🐌 [ANN][SNL] Crypto resistance: from sustainable finance to super-liquidity

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Yesterday I have published a paper and a link to the wallet app with the complete implementation of the first protocol.

I am looking for:

  • people who can challenge proposed ideas
  • experts who can review the work and implementation
  • communicators who can understand and translate the work
  • contributors to crypto resistance against regulatory and institutional obstruction of open crypto economy

Please read below and contact me either here or per email [email protected]. For personal reasons I might not respond immediately, but I will try to reply both collectively and systematically to every message you send.

Full paper is available at:

The main properties:

  • Currently implemented as a simple mint/burn protocol, based on ERC20.
  • Predictable liquidity, programmed in the smart contract.
  • Resistence to pump'n'dump manipulations.
  • Long-term storage of value.

Sustainability of the Negatively Amortized Instant Loans

Abstract. Blockchain evolution can be equally enabled by the new infrastructure, as well as, the new financial tools. This paper proposes a fast-slow token system called Satoshi Nakamoto Leverage (SNL), which can largely reduce overall volatility of purely virtual base assets like Ethereum (ETH). SNL smart contract is programmed as an artificially less liquid or slower crypto asset and provides a reasonable "storage of value" investment alternative. Further discussion covers SNL design, its implementation and market performance based on tests results and trading simulation analyzes.

SNaiL aka "Satoshi Nakamoto Leverage" [SNL] tokens 🐌
Wallet DApp | .ETH Domain: slowsnail.eth | Gitlab | Paper

Thank you for you help and interest with this important work!

Takeshi Kodo

E833 2199 1032 899B B1F3  98C5 6477 FAE3 AFC3 4518


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