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The Largest Digital Monetary Network

RIMS is a Digital Monetary Network that provides its users with several investment opportunities. The objective is to operate a decentralized system integrating futuristic technology that is available to the mass population. With this platform users can invest in Digital Bullion Currencies and make optimal use of their bullion assets.

Tokens on the RIMS Platform

The RIMS Token Holders own, control and operate the RIMS Monetary Network. The tokens are divided in the network as RIMS-B Tokens and RIMS-M Tokens.

RIMS-B Tokens

� The RIMS-B Tokens can be purchased by pay minters or token buyers.

� RIMS-B tokens will guarantee absolute dependability and security because tokens are 70% backed by physical Gold and 30% by company equity.

� Verification for these assets will be provided by world-class audit firms.

RIMS-M Tokens

� The RIMS-M token (known as Master Minters Tokens), on the other hand, are issued to Community Builders.

� The Master Minters are promoted based on their performance on the Network.

� When they build their community to a certain capacity, they are promoted to Block Managers.

� The next level is the status of Governors on the Network. These RIMS-M tokens are backed by assets and equity of the Network.

� RIMS operation-centers will be stationed in areas such as Geneva, Singapore, London, and Cayman, with banking relations in Switzerland.

Steps to become a Master Minter

1. Register and obtain the Master Minter ID.

2. Commence Building Community Blocks and assign Minter ID number to 100 member blocks minimum.

3. Reserve your RIMS-M Token.

4. Activate community blocks.

5. At 50% Activation, Convert the RIMS-M Token to RIMS Coin.

6. Trade RIMS Coin and earn revenue.

7. Earn incentives from the network.

8. Continue to create community blocks and build your career with RIMS.

Benefits for Master Minters

� Master Minters can climb up the Network as they keep adding members to their community.

� On the addition of a certain number, they will be able to convert the RIMS-M token into a RIMS Coin.

� They will also earn other rewards and enjoy the products and services on the Network.

Invest in your own tokens and earn numerous benefits from the RIMS Monetary Network. With 100% returns, steady your future on a platform that is completely democratic and decentralized.

Keep an eye out for the STO that�s coming this October 1st

Website Telegram Facebook Twitter LinkedIN YouTube

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RIMSTOKEN

Telegram https://t.me/RIMSB

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RIMSBOfficial/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqo-h-4DMhcIm4ri63sb4yw/videos
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rimsb

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