency-to-fiat

conversions. Many existing cryptocurrency platforms let you convert digital currencies

to fiat (and vice versa), but they�re often expensive. Other platforms like Circle are

content to use bitcoin just to streamline fiat transactions. 


In time, providers may offer low-cost remittances in both cryptocurrency and fiat �

like digital bazaars for any currency you could imagine. Finally, more and more

merchants will start accepting cryptocurrency as payment. This is when the

blockchain will begin acquiring mainstream relevance. The process may be

arduous, but it�s not much different than a company like Apple coaxing retailers to

accept Apple Pay. Merchants need to be convinced of the benefits of cryptocurrency

before they�ll adopt new forms of money. Either that or cryptocurrency needs to

become as widespread as credit cards, at which time retailers will have no choice

but to keep it up.



6.1. What is TRON?

Tron (TRX) is a blockchain platform launched as the foundation for a decentralized

entertainment ecosystem. Created by controversial figure Justin Sun, Tron focuses

on expanding the market of decentralized digital content applications by making it

easier to create and deploy them. The Tron main net launched Jun 2018, and the

Tronix TRX is the proprietary cryptocurrency token for the Tron blockchain.

Tron will work in the same way that other content networks work: creators produce

content and consumers purchase it. Other applications can be built and leverage

the same resources, and the value of TRX hinges in part on the execution of code

within the Tron network. 

6.2. TRC10 Tokens

TRC10 t
okens have been available since the main net launch of Tron when it moved

from Ethereum to its own blockchain. Most of the Tron-based tokens you see are

TRC10 tokens. This is because they are extremely easy to create! Even if you have

no programming knowledge, the easiness of issuing a TRC10 token makes TRC10 a

great way for teams to gauge interest in their project without spending a lot of money

on development.

6.3.TRC20 Tokens

TRC20 gives Tron-based tokens more functionality, as TRC20 tokens are used to

smart contracts. For example, a Tron-based project might automatically issue more

of its TRC20 tokens to early purchasers by programming such an early purchase

bonus into the token�s smart contract.

However, with this added functionality and a possibility of 4 customizations comes

more complexity. Therefore, TRC10 tokens are more widespread (for now). Also,

the TRC20 token standard is fully compatible with Ethereum�s ERC20 token

standard. This means that TRC20 tokens can be used in Ethereum-based smart

contracts, allowing developers to transfer their Ethereum-based smart contracts to


6.4.TRC10 vs TRC20

Aside from easy token creation (TRC10) and native smart contract functionality

(TRC20), there are a few other key notable differences between the two types of


� TRC10 is accessible via API (application programming interface)

� TRC10 has 1000 times lower transaction fees than TRC20 but has bandwidth

costs for API transfers and deposits

� TRC10 transfers and deposits into smart contracts cost bandwidth and energy

Note: bandwidth allows users to perform Tron transactions, and energy allows

users to process Tron smart contracts. Instead of paying gas fees (small amounts

of cryptocurrency, such as in a Ethereum�s network where gas = small amounts of

ETH) to perform these tasks, users freeze or lock up TRX tokens in their wallet,

which generates bandwidth and energy.

6.5. TRC10 Transfer to Smart Contracts

TRC10 token is a system-level token type in TRON. Compared to TRC20 tokens,

TRC10 tokens face a user experience flexibility issue. In Odyssey, developers and

their smart contract callers can interact with TRC10 token via smart contracts

according to the contract logic, giving them more control to implement their token in

business scenarios. Unlike a TRC20 token, sending TRC10 tokens is consistent

with transferring TRX in a contract, meaning TRC10 usage is like TRX usage.

7. Why We Choose TRON Network?

TRON's network peak can reach nearly 2000 TPS (number of transactions per

second), and its performance will continue to improve as TRON's technology

advances. Also, TRON provides 5,000 bandwidths and energy per address free of

charge per day, allowing about 25 free transactions. Users can get more bandwidth

resources by freezing TRX. With the combined cost being negligible, it can be

considered the public chain with the lowest transaction fees.

8. About AUS Digital Dollar (AUDD)

8.1. What is AUS Digital Dollar?

AUS Digital Dollar a TRC-10 utility token based on the TRON blockchain that could

allow content creators to connect with their audience, and Australian digital dollar A

Official Token By AUS Digital Bank And AUS Digital Exchange designed to offer

safe and simple crypto trading with a focus on ease of use, the platform allows users

to buy and sell and User Send Money and Receive use to AUS Digital Bank and

AUS Digital Money Transfer. AUS Digital Dollar a Decentralize Services Platform. 

