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Bounty Details
Introducing Bitcointallk stablecoin,Vacsino bounty campaign will last for one month (hopefully), this will help in creating awareness about the covid-19 vaccine and playing of free casino to all users that gets vaccinated. Vacsino team and campaign manager may perform additional verifications if cheating is noticed.

Campaign starts on today ends today, each weeks task can be done in any of the 5 days in the week. Payouts will be sent within 1 week after the campaign ends by the campaign manager.

Funds for the campaign are under the custody of the campaign manager. Allocation for each campaign can be reduced or increase if the need arises.

We encourage everyone to do their research and due diligence before investing their time or money. Participating in this bounty campaign or investing in it will be at your own decision.

Disclaimer: By agreeing to participate in this bounty, you acknowledge that the informations you submitted are final and can't be changed.

Bounty General Rules
All participants need to visit the official Vacsino website to get familiarize with the project.

All participants must follow the Official Twitter account of Vacsino

All participants must like the Official Facebook Page of Vacsino

All participants must join the Official Telegram group of Vacsino.

All participants must join the Official Telegram Channel of Vacsino

All participants must join Brainboss Bounty Telegram group to stay updated.

Please note that any offensive or inappropriate behavior will lead to immediate disqualification from the campaign.

Using multiple accounts, cheating and spamming are not allowed. You will be disqualified from the bounty program immediately and all your accounts will be banned permanently.

Participants can not change their wallet address after registration. Please double check your wallet address before registration for any campaign.

Newbies are welcomed to participate in this campaign although account created after the thread was published will be disqualified from participating.

All participants must send the Proof of Authentication post to join the bounty program.

All reports (twitter, facebook and telegram) tasks should be done daily, Reports should be submitted weekly at ones, No qouting of your previous reports, stakes are updated weekly.

Thread would be locked at exactly 10:59PM [Forum time] then review of the weeks work will commence and after stakes are updated, thread will be reopened.

Bounty allocation
Budget $100,000 in BTCT stablecoin (1 month)

Twitter.        $20,000
Facebook.   $10,000
Telegram.    $15,000
Linkedin.      $10,000
Translation  $10,000 coming soon
Youtube.      $10,000
Reddit          $10,000
Signature.    $15,000

How to Register

Make a post with the following information in the thread below.
Indicate the campaigns you'll be interested in joining.
Provide the informations/links required for each campaign you intend joining.

Rewards: maximum 100 participants
1000 – 2999 followers:      1 Stakes/day      
3000 – 5999 followers:      2 Stakes/day      
6000- 8999 followers:       3 Stakes/day      
9000 –  14,999 followers:  4 Stakes/day      
15,000+ followers:             5 Stake/day      


1. All participants must like the Official Facebook Page of Vacsino and Like & share our posts.
2. Facebook accounts must have a minimum of 1000 friends and be original.
3. Participants have to share 1 post per day with the following hashtags: #Vaccine #casino # lcryptocurrency #defi #mining #nft
4. Original posts must be original, no plagiarising (copy & paste) from the website or risk missing out on stake.

1. Have more than 251 connections: 1 stakes/week + referral ETH
2. Have more than 2501 connections: 2 stakes/week + referral ETH
3. Have more than 4501 connections: 3 stakes/week + referral ETH
4. Have more than 10,001 connections: 4 stakes/week + referral ETH

1. Every participant must follow the Linkedin Page.
2. Participants must have at least 251 connections.
3. Participants have to share 5 posts per week (maximum 1 share/day).
4. Time gap between 2 shares/posts needs to be 10 hours minimum.
5. Participants must use #Vaccine #casino # lcryptocurrency #defi #mining #nft hashtags in every share or post.

Rewards: maximum 150 participants
1. Have more than 20 Karma: 1 stake/day
2. Have more than 500 Karma: 2 stakes/day
3. Have more than 2500 Karma: 3 stakes/day
4. Have more than 5000 Karma: 4 stakes/day

1. Every participant must follow the Vacsino Reddit community.
2. Reddit account must be at least 1 month old with at least 10 posts and 20 karmas.
3. Upvote and comment on the posts that will be shared daily on the Bounty Telegram group
4. Posts should have a minimum of 75 characters to be considered.

