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⭐️Welcome to UltraPay Coin!⭐️

♻️A decentralized payment system!♻️

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UltraPay Coin (UPC)
Is a decentralized payment system.

⚜️People will be able to spend, exchange crypto, just like any other fiat currency.

Digital currencies have several important advantages over traditional money and popular financial and physical assets. What is the reason? The fact is that cryptocurrencies solve many problems related to the centralized nature of paper currencies and some of bank instruments.

⭐️Using UPC will be faster, cheaper and safer way than is possible now in any traditional bank.⭐️

UPC – the future of the financial system with great opportunities that we want to realize in the near future.
The UPC network will be powered by a number of solely owned and Community Masternodes, that will be located all over the world.

The governance of UPC is efficiently distributed. Anyone can propose a project for a vote.
However, only Masternode HODLers will be able to vote on governance proposals.
✔️As Masternodes provide an important functionality to the network, masternode owners receive the rewards (coins), giving them a far higher ROI than usual investments.✔️

The table below shows the annual income for the owners of MNodes more specifically, from block 22001, when activated a high reward for the block.

✔️Main links:

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✔️Social links:



✨Twitter Bounty✨

You have a good chance to get 5 free UPC coins.
You must have at least 2000 followers.

To participate you must:
1) Follow our twitter https://twitter.com/UltraPayCoin
2) Like this post https://twitter.com/UltraPayCoin/status/1095280290237427712
Retweet, make screenshot of it and publish it in the separate channel in our discord.
3) Leave your UPC address and wait for the reward.

All rewards will be paid out within 24 hours after your post

✨Discord invite Bounty✨

Join our Discord server to read the  rules and participate in the Discord Invite Bounty

✨Article Bounty✨

Only 10 articles left!
You are welcome to use BetweenBLocks, Medium, Steemit to spread the word about us!

⭐️Article bounty requirements:
1. Some pictures necessary.
2. 1 Article per user.
3. Text must be reasonable.
4. Words will be counted by pasting article at https://wordcounter.net/

70 UPC – article with 1200+ words
50 UPC – article with 400+ words
30 UPC – article with 200+ words



We run AirDrops every day so that everyone can collect UPC and use!
Join on our Discord server and follow the #airdrop section for participating in!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UltraPayCoin

Github: https://github.com/upc-dev-team/UltraPayCoin/releases/download/1.0-beta/windows-x32-64-qt.zip

Discord: https://discord.gg/hWsvA6N

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