8.2. Why You Need AUDD

AUS Digital Dollar It�s Safe, Easy and Faster to Send and Receive money All

Around the World. AUS digital Bank and AUS Digital Money Transfer Also Allow

using AUS Digital Dollar (AUDD) To Send and Receive Money. Also, In the Future,

You Can Use Online Shopping, Pay Your Bill. AUS Digital Dollar Will Bring More

and More towards The Future. 

8.3. Can I use AUDD to Send Money to Overseas?

Since Bitcoin was created in 2009, AUS Digital Dollar 100% Smiler to Bitcoin it�s

been touted as the future of the global financial industry. The jury�s still out on

that, but bitcoin represents a wellspring of potential. One reason is that AUS

Digital Dollar (AUDD) is completely digital.

You can�t touch it like fiat currency � or government-issued money like AUD or

USD dollars, euros. And in many ways, bitcoin offers advantages that fiat money

doesn�t: It�s hard to send $10,000 in cash overseas Because You Need to Answer

So many Question for the government, but you can send the equivalent amount in

AUS Digital Dollar (AUDD) in minutes. If AUDD is an intriguing subject, blockchain

� is a digital ledger that records every single AUS Digital Dollar transaction.

Without the blockchain, AUS Digital Dollar wouldn�t be possible.

9. AUDD Token Distributions Plan

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) 1,000,000,000 AUDD

AUS Digital Bank 300,000,000 AUDD

AUS Digital Exchange 300,000,000 AUDD

AUS Online Money Transfer 300,000,000 AUDD

10% Bonus for IEO SALE 100,000,000 AUDD

Community vote 100,000,000 AUDD

Marketing 100,000,000 AUDD

Partnerships 50,000,000 AUDD

Team 50,000,000 AUDD

Founder 50,000,000 AUDD

Developer 50,000,000 AUDD

Donate for Community 50,000,000 AUDD

Airdrop AUSD Bank Account Holders 50,000,000 AUDD

Total Token Supply 2,500,000,000 AUDD

9.1. Token Sale

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) 1,000,000,000 AUDD

10% Bonus for IEO SALE 100,000,000 AUDD

Total 1,100,000,000 AUDD

9.2. AUDD Token Lock for 2 Year

AUS Digital Bank 300,000,000 AUDD

AUS Digital Exchange 300,000,000 AUDD

AUS Online Money Transfer 300,000,000 AUDD

Airdrop AUSD Bank Account Holders 50,000,000 AUDD

Founder 50,000,000 AUDD

Total AUDD 1,000,000,000 AUDD


10. Token Sale Finances Breakdown

10.1 Project development (50%)

The (50%) of funds will be to continue the development of the protocol, automated

governance, and key value-add services. The remaining portion will be used to

raise awareness about the AUS Digital Dollar Projects developers, businesses and

governments to promote DApp development. �Some of the keys proceed uses


10.1.1. Technical Development Costs

� These costs will mainly be allocated to employee salaries and contractor costs

for developing and securing the software. 

10.1.2. Marketing and Communication Costs

� Marketing to, consulting with and assisting developers, businesses and

government agencies to build DApps on top of the protocol. This will include

hackathons, promotions, and workshops with key business partners.

10.1.3. Event hosting and sponsorship

� To spread awareness about AUS Digital Dollar Projects through attending or

sponsoring various events.

10.1.4. Office and indirect costs

� For office space primarily in Australia as well as other employment-related


10.1.5. Accounting and Legal Cost

� For work associated with auditing and compliance within the jurisdictions, the

AUS Digital Dollar team operate in. 

10.2. Exchange Listing (40%)

� 40% Fount Will use to listing Minimum 10 Exchange Same time (in TOP 50


10.3. Donation (10%)

� 10% Fount Will Donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation.


A wish come true helps children feel stronger and able to battle their critical

illnesses. For many, the wish marks a turning point in the fight against their

illnesses. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals say, the wish experience

works in concert with medicine to make their patients feel better emotionally and

even physically. That is why wishes matter. That is why we support. �Make happy

and Be Happy�


AUDD Token Sale Fount Only Use to Project Development,

Exchange Listing and Donate the community. (no fount took

by team or founder)

Within 2 Year time, we will be in 50 Exchange.

