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Tensorcoin is officially launched at 21 of May, 2020. The main idea is to combine machinelearning and blockchain in one solid product to help miners do useful work with real cost on the market of digital services. We suggest a new protocol – proof of gradient descend (PoGD).
PoGD is based on training a machine learning model on the blockchain. In this artificially created but stable ecosystem miners get a chance to create new Tensor coins after performing honest and useful ML training work. Clients submit tasks and pay to all contributors of training. This is an extra stimulus to participate in the network because the system does not rely only on the lottery procedure anymore. Using our consensus protocol, interested parties can order, complete, and verify useful work in a distributed environment.

          Whitepaper: https://tensor.services/images/whitepaper.pdf

The core developers are currently focused on developing and testing the PoUW-type consensus protocol – PoGD (proof of gradient descent) which will allow Tensorcoin to work with machinelearning tasks.  There is a hard-fork planned for the network to implement this protocol in around October/November 2020 time frame.  This hard-fork will not create multiple coins as it will be an upgrade and the balance that you currently have will be transferred over to the new chain.
The Tensorcoin platform will be combined with web platform for clients to make orders. More information to come soon on this matter.

        Core Developers (Discord Username): Eric Anderson(Cryptoeric#6812), Thomas Shelby (Thom#8326)
        Advisers: Alex Kudryavcev (Kudr#2558),  Adam Garrison, Joseph
        Legal Entity:  SB LTD

More Information:
Please join us our discord channel for the latest news and updates.

Tensor coin Community Discord

Project Info:

          Pre-mine: Yes (burn after the month from the launch (20.06.2020, 17.00 GMT))
          Company registration certificates: Our company is registered in Edinburgh, Scotland as SB LTD (disclaimer –  we are not using "Stalin" to harm or to offend anyone. It's just a
          postironic figure), Certificate of incorporation and memorandum of association

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Cointensor

Telegram https://t.me/cointensor

Github: https://github.com/tensor-services/TensorCoin/

Discord: https://discord.gg/AsEV23q

Whitepaper: https://tensor.services/images/whitepaper.pdf

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