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. What is TEE-coin? .

TEE-coin is a reward token based on blockchain technology and
is exchangeable with many cryptocurrencies through our platform, ChatTee.

. What is ChatTee? .

ChatTee is our product, a mobile application on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


. TEE-coin Token Economy .

✔ With ChatTee, we are building a token economy which will reward our users by
participating in the activities in our platform and by sharing their experiences.
The users will later on be able to user the TEE-coin in the merchants that participate
in our platform.
✔ Aside from activities on the platform, ChatTee is also allowing TEE-coin top up
from major crypto currencies allowing crypto users to exchange their crypto into
real life products and services using TEE-Coin.

✔ ChatTee is also working with various other rewards system program, mileage
system, and e-commerce platform to allow the exchange between TEE-coin
with points and miles.

. ChatTee Main Functionalities .

. Our Mission .

To help consumers make better decisions through sharing the user's
own experience and the shared experience from other people

What are the problems we are trying to solve?

1. Problems Faced by Consumers
� Difficulties in searching for merchants
� Limited usage of reward programs
� Limited usage of Cryptocurrencies
2. Problems Faced by Merchants
� Acquisition of new customers
� Retention of customers
� Brand Building

. What makes the project different? .

1. Real Project

98% of ICO projects turn out to be �paper only� and trying to create solutions for
problems that don�t exist. This simply because ICOs are fund raising mechanisms
and they are not themselves businesses.

We have been working the other way around. We have been building our product
(ChatTee) since September 2018 and launched our app in January 2018 and
have been building features that have become the backbone of our TEE-coin Token
Economy. As of July, 2019, we've reached 86,761 downloads and 39,578 merchants.

We are focussing on the Singapore market, which is very competitive and has very
strict laws & regulations, we have some prominent merchants and partners joining
our platforms.
Polar Puffs & Cakes: One of the most popular cakes and pastries shops in Singapore with more than 32 outlets island-wide.

Agoda: A global online travel agency for hotels, vacation rentals, flights and airport
transfer and the only Asia-based online travel company to hold a spot within the top six agencies in the world.

Jean Yip Group: An award-winning multimillion-dollar beauty and wellness empire
with over 70 establishments in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

Media Japan: A publishing company with 2 main platforms:

          � AsiaX: A site and magazine providing local news and lifestyle information to
                      the Japanese community in Singapore and nearby regions with more
                      than 13,000 copies published fortnightly.

        � OISHII: A Japanese food and culture magazine introducing Japanese food and
                      the hidden gems of Japanese region with more than 20,000 copies
                      published quarterly.

2. Real People

We have real people who are dedicated and working fully on our project. They are not just
names to convince you to buy-in to our project. Our team members consist of not only
people with the technological backgrounds, but also from law, business, and marketing with
proven results and wide network. All the members have years of real experience in business,
not just cubicle dwellers who are testing the depth of the river with both feet. We have the
skills and network to deliver and we are very committed to bring this project to fruition while
putting our credibility at stake.

3. Real Result

Ever since our first application release, we have been constantly delivering the functionalities
that we laid out in our road map and even added and adapted the interface and experience
based on the analysis and the feedback from both our users and merchants.

. Roadmap .

. Technology behind TEE-coin.

ChatTee makes use of TEE-coin, a utility token which provides users with a product and
/or service to process transactions quickly. As TEE-coin is used mainly for payment and
rewards, it is a requirement to have a network which can process transaction fast and
designed for payment infrastructure and Triam network comes to light.
Triam uses a type of a type of consensus protocol called Federated Byzantine Agreement
that allows decentralized. It describes a way for nodes in a network to reach an agreement.
The key features are: Low latency, Decentralized control, Flexible trust and Asymptotic security.

. How do we earn TEC?.

Please refer to our white paper or the diagram below.

. TEC Allocation .

. TEE-coin Links .

[English] [Chinese] [Vietnamese]

[Tee Coin Facebook]

Telegram Groups
[English] [Chinese] [Vietnamese] [Japanese]

Telegram Channels
[Tee Coin Announcements]

[English] [Chinese] [Japanese]

. ChatTee Links .

[Facebook] [Instagram] [YouTube]

Contact Information

. FAQs .

Why do you need to use blockchain?
here are a lot of characteristics in blockchain technology which is an essential part in building the
project such as speed, security, traceability, fraud detection, inter exchangeability.

Why should I buy TEC?
We foresee a future where cryptocurrencies will be interchangeable from one coin to another. We are seeing more and more companies such as Facebook with Libra, Singapore Airlines with KrisPay, Qoo10 with QuuBe are building their own token based on blockchain technologies. However, typically, the system is closed and there is no way for you to participate and expect appreciation in their value.

With ChatTee you will be able to participate and join us in building the token economy which will first dominate the Southeast Asian market which is untapped and has a lot of potential. The value of TEE-coin will also be determined from the equilibrium of supply and demand. We are really in the early
stage of the very exciting future and you will be able to join our journey and see how we can grow the demand and build values into TEE-coin.
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000
How can I buy TEE-coin?
Please visit our token sales site to find out more information.

How do I know this project is not a SCAM?
Why don�t you download our ChatTee app now and experience it yourself.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teecoin_eng

Telegram https://t.me/TeeCoinGlobal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teecoinofficial

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chatteereview/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG-umDU34zI

Whitepaper: https://teecoin-public.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/white-paper/tee-coin-whitepaper-3.9.pdf

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