I need to create an atm kiosk of cryptocurrencies that is connected to a hot wallet and exchange … like that of the generalbyte therefore to have a backend that communicates with the terminals which in turn are connected with hardware components … the idea would be similar to this

so I must be able to:

– enable disable languages
– which currency to choose
– what crypto to choose
– view the status of the terminals
– update the recyclers
– see how many banknotes are inside the recycler and cashbox
– notify every buy sell recycler event etc …
– add read-only users
– have the possibility to order directly from the site in order to be picked up later
– block / enable a terminal with a displayed message
– custom screensaver with video
– enable disable KYC
– change all terms and conditions
– connection with api coinatmradar to view prices (by disabling or enabling it)
– give the opportunity to others to have the same system as mine but with a profit with percentages in my favor
– choose the buy and sell fees
– choose which exchange to use to buy or receive cryptocurrencies
– choose if I have to use a hotwallet as a coinbase or via rpc
– choose the minimum volume and maximum volume
– error log
– crypto supported BTC LTC ETH BCH DOGE XMR DASH XRP DAI (Bitcoin lightning network)
– area reserved for hosts where they have access and view their earnings with percentage (I must be able to manually delete or add calculations)
– possibility to take one of the photos as soon as the transition is confirmed
– possibility to send the receipt by email and if they do not receive it in the backend I must have the possibility to carry it out.
– in the backend I must have all the user management and all the transitions that I can download in pdf.
Location: Worldwide

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