Augmented Reality UNIQUE Airdrop !!!!!!! Own The World in Crypto AR !!

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Hello Everybody.

Today I want to share with you something extraordinary:

A Different Airdrop !!!!!!!

A Brand NEW  Leading Company in applying Augmented Reality Spaces That You can Own and Utilize as you wish!! Cheesy Cheesy

Spheroid Universe is an operating platform of augmented reality (AR), which imposes on the entire surface of the Earth a continuous layer of augmented reality, divided into areas with exact geographic coordinates – Space (s).

In Space (s) you can place AR-objects for aesthetic, entertainment and advertising purposes. These objects can be seen through smartphones, glasses and augmented reality helmets using the Spheroid Universe application.

The main user product of the platform is a social network in augmented reality. It uses Space (s) as the basis of its business model.

Spheroid Universe users can create and reproduce objects of creativity and self-expression in augmented reality, interact with them, evaluate them, communicate with each other, leave messages and their traces of being in this new world.

They can create their own worlds, unite them in communities, fill them with important and interesting content, invite their friends into them, play, meet and have fun.

A business gets the opportunity to advertise itself in the best, previously inaccessible places in an unprecedented way.

That world of giant holograms that we saw in the films �Blade Runner 2049� or �Ghost in the Shell� today finds reality on the screens of smartphones and augmented reality glasses.

Objects of augmented reality are not limited in their ability to interact with users, size, artistic expression and time of life.

To do this, Spheroid Universe and third-party developers create tools, plug-ins and applications, constantly expanding the platform�s AR-space functionality for the audience, creating AR-games, conducting AR-exhibitions, filling AR-stores, creating and offering the project audience, earning on it.

– Follow The Link —>

– View instructions of the Offer Bot

– Complete The Steps to the end.

– Submit Your Details in sequence.

– You can view your balance.

 View Pinned Message in their Telegram group and you will know everything. You can also ask any questions you want.

 It's pretty easy and Completely Free.

Buy AR  Spaces anywhere in the world on their website using the Tokens you will be rewarded.
Spaces which you can rent, sell or advertise within soon.

Become part of the future technology and reserve your Spot Now !!!


Some Gifs from telegram:

These are just a few examples of the 3D Objects that can be placed in AR Spaces you will own in the Airdrop  Wink

You can place 3D Objects in a Professional way for Various Purposes like advertising.

Imagine the profit from that!  Roll Eyes Cool

Help the project to grow by becoming part of it.

If you didn't, someone else will surely do, so hurry up before all spaces are gone!!


Be sure to use Telegram to open the link.


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