Hold Your AUDD Token in AUS Digital Bank it�s will Change

Your Life 100% Bank will give you annually interest 5%

Our Project will work Road Map Order.

12. AUS Digital Dollar Projects (AUDD)

12.1. AUS Digital Bank (AUSDB)

AUS Digital Bank a First Cryptocurrency bank in the world. AUS Digital Bank

(AUSDB) is a Multiple Cryptocurrency Bank. (AUSDB) Work Like Other Normal


But the Difference is Normal Bank Can Allow to Save Central Bank Currency (Eg

AUD, USD or ERO) But in AUS Digital Bank You Can Save Australian Dollar (AUD)

Store Many Different Cryptocurrency Like (Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, RIPPLE) .

Also, You Can Store TRC10, TRC20, and ERC20 Token. like (AUDD, BTT, CAN,

USTD) AUSDB Will provide Multicoin Wallet to Store Your Coins and Tokens. So,

it�s Safe and Easy All in One Place.

Then You Don�t Need to Download Many Different Wallet to Each Coin and Token.

Also, You Can Save Australian Dollar (AUD) In the Future We Will Support Other

Country Currency Like (USD, ERO, CYN)

12.1.2. What Multicoin Wallet

AUS Digital Bank Not only for Australian Dollar (AUD). Also, You Can Store,

Deposed or withdraw many differences Crypto Currency (Coins and Token).

Our multiple Wallet If you have AUS Digital Bank Account You don�t need to

Download many difference wallet for you Token or coins. We will give you multiple

wallets in one account.

12.1.3. What Benefit from AUS Digital Bank

The benefits of digital banking the 21st century has given us the technology that

allows us to bring the bank to you by technology such as remote deposit capture.

Online banking, mobile banking and more.

If you Store and look your Digital Currency (Token and Coin) Bank will give you

annually 5% interest you can choose how long you want to lock for getting


✓ Minimum contract for 6 months. No Maximum

✓ You can�t unlock your token or coins until then.

12.1.4. How much You Can Borrow From AUSDB

If you hold your coins or tokens in AUS Digital Dollar Bank (AUSDB) maximus you

can borrow money from AUSD Bank 75% value from holding value. If you have

$1000 AUD value coins or token, you can borrow $750 AUD and if you want to

borrow 50% value AUSD Bank will lock 75% value of your coins or tokens.

It�s mean always AUSD Bank will lock extra 25% value you borrow from the Bank.

AUSD Bank can�t move your coins or token another wallet. Your coins or token

always in your account. You can check your account value in the balance. Once you

pay back to Bank will unlock your coins or token. 

12.1.5. How Much interest AUSD Bank Charge.

✓ AUSD Bank Will Charge You 15% Annual interest. For Example, if You

Borrow $1,000 From Bank.

✓ Bank Will Charge $12.50 Per Month. 1000/100=10*15=150/12= $12.50 

12.2. AUS Digital Exchange (AUSDEX)

AUS Digital Exchange is an Australian marketplace for buyers and sellers to

exchange blockchain assets. We are 100% privately Australian owned and all staff

is based in Australia. You're trading with other users of this site.

The price you buy or sell at is up to you. The price is influenced by the demand and

supply from buyers and sellers on this exchange. The current price shown is the last

price a buyer and a seller agreed to exchange it.

12.2.2. Multicoin Wallet

You can Send, Receive or Store Your Coin and Token Using Your AUSDEX

Multicoin Wallet. Deposit directly into your AUSDEX wallet using over Many different

digital currencies, allowing you to trade instantly.

All coins and tokens can be quickly and easily withdrawn. You will also be able to

keep track of your wallet balances and view your recent transactions.

12.2.3. What is a Market Order?

A market order will buy or sell immediately at the best available price. The best

available prices are shown in the order book to create a market order just select the

"Market Order" option on the trading page

12.2.4. Security (How do I verify my account?)

To make a bank deposit or withdrawal to/from your account you must be verified.

Becoming verified is usually a quick process but in some cases can take a few days

to complete.

Once logged in, click "Account" then "ID Verification" and you will be redirected to

ID. The easiest and quickest way to verify is to use your passport and driver's

license. If you have any issues, feel free to contact our support team.

