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Welcome to the Algorithmic Arbitrage Trading

About us:

First of all, the company specializes in solutions in the field of brokerage business, as well as the development of arbitrage trading algorithms on the stock and futures markets. The company began to actively engage in arbitrage trading algorithms in cryptocurrency markets since January 2017.

About Arbitrage BOT:

1.   Arbitrage-Systems have opened accounts on the most popular of cryptocurrency exchanges.

2.   On the servers of the company operates 24/7 arbitration robot, which is a program code written in C++, which contains all the instructions for the operation of the algorithm. Following these instructions, the robot takes further action.

3.   The robot is connected to the market quotes of various exchanges by means of two methods:
a. Connection via API protocol. Recently, more and more exchanges have begun to provide this opportunity.
b. The script receives data through the browser on the Exchange site. This method is somewhat slower than the previous one.

4.   Regardless of the method, the robot receives quotes on all tracked cryptocurrency.

5.   After that, a purely mathematical algorithm is included in the work, which finds the difference in the exchange quotes, taking into account the following:
a. The currency is bought at the ASK Price (sales) and sold at the Bid Price (purchase)
b. Depth of market on each exchange, comparing it with the presumed own volume of transaction. Commission for the transaction to be paid for each transaction

6.   The robot calculates the profit for each possible operation, calculating the profitability of the transaction and finding the most effective of them.

7.   Robot sends orders for the purchase and sale of a particular cryptocurrency, but on different exchanges and in different directions, using one of the methods specified in paragraph 3.

!!!! It is important, as the company's wallets on both exchanges already exist, the transaction is realized simultaneously and the difference in quotes immediately become the profit of the company.

Arbitrage-Systems works with such exchanges as Binance, Gdax, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, EXMO, Livecoin, Okcoin, CEX IO, Yobit, C-CEX and others..

"The Bot has been running for over 2 years."

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