[ANN][PRIVATE SALE] FLETA The Platform for Sustainable Dapp Ecosystem

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March 15, 2019
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[ANN][PRIVATE SALE] FLETA The Platform for Sustainable Dapp Ecosystem

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The Platform for Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

What is FLETA?

FLETA is a blockchain platform that is developed to deal with problems of existing blockchains such as scalability, speed or decentralization. Fleta aims to become a platform to build DApps which can independently operate regardless the increase in activity on sub-chains.

PoF Proof-of-Formulation

FLETA developed a new consensus model, preventing unnecessary fork, along with an improved speed, which distinguishes itself from the existing consensus models like Staking. This new consensus model is called PoF(Proof-of Formulation), consenting the order of block mining and creating blocks in such order. The spreading range of blocks is reduced, which makes the creation and dissemination of blocks more rapid. Moreover, real-time confirmation can be attained through observer node, also preventing potential unnecessary fork.

Block Redesign

Block�s structure is the pillar of the blockchain, which directly leads to the processing speed and storage capacity. FLETA has redesigned the block structure, which had been used since the initial stages. This was accomplished by reducing the blocksize by 43% and at the same time reducing the size of index, which is needed for operation. Thus, the processing speed became 1.8 times faster and data size has been optimally reduced, making the structure more efficient.

LEVEL Tree Validation

Unlike the Merkle Tree validation, which is constantly undergoing a great deal of calculation, FLETA adopted the LEVEL Tree validation. Reducing the size by 90%, the LEVEL Tree validation carries out a high quality transaction validation process with less data reception, concurrently increasing the speed of the process by more than 5 times.

Parallel Sharding

The Sharding Algorithm, which FLETA developed, can be operated in parallel, without double spending, as each shard is separated so that the data is not shared among them. Additionally, the enhancement of TPS is achieved with the increase in the number of shards, along with the enhancement of TPS in each shard, making FLETA process 20,000 transactions per second. We are proud to report that this is the fastest TPS of individual shards among existing blockchain projects.

Who's on the TEAM?

You can check out our whole team here. However, for you convenience, This is the core FLETA team

Our Partners

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/@fletachain

Telegram https://t.me/fletachat

Medium: https://medium.com/fleta-first-chain

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