Rewards: maximum 100 participants
Posts in Vacsino group: 1/stakes per day
Posts in other cryptocurrency groups: 1/stakes per day.

1. All participants must join the Official Telegram group of Vacsino.
2. All participants must join the Official Telegram Channel of Vacsino
2. Make 1 constructive posts to ongoing discussion in Vacsino group per day.
3. Make 1 constructive posts to other cryptocurrency groups (preferable DeFi
and yield farming groups).

Rewards: maximum 100 participates.
1000 – 2999 followers:     1 Stakes/day
3000 – 5999 followers:     2 Stakes/day   
6000- 8999 followers:      3 Stakes/day
9000 – 14,999 followers:  4 Stakes/day
15,000+ followers:            5 Stake/day   


1. All participants must follow the Official Twitter account of Vacsino Like & RT our tweets.
2. Twitter accounts must have a minimum of 1000 followers and be original (90% in twitter audit for the last 1 month).
3. Participants have to retweet 1 tweet per day with the following hashtags: #Vaccine #casino # lcryptocurrency #defi #mining #nft
4. Original tweets must be original, no plagiarizing (copy & paste) from the website or risk missing out on stake.

Very High Quality: Up to 10 stakes (Very-quality video and >10 000 views)          
High quality: 3 stakes (High-quality video and >5000 views)          
Good quality: 2 stakes (Good quality video and >2000 views )         
Average quality: 1 stake (Average quality video and >1000 views)          
1. Videos need to be a minimum of 5 minutes in length and have at least 1000 subscribers.         
2. Each participant can send 1 video only.         
3. Participant's forum account should be at least 3 months old prior to participating in the video campaign.         
4. Video contents must focus on this relevant topic: How to use the platform,  and how a smart-contract works, the main benefits (that a high APY in stablecoins with minimal risks) and about our upcoming Airdrop.
5. Only original video content will be accepted. Copy from the project website, YouTube channels or from others' work will be rejected.         
6. The reading from the website during the video is prohibited.         
7. Videos should never be removed.         
8. Removal/deletion will result in disqualification.         
9. All videos need to have a link to your Proof of Authentication, project's website, our Twitter page, Telegram group, Facebook page, etc
10. Please provide enough details of the producer (bounty hunter) at the end of the video to ensure authenticity. This will be verified!         
11. By joining this program, all participants accept that the project's team can use all these videos as marketing materials.

Rules & Requirements:
1. Participants interested in participating in this campaign must have full member account upwards.
2. Accounts must have been very active in last 4: days.
3. To get accepted you must be wearing our Signature & Avatar.
4. Make a minimum of 10 quality (constructive) posts in weekly to receive payment.
5. Maximum of 8 posts will be eligible for daily posts count.
6. Do not have any legitimate negative feedback on your profile from a DT1 member.
7. If you receive any legitimate negative feedback during your stay you will be removed without notice and payment.
8. Posts in Local board, Off-Topic, Games & Rounds, Archival and this thread, also on boards where your Signature is not displayed will be counted as eligible. Just post quality all round the forum.
9. Posts in Bitcoin discussion, Trading, Economy and all Alternative subboards are highly recommended.
10. Your posts need to be at least 100 characters long in order to be counted as eligible.
11. Do not wear any other Signature or Avatar during your stay in this campaign or you will be removed without notice and payment.
12. Do not enroll your own alt-accounts in this Campaign. If it is found out you've done so you'll be removed without notice and payment, Also you'll receive a negative feedback from me.

DeFireX reserves the right to cancel and/or make changes to the Campaign at any time.

Payouts & Positions:
20x Full Members – $100/weekly
20x Sr. Members – $200/weekly
20x Hero/Legendary Members – $350/weekly.

Hero / Legendary Members

Senior Member

Full Member

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