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Welcome to TokenRoll. A decentralized casino which is designed to maintain itself with key decisions given by the community while the functionality is audited by Ethereum smart contracts. This is where trust is never by chance but with people�s consensus and past experience. Each profile contains a reputation score shaped mainly by compliance with the rules, payment issues or any attempt to mislead other users. The priority of TokenRoll platform is to protect the rights and benefits of each individual and strictly eliminate any violation of rules or risk of loss due to negligence.

In later versions, users can increase their reputation score by contributing to TokenRoll community or developer team, organizing games or bets and help us shape the better future of TokenRoll.


Users will be able to deposit USD directly via the USDC API and gateway making blockchain no more a burden on user but, instead, just the right infrastructure to be the ground technology of TokenRoll platform. Value of the deposit is kept constant by using USDC stable coin which saves any user to face financial losses due to volatility. No technical knowledge required, only the usual habits users� need to hace to follow the standard protocol. Due to the chain structure, users are offered with a cash tracking system recording every transaction like a traceable flow. Trust is never demanded but it is sustained by TokenRoll delivering full control to users throughout their gambling experience.


From the very first version, TokenRoll platform incorporates all popular gambling games and will keep endeavor to enhance the number of games available in the platform. Without sacrificing the quality, games to be added will be determined by the comments and consensus of the community as the general satisfaction being a priority.
Below are the game categories available starting from the first release:

�   Crypto based prediction games
�   Crypto based lottery
�   Dice
�   Traditional casino games


Either with TokenRoll token or USDC, choose the currency of your preference to withdraw your earnings directly to your wallet. With USDC stable coin, the risk risen from volatility is prevented and earnings securely kept in the platform until any withdrawal request. Easily and instantly, without any withdrawal fee.



Twitter: https://twitter.com/TokenRoll
Telegram https://t.me/TokenRollCommunity

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TokenRollio/
Whitepaper: https://tokenroll.io/tokenroll-whitepaper.pdf

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