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A Quick Hello:

My name is Nicholas.  I am conflicted about creating this thread, but there is a necessity to announce publicly in order for the bitcoinR network to grow.  My hesitation is borne specifically from the fact that bitcoinR must necessarily and unavoidably challenge the libertarian viewpoint that underlies Bitcoin and many popular altcoins, namely: that most functions must be decentralized.  This fundamentally trustless ethos had been one that I myself espoused for over a decade but is incomplete without a more formalized version of quantitative balance which may be most efficiently instituted by a centralized entity.

This in and of itself is not a new idea; central banks make attempts to stabilize currency at regular intervals; however, they do so without the discipline of a fixed money supply; thus, there is very rarely any deflationary activity and generally when a government prints money the value of existing money goes down.  Bitcoin has the opposite challenge, which is that there is no way to create an inflationary impact to stabilize the price of BTC, the increasing price of which has proven to be partially reliant upon a naturally-occuring deflation; this, combined with other factors can enable price manipulation by large holders.  bitcoinR was developed in an attempt at reaching an equilibrium via the structured simplicity of centralized open market operations.  This will require trust, an unpopular concept due to its historic abuse by certain monetary authorities.

We have all studied or are at least aware of this economic history.  Myself and my team members have been educated at Brown, Harvard, MIT and a fair number of other lesser known but still academically rigorous schools.  We have studied economics, law, cryptography and computer science.  bitcoinR is the result of these learnings, combined with what was accomplished by a small group of individuals over the past four decades that is now best known as Bitcoin; for the former we are grateful to our professors and academic advisors, for the latter we are very much indebted to David, Eric, Gavin, Hal, John, Nick, Paul, Phil, Tim & Wei.

We are hopeful to provide value in a structured, predictable and transparent manner while cooperating fully with regulators in the United States if and when we are asked to do so.  bitcoinR is not a privacy coin, in fact it is the exact opposite.  It is important to get away from the idea that major cryptocurrencies are run by a mysterious shadowy figure whether acting alone or as part of a cohort with an undisclosed profit motive.

As a matter of full disclosure, we do hope to make a return on our time and money investment; however we do not expect this to come quickly or easily, and we will not get there by selling bitcoinR units (XBR) directly to the public outside of an AML/KYC compliant exchange.  For now the public can only obtain units via mining or bounties; and in the latter case they must provide their full name, address and contact information for us to do an AML / KYC check prior to sending the earned bounty units.  More detail may be found in the bitcoinR whitepaper.

We understand that some will choose not to participate in the bitcoinR network as a result of their personal privacy ideal; however, we urge that this decision be predicated upon the idea that privacy even in the Bitcoin network can always be overridden.  Either way, we wish you the very best of luck with mining XBR and do hope that your participation will fuel the attention necessary for creation of intrinsic value, continued gradual growth and eventual institutional momentum.



bitcoinR Overview:

bitcoinR is based largely upon Satoshi�s original design of the technically decentralized Bitcoin blockchain. We paired this improved technology with a centralized economic governance model designed specifically to allow central-bank-like quantitative easing and quantitative tightening within set tolerances. This quantitative flexibility should equate to a more stable money supply, one that is less likely to be manipulated by an unseen hand.

We have chosen to re-begin with a new Genesis block to ensure equal ability for all to accumulate the new virtual currency unit XBR. To have forked and airdropped would have largely defeated the purpose of addressing the high concentrations of BTC through quantitative adjustment.

XBR�s network is called "bitcoinR". In choosing this name, we give credit to Satoshi for their original design, with the newly appended "R" to signify the currency�s "Reserve"-like feature of quantitative flexibility.

Quick bitcoinR Facts:

Algorithm:  SHA-256
Block Halving: 52,500 blocks
Block Reward (initial): 100 XBR
Block Type: Proof of Work (PoW)
Coin Name: XBR
Coin Unit: Satoshi
Coinbase Maturity: 99+1 Default Confirmation Blocks
Initial Address Letter (Mainnet): X
Initial Address Letter (Testnet): B
Last Reward Block: 1,785,000
Network Name: bitcoinR
Node 1: (New York)
Node 2: (San Francisco)
Node 3: (London)
Node 4: (Amsterdam)
Node 5: (Singapore)
Node 6: (Frankfurt)
Node 7: (Toronto)
Node 8: (Bangalore)
P2P Port: 17482
RPC Port: 17481
Supply: 21,000,000 XBR
Supply (minable): 10,500,000
Target Spacing: 5 minutes
Target Timed Difficulty Adjustment: 15 minutes
Transaction Confirmations: 12 blocks


bitcoinR Team

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bitcoinR will apply to AML/KYC exchanges only; we cannot control whether or not foreign or decentralized exchanges eventually trade XBR.

XBR CPU/GPU Mining Videos for Beginners:


Mining Pools:

To be released in late Q2'2020.  To facilitate gradual growth of hashpower, we first released for CPU mining only.  As of mid-may, it has become fairly difficult for standard CPUs to mine blocks; this occurred more quickly than we would have preferred.  If past is prologue, once we release the mining pool, chances become vanishingly small that even powerful GPUs will ret
ain the ability to mine blocks.  It is for this reason that these announcements have been deliberately and totally staggered and will continue in this manner until bitcoinR can transition entirely to ASIC miners.  We are doing this so some level of equitable distribution can still be maintained.  To do otherwise would be dumb and unfair.  Early release of pools could create the exact challenge that we are attempting to solve.  Thanks for understanding.

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[email protected]

Whitepaper: https://www.bitcoinR.org/whitepaper

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