12.2.5. How AUADEX safe and secure?

Security and privacy of our client's accounts' and data is our top priority. We run

regular reconciliations of all our funds (twice a day for crypto and every hour for

AUD) to ensure we have a full reserve. We also apply security best practices and

are continually developing and enhancing our security measures.

12.2.6. How Much (AUSDED) Reading Fee

Trading fees

� Trading fee is 0.05% for pairs in AUDD and 0.1% for all other pairs.

Deposit Fees

� We don't have any deposit fees on AUS Digital platform.

Withdrawal fees

� We update fees regularly based on market and blockchain conditions. 

12.2.7. Use Two-Factor Authentication

AUSD Exchange and many other websites support two-factor authentication. Utilize it

where possible. If you do manage to leak your online credentials, the attacker will not

be able to steal your personal information (or Bitcoins) if they do not physically have

access to your phone at the same time.

12.3. AUS Digital Blockchain Money Transfer

AUS Digital Money Transfer Part of the AUSD Bank. Will be a fast and easy also low

fee for Sending money overseas. If you Have an Account with AUSD Bank It So

Easy to send money in a Few minutes.

The payment that exists purely in electronic form. Digital money transfer is sending

money using technologies such as smartphones, credit card, and online

cryptocurrency exchange.

12.3.2. How Speed is Blockchain Money Transfer?

Blockchain can beat this system by offering a safer and cheape
r way to send peer-to peer payments (P2P) that do not require an intermediary. Cryptocurrencies are built

based on a public decentralized ledger, which anyone can use to send and receive

money TRON (TRX) Network Hits Record 1,200 Transactions Per Second, 80x Fast

Then Ethereum (ETH).

12.3.3. It�s Safe to Send Money by Blockchain?

Everything is done electronically with a bank in the network communicate with each

through an automated message to get money from A to B the business of making an

international money transfer is generally considered safe.

12.3.4. How Does Blockchain Money Transfer Works

A blockchain works by keeping a changeable record of transactions. It does this by

reaching consensus between all the computers on the network. this system of

consensus is fundamental to the security of the blockchain,

Example > Here�s the basic process for transferring money through bitcoin:

� Deposit your fiat currency (government-issued currency, like dollars,

euros, and yen) onto a bitcoin platform.

� Buy bitcoin and send it to your recipient.

� Your recipient sells the bitcoin for fiat currency on a bitcoin


� Your recipient withdraws the fiat currency to their bank account. The

process involves a few more steps than using a traditional money

transfer platform

12.3.5. How Much Can Send?

There are no limits on how much you can send or receive to your Account Wallet.

You can Send any Amount of You Want. But There Have Minimum Fee For the

single transaction. 

12.3.6. Payments and blockchain

Today, trillions of dollars are �hovering� around the world due to an outdated system

of slow payments and additional fees. If you work in Australia and want to send some

money to part of your family�s to France, you may have to pay a fixed fee of $25 or

more for the transfer, as well as additional fees of up to 7%. Your bank will receive a

commission, and so will the bank accept the payment. In addition, you will pay

hidden exchange rate commissions.

At the same time, it can take at least three days to complete the transaction. The

average transaction cost for the money sender is 7.68%. That is based on a

transaction fee � a transfer fee or a hidden difference in exchange rates.

Participation in transfers of money is very beneficial for banks and they are in no

hurry to lower their commissions. Cross-border transactions, from transfers to the

payment of loans in 2016 accounted for 40% of the global transactional income of


Blockchain can beat this system by offering a safer and cheaper way to send peer-topeer payments (P2P) that do not require an intermediary. Cryptocurrencies are built

based on a public decentralized ledger, which anyone can use to send and receive

money. Therefore, they eliminate the need for trusted third parties to verify

transactions. Blockchain technology provides people around the world with access to

fast, cheap, and unrestricted payments. In developing countries around the world,

blockchain promises to provide billions of people with access to financial services.

12.3.7. Payments

By eliminating the need to rely on intermediaries to approve transactions between

consumers, blockchain technology can speed up payments at lower rates than those

charged by banks.

12.3.8. Clearing and Settlement Systems

Blockchain technology can reduce operating costs and bring us closer to real-time

transactions between financial institutions.

12.3.9. Fundraising

By providing companies with immediate access to liquidity through the initial

placement of coins (ICO), blockchain creates a new crypto-economic financing


12.3.10. Securities

Via the �tokenization� of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and alternative assets,

blockchain strengthens the structure of capital markets.



Q.1/ 2019 April 05

 ▪ AUS Digital Dollar Found (AUDD)

Q.2/ 2019 April 20

 ▪ AUDD Social Media Release

Q.3/ 2019 May 17 

▪ Website, White Paper, and Road Map Release

Q.4/ 2019 May 20

 ▪ Airdrop Campaigns

Q.5/ 2019 

▪ S.2/ Partnership

Q.6/ 2019

▪ Exchange Listing Launchpad (IEO) price 1AUDD =0.15USD

Q.7/ 2019 

▪ Exchange Listing and 10% IEO sale Fount Will Donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation

▪ Exchange Listing

Q.8/ 2019 

▪ Partnership with Australian Company's

Q.1/ 2020 

▪ S.1/ Website Update

▪ S.2/ Android Wallet Release

▪ S.3/ AUS Digital Bank API Registration (AUSDB)

Q.2/ 2020

▪ S.1/ Partnership with Australian Local Banks

▪ S.2/ AUS Digital Bank Testing (AUSDB)

▪ S.3/ Exchange Listing

Q.3/ 2020 

▪ S.1/ AUS Digital Exchange Beta Lunch (AUSDEX)

▪ S.2/ AUS Digital Bank (AUSDB) Grand Open Melbourne

▪ S.3/ AUS Digital Exchange (AUSDEX) Testing

▪ S.4/ AUS Digital Online Money Transfer (AUSDMT) Service Start

Q.1/ 2021 

▪ S.1/ AUS Digital Exchange (AUSDEX) Fully Lunch

▪ S.2/ Exchange Listing

▪ S.3/ AUS Digital Online Money Transfer (AUSDMT)

Mobile Release

Q.1/ 2021 

▪ S.1/ 50,000,000 AUSD Airdrop for AUSDB Account Holder

▪ S.2/ White Paper Update

Q.2/ 2021 

▪ S.1/ 50,000,000 AUSD Donate to Make-A-Wish Foundation

Q.3/ 2021 

▪ S.1/ Partnership

▪ S.2/ Road Map Update



Kunasekar Kobal

▪ Co-Founder

▪ Project Manager Board

Zakia Rizzy

▪ Co-Founder

▪ Financial Manager

Karunakaran Mathisekaran

▪ Legal Advisor

▪ Shareholder 

Sajibe Kanti

▪ Chief Blockchain Engineer

▪ Web & App Developer

Sayemur Rahman

▪ Chief Web Content Developer

▪ Chief Graphic Designer

Abu Nurullah

▪ Digital Marketing Manager

▪ Community Manager  (Bangladesh)

Kuganesan Vasanth

▪ Shareholder

Jasotharan Paramanantham

▪ Marketing Developer

Kumaran Vamathevan

▪ Project Developer

Salaudeen Usman

▪ Project Developer & Community Manager (Nigeria)

Charles P

▪ Project Developer

▪ Community Manager (India)

Neil Mark

▪ Community Manager (Philippines)

Wadud Adetona

▪ Project Developer & Community Developer (Nigeria)

Mary Jane SPARGO

▪ Community Developer

Randee Sheyn Cabalse

▪ Community Developer (Philippines)


15. Risk Warning & Disclaimer

15.1. Risk Warning

Although the AUS Digital Dollar team will fulfill its duties, commit
ments, credit diligence

and conscientious management, the project will also exist below risks during the


▪ Policy Risk

▪ Economic Period Risk

▪ Internet Hacker Risk

▪ Management Risk

▪ Liquidity Risk

▪ Price Fluctuation Risk

▪ Other

15.2. Competition Warning

We know that our Project is a highly competitive area. There are thousands of teams planning and proceeding to do so many projects. But in this area, very good concept, start-ups, or even mature companies will face the risk of such competition. But for us, this competition is the driving force for our Development. 

15.3. Disclaimer

We know that our Project is a highly competitive area. There are thousands of

teams planning and proceeding to do so many projects. But in this area, very good

concept, start-ups, or even mature companies will face the risk of such

competition. But for us, this competition is the driving force for our Development.

This document is only used to convey the information. The participants in the

investing please carefully read the white paper and the official website of the

relevant instructions, and comprehensively understand the blockchain as well

as digital assets.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/AusdigitalD

Telegram https://t.me/AUSDigitalDollar

Medium: https://medium.com/@ausdigitaldollar
Github: https://github.com/AUSDigitalDollar

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